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Geography: Basic Education

GEOGRAPHY IN the INITIAL YEARS OF BASIC EDUCATION Vamilson Souza D Espindola SUMMARY: History is not written outside of the space, and it does not have the-space society. The space, he himself, are social. (Milton Saints) It has an unquestionable pedagogia in the materiality of the space. (Pablo Freire) This article argues the possibility and the importance of if learning geography in the initial series of basic education, from the reading of the world, the life and the lived space. For in such a way, it approaches the paper of geography in this level of education and the necessity of if initiating, in this phase, a process of cartographic alfabetizao. It also considers the contents of geography gifts in the pertaining to school resumes as one in the ways to contribute in the alfabetizao of the child. In view of this objective, it argues the theoretical and metodolgicas requirements of geography to referenciar education and the learning.

Word-key: Geography. Education. Learning. INTRODUCTION This text deals with the possibility of the child to study geography at the beginning of its escolarizao. The education in Brazil passes for deep changes, perhaps not as much how much the current society would demand, but without a doubt significant. In this context, geography, as component curricular (traditional) in the basic school, also is modified, either for force of the public politics (PCNs, for example), either for requirements of proper science.

Thus, to think the paper of geography about the basic education becomes significant, a time that if this level of education and presence of contents all considers of and objectives that involve, also, its initial series and the infantile education. We consider that the reading of the world is basic so that all we, who we live in society, let us can exercise our citizenship. We want to treat here on which the possibility to learn to read, learning to read the world; to write, learning to write the world.

Styles Of Wedding Photography

Currently, there are many styles of wedding photography, but the most popular traditional (classical) style and wedding photojournalism. Working with these styles, the photographer uses the same equipment, the only thing that changes – it's working method. The traditional style of wedding photography. The traditional or classic style of wedding photography was the first in its history and remains very popular to this day. From the first days tradition of wedding photography was to put people in the right position and take a picture. Photography in a classical style – the rather laborious process.

In this case, the photographer – almost the central figure: he was actively involved, controls and organizes the survey, ie as immersed in work. To avoid unnecessary hassle and a significant loss of time during the shoot, the photographer who does wedding photography in a classical style, typically provided a list of suitable personnel with appropriate 'combinations' guests. Going from point to point, taken all the required bride and groom photos. The main problems of this kind of shooting – the presence of proper illumination and a suitable background. To avoid possible trouble, you should discuss in advance with the photographer capture all the details – time and place. In addition, discuss the details with the photographer (eg, style and color bridesmaid dresses).

All these actions are aimed at achieving a favorable outcome: a photographer, having enough information to think of ways photography program and give valuable advice in the process. Wedding photojournalism. The idea of wedding photojournalism reflected in the title: photojournalism – an approach to documenting osnovannny. Ie eventually – creating stories through pictures. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pete Cashmore. Wedding photojournalism – a photo made at a time when people did not know that they are photographed. The main charm of this type of survey is that the pictures reflect the true emotions, real expressions of joy and happiness. Unlike traditional style wedding photojournalism a more intimate kind of photography that artistically reflects the day's events. The photographer can capture the fleeting emotions that appear in people than give a magical mood of the day on Photographs. Photojournalism – a means of reflection of reality in the photograph. And it is this reality will not be rehearsed, planned or expected. Photographer has no control over, he catches the desired emotion. In this case, the photographer can be compared to an artist who photographs reflect the significant events of the day, and you have to understand that you get the story of your wedding through the eyes of the photographer, then as he saw it. Results. Thus, the main differences between the two species shooting wedding photography. Traditional style. Here are photos focuses on posing. The main goal – the creation of portraits. In the end, shooting a wedding soon turns into a photo session, which is very important in such factors such as background, lighting, sharpness, etc. Photojournalism. The uniqueness of this style lies in the fact that, ultimately, the photographs you will receive a combination of the emotional side of art that best reflects the mood of the wedding and sends it to the point. Photographer is not trying to create portraits, rather, its purpose – the history of events. In photojournalism are no clear rules, lighting, background, time is given to a minimum. Main attention is paid to you. Typically, to achieve the best results when shooting a wedding photographer, uses both of these styles. Therefore, knowing all the features of both approaches, pre-negotiate with the photographer for all moments and expect great photos in total.

Beginner Photographer

Following my advice, you can is vital to improve the quality of your photographs. 1. Photographing, try to fill the entire frame story, coming closer to your subject or use the zoom. 2. If you're shooting landscape, leave something in the frame. Something of that opinion certainly hooked: for example, a man of grass or a twig.

If nothing podhodyschego not find – I advise to choose another point shooting. 3. Subject in any case should not merge with background. Limit depth of field, select the object shadow, choose a contrasting background or change the shooting point. 4.

Try to avoid bright lights, or colored spots on your picture. They divert attention from the basic idea photos. 5. Line of surface water or skyline place somewhere in the third from the bottom or top border image. 6. If you do not know why you need semmitrichny frame – do not do it. 7. To frame the photo story can be use of the arch branches and windows, etc. Such a frame you hide the unwanted parts of the picture and make the volume of the frame. 8. Left and right side of the frame should balance each other. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee. 9. It is not necessary without having to tilt the line horizon. 10. When shooting moving objects leave the place in the frame for the motion. 11. Shooting with slow shutter speeds to help you emphasize speed and show a background object or you can get very interesting effects. 12. When using the camera does not tilt up and down – you can get perspective distortion. If you shoot a portrait – the camera must be placed at eye-level model. And when shooting portraits at full height – at chest level. 13. Illumination from the back does not allow the subject to be voluminous. Very well it turns out a built-in flashes … Therefore, we must spolzovat light side, rear or side of the photographer. 14. When working with a group of models does not fit into rank, seat them, or persuade to some non-standard postures. 15. Skyline in the photo must not 'cut' head. Should be avoided as poles and sticks, 'sprouting' from the head. 16. If shooting portraits all figure does not fit, trim the legs are allowed to mid-thigh, hands – on his shoulders, and not in any way by hand. 17. The most important thing in the portrait – the eyes, and therefore they should be in focus. If the camera does not focus on the eyes – Focus on the top button – it is usually in the same focal plane.

Military Geographic Institute

It must recognize the diplomas issued a permanent basis. It will ensure better and more equitable land distribution, when the National Reform Institute land, is part of the Ministry of National Property (created) as head of sector, an integrated directory by the Military Geographic Institute and all social groups in the country, thus preventing the supreme will of Directors of the Institute under their decision this very important work of providing land to those in need. The instance of distribution, grouping and equitable redistribution of land ownership should be national, in response to the creation of a ministry has under its control all the variety of goods and public properties that are now completely abandoned, because of Although the State granting the land to a nation to which they require them. The rights and obligations of indigenous peoples should be the same as the rights and duties of all Bolivians, without special treatment. We agree to eliminate all forms of discrimination either the positive or negative, should therefore review the different forms of land ownership by proposing a single to benefit all Bolivians. The great land must be accepted according to the geographical characteristics and production of each of the regions in the plains and valleys will be higher and the lower plateau. It is not the same livestock and extensive agriculture in the plains in the highlands for example. There must be differences between the principles of distribution of land for upland and lowland, for geographical and climatic characteristics of each area, in the case of the plains of Beni requires more land to move the cattle in times of flood, for example.

Photographer E. Wasilewski

Photography – a view, a different view. Fragment, a moment, snatched from the world in seconds. See the photos – is to look at the world through the eyes of another person through the eyes of the photographer, see his eyes materialized in the pictures. Website gives the opportunity to the fullest. This resource presents works of photographer Edward Wasilewski, linking his professional career with the wedding photography, although his skill is not restricted the scope of this genre. This photographer has to be also an artist, because the picture – this is art.

Enough to see several in a row of conventional wedding albums to see a lot of similar shots, including before repeating the locations and poses. In this case the picture – handicraft, if not, conveyor production. Photos by Edward Wasilewski, presented on the website are completely different. You'll notice it's even a cursory look at them. For each pair created special, your mood. We see that the photographer, photographed dozens of weddings, still retained the sight of the artist, the ability to find individual approach to each pair.

Notably, it gets enjoy their work, felt experience and professional skills (on a site you can find articles with tips newlyweds photographer about what needs to be taken into account during the wedding photography). Even stranger interesting looking at these pictures – he passed a pair of mood, their joy at the happy moment. Although this work, the photographer puts the artistic value of the image in the first place. On the site, except for wedding photos shows and other works of Edward Wasilewski: portraits, genre and reportage photography. Immediately apparent that the photographer with equal skill is obtained and staging photos, and impromptu in any situation and in any genre of photography. Footage, presented on the site – it is not just another look. This view of the artist and a professional who is required if the picture shows you yourself. Then these pictures and many years will bring joy and cause fond memories of the MiG your life, snatched from the world in seconds.

Zaplevany Spirit Photography

Any of the branches of art has its own spirit, which rests firmly in the roots of its origin. Anyway, no vertical or untwisted and do not dance away from this is not possible. Official site: Ali Partovi. But what can you say about the pictures? Is the spirit of her only in mathematical search form? Indeed, the very picture denies the principle of painting, and she does not deny that, hardly Proc. At first glance, it might seem that the author only incites anyone not want holivar and has no concept of history of photos. But it is not. Just not all. Delete the moment, isolate and pull something out of this man, something that obviously he never will, nor pose any prose speech, no further synonyms are woven into rhyme – This is its principle.

Greedily pick a sketch and sit for hours in front of the illuminating face of the monitor and decorate taste the moment: to bring to its climax, individual vision of what is happening around them. Why all this? Yes, and then to to save a shred of common artistic sense, smeared in front of rose essence handed the little girl with a shit-SLR in their hands. Shoot, suffers from the fact that nothing happens. After all, once everything goes (to the great joy, but from their point of view) only mediocrity.

Photographic Tips

What’s good for us. The other good thing is that it takes this reading when “first click on the button to take the picture. When you push it in half and it beeps, is not only set the goal (in an auto focus camera) but the reading is taken and the speed of opening and closing are set. So, if your main point of interest is not in the center of the frame, it is good to put it there temporarily while you focus and gives a reading of the light, then move the camera while holding the button halfway and compose the picture as you want. A common use of this technique is when taking a close up of two people and no space between their heads, if not careful the camera will focus on the wall or trees behind them. If the background is too dark or too light exposure can be seen and show altered faces that are too dark or too light .- go to Exhibition.

Speeds closing closing speed is important when objects are moving, it’s good to set the camera to “Prioritization of closing speed.” This is where you select the closing speed and the camera selects the appropriate aperture for light reading .- go to closing and opening speeds. 9. Openings If the depth of field is important to either make sure everything is in focus or approach to remove some of the selected mode Aperture priority “of his camera. In this mode you select the aperture and the camera selects the shutter speed depending on the available light .- go to closing and opening speeds. 10. If neutral density filters are shooting photos in bright light and want to restrict the depth of field, use a neutral density filter in front of the lens to reduce light entering it.

They are available in different densities, 2x, 4x, 8x etc. Each light cutting in half by a fourth, eighth, etc.. In extreme circumstances can put a couple of them together. Although neutral density filters and should not create any effect on the balance of color, if you use two or more together may need to correct the color when printing .- go to closing and opening speeds. Geoff Lawrence has been a professional photographer for many years, now has a website that provides notices to people who want to improve your photography.


The most important advantage of the polygraph – a long time of interaction with potential customers. If you prefer, you can store the information you need on the leaflet, flyers, booklets until it is needed. For example, colorful handy pocket calendar or leaflet you will use for a long time. According to marketing contact with the most effective advertising products before purchasing goods. This may provide a first place for the printed products, located at points of sale (posters, leaflets, wobblers, shelf talkers, flyers, etc.). As you know, the single most important reason people prefer one company over another – that trust. The basis for such trust and creating promotional printing – it creates a very believable picture. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. In this case, plays an important role as the embodiment of an advertising idea.

Appearance Advertising Publication – is the embodiment of the designers. A special finish gives the product identity, highlights of the series. Print advertising options for printing products in abundance. The most common and standard print version of the printed products – it's full-color printing on white coated paper. But if, for example, a proprietary directory cover is a thick layer of UV-varnish, the effect will be amazing. Surface get a mirror, the cover will play immediately, the saturation of colors increases. You can go even further to experiment with paint. Cover the mirror polish not the entire surface, but only part, emphasizing the most important element. If before this cover to cover more matte varnish, the reflectivity of the sign will be enhanced and the effect will be stronger.

Paragraph Traffic

And how else can understand when it is done by young people. They are hoping to speed its response. Fans of "run" before the machine does not think that it is currently experiencing a driver in driving. He can not calculate nor your movement speed or trajectory. So, that still need to think and spend a couple of minutes to walk to the nearest pedestrian crossing or traffic lights. But when you see how my grandmother runs, based on Badika, lame, trying to do, it becomes unbearably sad and completely incomprehensible, she really hopes to overtake the car? A mother with children? Think about it, you run the risk of intolerable greater than the time. How long does it to get to the pedestrian? Two minutes? Three? Life is precious. It is that it took care of …

this situation should, of course, to fight: to increase penalties to preventive conversations, some pedestrians do not even know elementary duties. And of course, still influenced by the lack of controlled transitions, in places where they really need each day in the area, traffic police officers, there are about 145 cases of traffic violations by pedestrians. According to the rules of the road Movement: Paragraph 4.3. Pedestrians should cross the roadway at pedestrian crossings, including the underground and overground, but in their absence – at the intersections of lines of sidewalks or curbs. In the absence of a line of sight junction or intersection allowed to cross at right angles to the edge of the roadway in areas without a dividing line and the fence where it is easily visible in both directions. 4.4. In places where the movement regulated, pedestrians should be guided by signals or pedestrian traffic regulator, and in his absence – vehicle lights.

4.5. In unregulated pedestrian crossings pedestrians can enter the roadway after taking the distance of approaching vehicles, their speed and make sure that the transition will be safe for them. When crossing the roadway outside the pedestrian crossing, pedestrians, in addition, shall not interfere with vehicular traffic in and out of the vehicle is a obstacle that restricts visibility, without making sure there is no approaching traffic. 4.6. After leaving the roadway, pedestrians should not linger or stop, if it is not related to the safety movement. Pedestrians who failed to complete the transition must stay on the line separating traffic flows in opposite directions. Continue the transition can only be convinced of the safety of further movement and the light traffic light (regulator).