The thirteenth letter of the tarot has different names, some of them correspond to the whim of their creators but if the letter of the unnamed Arcane or death is a word that defines this secret is without a doubt the TRANSFORM, where immortality of the soul shows flooding the consultant of hope and openness in all things for a long period of time in your life happen. This tarot card he describes the surprises to which the consultant will meet in the draw of cards has the good fortune to be represented by death. Since we are talking about tarot card renewal is described that it is time to get rid of all that oppresses him and now no more embarrassment, to make way for a new phase of his life, which is related a spectacular renaissance, both emotional and material levels. In the tarot reading is not just valid without the perfect interpretation of the energy released at the onset of a mystery that will mark a before and after in life the consultant, invading also the interpreter of joy and satisfaction during the reading can ensure that it is expansive. The birth canal transformation brings us into contact with new people, situations, opportunities and life circumstances, to find the consultant with his true identity, and reminds you that nothing is lost. Life is always moving and in the interpretation of tarot cards is to be expected, being alive means changing continuously, since only when we get stuck and manipulate our energy unconsciously giving too much space on superfluous things is when we enter the phase death as in tarot cards is noted that the consultant not only want change, but it is leading. The tarot suggests taking time and not fear anything, and the stones resistant to fire, the consultant will be transformed into a kind of divine fire where you will receive the death benefit to give way to enjoy the change to the universe. Berta de la Torre