Month: December 2013

Alvaro Cepeda Samudio

Again the elemental pleasures that did so happy when I wasn’t obsessed with work. Have a fun, a trade, an entretenedero so you are not bored when you retire, if it is not reached sick of both work. Read, laugh, enjoy, enjoy. Life there is only one and us it is running out. Colleague, do not work well. Name Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena nationality Colombian other personal data born November 12, 1964 in Amaga (Antioquia), Colombia. Doctor, specialist in Gyneco-obstetrics and Gynecologic laparoscopy.

(U. p. B., u. of a., CES, respectively). Professor of the Universidad de Antioquia and the CES as affiliated Gynecologic practice and laparoscopic teaching in the third year of graduate school. He has been collaborator of newspapers blade, change, EL MUNDO, and time doctor, in the field of the urban Chronicle and humor articles. He has published the books texts for PERVERT to youth, winner of a poetry contest at the u. of a.

(two editions) and the novel the perpetual circles, finalist at the contest of short novel Alvaro Cepeda Samudio (four editions). Winner of the III call of cultural projects of the municipality of Medellin with the novel EL Hall DE LA MANDRAGORA, currently circulating the first edition. Winner of the contest of dashes was the short stories, long ideas of the u. of a., short film that was already done with the story LA OTRA EXPLOSION of heart. A story yours, a surprising subject, appears in the book anthology commented of the Antioquia story, vol II, compiled by writer Mario Escobar Velasquez. Currently it circulates his novel LA MILONGA of the Bandit. Comment related blogs on BOOK: The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. by Management Trainee Diploma Engineer in CESU Orissa March-2010 FIFA World Cup 2026: Colombia! World Cup Blog Colombia rights activist killed My Daily Global News Bleeding Violet by day Reeves YA Novel Review Manga Maniac Cafe Professional Diploma in Marketing ABC Diploma Print Production Print Media Quarkxpress Tutorials Global Newsroom Blog Archive Colombia rejects IHRC intervention With diploma flap in past, Detroit major Dave Bing to speak at First two weeks! Bogota, Colombia Bruno trani dot info

Nova Holding

JBS announced also the acquisition of the majority package (64%) of the Pilgrim s Pride(OTC:PGPDQ) Gorge, one of the major processors of chicken from the United States, valued at US $2,800 million. Pilgrimss Pride has among its main clients to supermarkets such as Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), Costco (NASDAQ:COST), Soriana and Chedraui; as well as Operadora VIPS, SIGMA food centre, Cafeterias Toks and Restaurantes California. The purchase by the American company JBS has generated fear among the Mexican producers. Jaime Crivieli, President of the National Union of poultry farmers of Mexico could not hide the concern of the advancement of JBS in the international poultry market. Crivieli said the following about the inability of Mexico to compete with Brazil in poultry: above all because there is no support for the funding that will allow boost to the sector, which has led to the closure of medium-sized companies that were integrated to large companies as Bachoco. JBS advance threatens the future of the sector in Mexico, country where probably also the Brazilian set his goal. The agreed merger with Bertin according to a communique which companies sent the bag of values of San Pablo emerge Nova Holding, and they will become the controlling shareholder of JBS (main shareholder with 60 percent of the new holding company) and Bertin (who stays with the rest).

The new company will have 81 vaccine refrigeration plants in the world, with good geographic dispersion: the 25 JBS has in Brazil, 16 in United States, 10 in Australia, 8 in Italy and 6 in the Argentina, will add the 14 Bertin in his country (which totaled 39), plus one in Uruguay and the other in Paraguay. And bovine slaughter capacity will increase from 73,900 heads daily to nearly 88,000. That is, neither more nor less than one-third of the total slaughter of the Argentina. This giant size It emerges is impressive. According to the site of the Brazilian newspaper economic value, whereas only the operations of agri-food, with new companies (Bertin and Pilgrim s Pride) the turnover of JBS in 2008 would have been $28.725 million dollars. This would transform into the third largest company in Brazil behind Petrobras (BVSP:PETR3; NYSE:PBR) and Vale (NYSE:vale).

Another way to verify the size of the new company is to compare it with the data of foreign exchange earnings generated by exports of the Argentine soybean complex (beans, flour, pellets and soybean oil) in 2008, which was $12,333 million, less than half of the turnover of the new JBS. Bertin is one of the main Brazilian meat companies with a capacity to slaughter on the order of 14,000 daily heads, but it also has companies engaged in the production of biofuels, genetic improvement, clothing, infrastructure, electricity and hospitality. Thus, with the merger, JBS achieved also a diversification of its activities which help to diversify risks and take advantage of economies of scope, this being beneficial to the value of the company. Actions both JBS and Marfrig, although they have noted an upward trend in the last time, are far from their highs. But the best thing is that the expansion strategy of both companies will surely make them to overcome more than maximum contributions. These companies no doubt have very good prospects for those who have patience and are committed to the medium term.

Concrete Buildings

3.27. After the completion of high-rise buildings should meet calibration calculations taking into account the results of monitoring sediment load increases to the base. Such comparisons must be performed in the course of construction, and if the strain exceeded the projected base values should evaluate the need for a strengthened base. 3.28. In the absence or non-events, precluding the emergence and development of nonuniform thermal strains, it is recommended make check calculations on the temperature and climatic impact.

3.29. For the foundations of tall buildings is recommended to use the concrete class, not lower than B30. 3.30. Under the slab foundation elements of tall buildings should be no concrete preparation of the concrete class, not lower than B10, the thickness of which is determined depending on the engineering geological conditions, production methods, but are not less than 150 mm. When water-saturated clay under concrete preparation for such facilities is recommended to lay on detrital cushion thickness not less than 250 mm. Project foundations must be provided performance measures to ensure close contact between the plate grillage and soil. 3.31. Design documentation under 'Project' should include the implementation of advanced geotechnical work, composition and volume are determined by a special program, developed with through specialized organizations, and subjected to geotechnical geotechnical expertise.

3.32. Depending on the adopted project structures and methods of installation of foundations and underground parts of buildings in the experienced geotechnical works recommended include: – the test piles and separate fragments of foundations static and dynamic loads; – development of the technology unit of foundations, including the definition of instrumental methods of vibration exposure levels of the buildings surrounding development – study the stress state of soil mass at the base of the building – development work on dewatering consolidation, ground frozen. 3.33. As part of project documentation (starting with the pre-stage) should develop a special section on structural survey the surrounding buildings and geotechnical monitoring system, guided by the recommendations contained in mgsn 7.2 19, instruction 21.

Floor Renovations

He might be involved directly in the inlet to the floor or scattered on freshly applied layer. Remnants of sand are removed after the core layer is completely cured. Application of finishing layer Upon completion of this stage, begin to spray finish. This may be polymers used to create the basic layer, or varnish. To make the cover of attractive appearance, it can be sprinkled with colored inlay-chips. Splitting seams Liquid polymer floors virtually no shrinkage, and Still cutting sutures are needed. Applied to the base coating is experiencing all the linear strain faced concrete in service. Temperature-shrinkage joints are cut so that they were over the seams in the concrete base.

In the case where the base has an age of more than a year, self-leveling floor seams to be two times less than in the concrete. Slotted joints subjected to coating, and then filled sealing cord and suture sealant. Despite the fact that the surface is self-leveling floor ready for use within 1-2 days, the whole load can be carried out only after 5-10 days after cutting and filling the joints in the finish. The equipment for self-leveling floor when the device self-leveling floor requires special equipment: clean buckets of not less than 30 liters for mixing; drill with a mixer, the length of which shall be greater than the depth of the bucket, trowel to a uniform distribution of hard to reach places; squeegee with adjustable gap, needle roller to remove air bubbles, the soles on the spikes to move on freshly applied coating. Removal of the composition with instruments made by the solvent. The choice of materials for the preparation of the base and filling the floor to create high-quality coverage in a particular case requires its own set of works on the inlet floor.

Much depends on the future exploitation of sex, the requirements for coverage, floor area, type of foundation. The company offers a wide Remmers range of materials for the seams and cracks, priming of the base, as well as many types of polymer coatings and decorative posypok. Highly skilled experts will help select the appropriate materials will advice on their effective implementation, conduct training seminars with practical exercises on test sites. Competent approach to the device inlet floor and strict adherence to the technology of its placement guarantee long service life and its attractive appearance.