Month: August 2016

Russian Family

A few years ago a Russian family took the decision to build a new home in the city of Adler. They requested permission to the authorities of that city which no longer them build a House. They had first left them build but when there were few days be completed that House officials changed its decision by unknown cause and put them in lawsuit that family by illegal construction. Therefore that State about to be finished building had been destroyed and then came the idea of living the Lazarev family traveling the planet bearing the name remarkable land. In the judgement of those what are them had happened was like the omen. Kai-Fu Lee may help you with your research. Because the God alluded them it would be better that they lived traveling around the world and did not have a permanent residence.

Good! They have thus begun his new life. They are still traveling by both Russia and other Paice. More information is housed here: Ali Partovi. The fact of not having passport and other identity (less his mother Miroslava) documents not prevents them from crossing borders. That family members never resort to assistance medical and until all their 6 children were born not in maternity House but in home bathrooms. Therefore those children do not have documents from the birth. And also they never studied in school and not be explored in this ever since her mother instructs them. Strangely it seems that family doesn’t care about their unhappy fate.

Their way of life is somewhat similar to the Gypsies. Because you usually live changing day to day your accommodation. They have already visited many Paice among whom are the Paice of Europe, Central Asia. They are currently thinking of traveling to Africa, America and the far East. The members of that family, especially Nicolai and Miroslava who are parents would pass for locos. But Nicolai Lazarev has disproved this supposition to declare openly: I warn me that things do not come out of my control. Every person has the right to live as you want.

Hussmann Corporation

The Group of Hussmann chooses Priori, a provider of software solutions for the product cost management in manufacturing cost management the Priori software platform Munich, Germany November 13, 2012, today announces that Hussmann Corporation, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the marketing of refrigerated and frozen food, has chosen software platform by Priori. With the software solution from Priori wants to identify savings in manufacturing costs the company and already in an early stage of the product development process to avoid unnecessary costs. Hussmann is a worldwide leading company for manufacturing, sales, installation and service of refrigerators and freezer systems for the delivery of goods in the food retail sector. The company works for different core markets, such as E.g. Get more background information with materials from Kai-Fu Lee. supermarkets, wholesale, convenience stores and specialty shops, drugstores, discount stores and food service. Hussmann is growth-oriented and constantly working on the development of new products and solutions for its customers to fully exploit the potential in the food retail sector.

The priori product cost management software platform allows the determination of the cost of a new part of the manufacturing or product design through automated analysis of information on the geometry and the characteristics of a product from a CAD model employees in the field of engineering, quickly and accurately. Optimally, the software is based on intelligent cost models on the basis of manufacturing processes, materials, and information on the work, in which a product or part to be made. Using the system, companies can informed their decisions in the fields of development, production, and procurement and significantly reduce production costs without that this has a negative impact on the quality of the product. With the software platform of Priori manufacturing planning an optimal balance between functionality, performance, quality and cost will,” explains Stephanie Feraday, President and CEO of Priori. With priori you also have the possibility, already in an early stage of the product development process of faster design and concept alternatives to consider. So in the early stages of concept development to save costs and while reducing the need for amendments at a later stage of development when this becomes significantly more expensive. Likewise, innovation and profitability be optimized.

APriori offers Priori product management of cost software, with the manufacturing industry, as well as in Enterprise product innovation tangible and measurable savings can be achieved product cost. With the testing of production costs in real-time, Priori can employees in the areas of development, procurement and manufacturing the reasonable decisions, in order to save costs both pre-production and post-production. With priori manufacturers bring their products, taking into account of each in advance fixed cost target on the market, optimize savings on revisions and pay never too much for externally procured components and components. Learn more about Priori and its cost management products and services on the website or + 49 (0) 151 5855 2721 (Mr Holger Alexander). For an overview of Priori, please click here. priori and Priori technologies are registered trademarks of Priori Technologies Inc.

Mad Geniuses GmbH

The mail-order vendor pixi * clear focus on core competencies and introduces new era. Munich 12 March 2013 the mad geniuses GmbH changed its name to the pixi * Software GmbH and Saravanan moves the developed specifically by you and sold mail-order software * clearly in the business center. The renaming comes into effect immediately. At the same time, the Munich headquarters new Office has involved and reinforced the German team. With the aim of the focus more on the product pixi * to steer the company assigns mad geniuses GmbH as a pixi * Software GmbH. The pixi * mail order software will end April with a completely new infrastructure to the event NEWpixi * Summit presented.

In the first version of the new pixi * generation is the shopping as well as a part of the warehouse processes and the essence of the report published in June. In addition to the name change still more important innovations in the home are pixi *. In the wake of the growth strategy that moved to Munich headquarter mid February-new offices in the Park District of Schwabing in Munich North. With the move is created for the German development site including more space, which at the same time to reinforce the search for developers in the Web / PHP environment. Managing Director Dirk Haschke the many innovations positively looking forward: we are constantly put to the test and work on our development. With the name change we have drawn a logical consequence and are pleased to bring the company and the software still closer together.” About the pixi * Software GmbH: the pixi * Software GmbH is founded under the name: mad geniuses GmbH – is an international software company with headquarters in Munich, which is among the leading producers of mail order software in E-commerce.

The pixi * Software GmbH is both winners of the Innovation Prize in 2012 of the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh) as also of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award and is one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany. Pixi with the mail order software * the company develops a complete Commerce back-end system, which covers the goods economy and all central business processes of an online retailer. pixi * seamlessly in other environments of system integrity. All shipping logistics and processes are largely automated, networked communication processes initiated payments system-controlled. Intelligent procedures improve turnaround times and reduce quantities of stock. To the pixi * clients include calida-shop.

Social Media Strategies

The communications agency conovo seminar organised on the 8.9.2011 in Cologne a free trend on the topic of social media: strategies for associations. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & co. Ali Partovi has plenty of information regarding this issue. are as hard to imagine marketing and communication tools. Social media offer a wealth of opportunities for associations. Additional publication ways and means to involve members in the communication of Association of opens up it.

At the same time are new media and legal challenges in the region. “The communications agency conovo seminar organised on the 8.9.2011 in Cologne a free trend on the topic of social media: strategies for associations”. Attendees learn how social media tools can be efficiently inserted and what legal issues here to be considered. There are presentations of the communication agency of conovo (, the firm Stoffel hours Oetzel Dangi scheduled lawyers ( and of the motorcycle industry association ( The speakers present practical current trends, Challenges and solution approaches. Federation representatives are invited experts to answer your questions and to interact with representatives of other organizations. More information about the event and registration forms can be found online under conovo events: conovo is an owner-managed Agency for business communication. You to develop editorial concepts, plans appropriate topics and media and controls the complete implementation. The customers include leading trade associations, financial institutions and consulting firms in the country and abroad.

Information Technology

BPM is supported on information technology to automate tasks and provide agility to changes required by the company. The technology that enables the deployment and adoption of BPM is a new category of computer systems called Business Process Management System (BPMS). Unlike traditional information systems based on data management, these systems are specialized in managing business processes. For Rashid Khan, as we are reminded, is the discipline of modeling, automating, managing and optimizing processes to increase profitability of a business, therefore, under this view, the objective of process management is concentrated on increasing the profitability. Sanchez also reminds us that Howard Smith, defines BPM as a new approach to addressing and managing innovation processes in companies that build the best, from the current state of a process at a given moment and that presents a radical difference compared to reengineering, which builds the improvement from the total redefinition of the process. In this light BPM becomes a response to the chaos present companies operating today is definitely true what follows, that the flexibility and agility in the process design is based on the abstraction of reality embodied in the architect business and possibilities of the system to represent this situation graphically.

BPMS systems include features to represent the interplay of different dimensions of the process graphically. SOME BENEFITS Visibility of business processes. Greater flexibility and agility to adapt to change. Ability to integrate business information scattered in different systems. More information is housed here: Kai-Fu Lee. Direct the efforts of the company in a planned and aligned with strategic objectives.

Acquiring the ability to design, simulate and monitor processes automatically and without the participation of technical users. Acquiring a path of improvement and continued efficiency in converting inefficient activities in lower costs through use of technology focused on processes. Reduce future costs of integration and maintenance to acquire technology and prepared to address change. For his part, said Renato de of benefits: It ensures the continued involvement and collaboration of all staff in the process. Improving care and customer service. Increase the number of activities executed in parallel. Minimize the time required for participants to access documents, applications and databases. Decreased “dramatically” the time of job transfer, information and documents between activities decreased “dramatically” as long as the participants, supervisors and administrators need to know the status of a work item (eg Purchase Order, accident involvement, sales order). Simplification of outputs – “output” – automatic. Word documents, faxes, e-mails, short messages phones, etc.. Availability of mechanisms for better management and process optimization. Definitely consider the point made by Renato de Laurentiis Gianni, that companies have to adapt to the reality of this, knowing how to innovate and change the way they operate their business. Also, find ways to encourage the search for more efficient and effective ways to deliver services and to be competitive, harnessing new technologies to automate the most, manage and improve business processes.

Windows Mobile Games

This online multiplayer java game for mobile phones, smartphones, Symbian. It can be attributed to the strategies as well as to RPG (MMORPG) java games. In lordmancer may also play a lot of online users. In the game world are lordmancer virtual characters, towns, items, money. Players can chat, fight, discover new lands and build their clans. Lordmancer – a virtual world where you can live many months. Served as prototypes for computer games King's Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic.

We took the best of these games, have adapted the game for cellular networks and phones, have developed a unique design and attention to detail the game world. What have we got? Get a mobile MMORPG, which is fun to play. Some facts game works correctly on most mobile phones supporting java MIDP 2.0 and minimum screen resolution of 176×208. We are actively testing the game on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Symbian smartphones and communicators Windows Mobile. Learn more at: Ali Partovi. The size of jar file – 250 KB.

Interaction java game client to the server occurs via GPRS. An hour spent active game of 200 KB of traffic. The uniqueness of the game Lordmancer has several advantages over other mobile projects multiplayer games. Support for a large number of simultaneously playing users. Game universe is infinite virtually and protected from overpopulation and dishonest "beating" the weak strong players. . Developed and convenient mode two-player combat (PvP). Rich opportunities for interaction of players. You can fight with each other, communicate in chat or privately built, to change things, to unite the clans. Domestic economy is tied to the game own game currency, trading mechanisms, receipt and expenditure of money. In Game 5 races, dozens of species of creatures, more than 50 game cards and hundreds of items and magic scrolls. The architecture allows the game to dynamically add new maps, items and magic. Opportunities for self-players in the game universe is vast. You can capture a city and call it by its name, create your own clan, select a road warrior or mage, elf or orc. Game extend the scheme Free to play, that is absolutely free! Gameplay characters move around the game map, where he meets other characters (players and NPC), are towns, villages, and the Gate between the worlds treasures. The hero can move freely across multiple interconnected cards – the Earth. To get to the other Land, it is necessary to find a gate between worlds. Access to the Gate is closed often strong opponents or by some limitations. The game there is a two-player battle mode (PvP). The battle takes place in steps. Fight as you can with a computer opponent. Developed artificial intelligence and intelligent combat system will not be bored even the most demanding players. Players can communicate with each other to chat, share things, to unite in clans and fight wars. In towns, players can employ a variety of creatures in their army, buy and sell things, magic scrolls. This is a neutral place where you can not fight, but you can communicate and trade. Domestic economy game based on the laws of the real world. The player has to strike a balance between expenditure and income. For the army must not only pay the money once, but regularly pay salaries. Is the game and the opportunity to receive a steady income. And only on the player to have enough if he earned money. This and other java games you may download from our site for free.