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November Matrix

New packaging tool now free trial Neu-Isenburg, November 11, 2009 now Matrix42, leading German supplier of IT-commerce, offers the new packaging software Matrix42 package robot on. With the application can quickly and easily create software packages, and automate administrative tasks. The package robot solves the routine administration tasks with a few clicks of the mouse and thus relieves the user. The IT departments of companies benefit robot, especially in the creation of software packages has been proven by the new package. With the help of the installation recorder, the bundling of software is so simple that the user requires no in-depth knowledge of detail.

The recording of all installation processes reduces repetitive tasks and ensures an efficient and smooth installation of software or configuration changes to the system regardless of the number of clients. Although the robot is so easy to use Matrix42 package, he solves technical complexities in the background. The function range of the software packaging for software, whose Hersteller allows for no support for foreign packaging up to the packaging of Web content: It takes account of online registration forms and browser Windows, which comes barely a software installation. In addition, the software checks whether the specified URL is up-to-date. Here, LG Electronics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Robot regardless of whether only administrative tasks should be automated or to package complex applications such as Web applications, or for example Lotus Notes, the package reduces the cost. Because it can record the original manufacturer Setup and play, the robot package is a perfect complement to the classic packaging. We have robot with the package a unique tool in the program, which is optimally matched to the software packaging in General and aimed at Windows 7 in particular.

This confirms us even by analysts”would be Herbert Uhl, CEO of Matrix42 AG. With the high automation capabilities of the software, our customers can demonstrably reduce their costs and the quality of their Improve performance.” More information and a trial version of Matrix42 package robot find prospects on packaging press contact-Schmidt Communications GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 E-mail: Matrix42 Matrix42 is the German market leader for IT-commerce. The solution portfolio from Matrix42 IT managers and administrators to perform optimally and cost-effectively their IT management. Set the highly integrative products both to the service management, i.e. the business figure from IT service orders, and the technical implementation of client lifecycle management tasks. Over 3 million clients in use are more than 1500 customers worldwide. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008 Matrix42, with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros to the largest European is a company of the Asseco group, Is one of software groups.

Cybernetics Man

This becomes the man a species of messenger of the being, that announces a message without never finishing it or understanding it fully. A messenger who many times remains deaf to it I appeal the Being, that of its silence convokes us to be rank in question again. From the tradition humanist and metaphysics it was consolidated definition man Greek as animal rational. The reason becomes the rational man, that is, capable to discourse on the things from a measure. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as GoPro by clicking through. The reality in its all, seen in the measure of the reason, is what it was stipulated to call world. However, but world is a constituent ontolgico of the man as be-knot-world. The world is not the mere physical and geographic space inside of which if it would find the man.

As constituent structure of the proper one to be of the man, the world emerges as phenomenon, as a complex of significaes constituted in the occupations and daily concerns of this be-knot-world. We can infer, therefore, that it does not have world without existence human being, nor existence human being without world. However, this man through the language and of the objetifica thought the reality, ahead imposes the norms and principles of the language and the logic to the data, taking itself as subject of a redutvel object to the representation. The fondness to reduce everything to the Citizen (Subjetivismo) or the Object (Objetivismo) does not respect main – the not subject and not-object, the imponderable one that it allows the man to say to know in the Citizen-Object project. At last, the impensado one and not saying for backwards of all thought and said. From this previous characterization of the essence human being, we can place some, such as: Where measure the theory of the information and the control Cybernetics promotes the instrumentalizao of the language by means of the radicalization of the mathematical project of nature carried through for modern science, thus propitiating the death of the desire of filosofar and the end of the proper philosophy in the objectified world of the calculation? That relation this instrumentalizao of the language possesss with the death of the desire of filosofar and the end of the philosophy by means of its accomplishment in tecnizadas sciences? The philosophy, at the same moment of its end, will be able to demonstrate some effectiveness to revert or to surpass the planetary domain of the technique and the calculating thought? Yes, the philosopher Martin Heidegger would answer, but not more as philosophy, but as after-Metaphysical thought that thinks from the enigma of the being and the proper man for itself exactly.

Opening Of The Henri Benthack Building Materials Branch In Lubeck

The Lubeck branch of the building materials trade company Henri Benthack building materials shines is now available in the new gloss of Lubeck, in September 2011: the building materials retailer Henri Benthack building materials just starts with the final steps of his rehabilitation and modernisation in the Lubeck Business Park in Turner Street 7-9. Now, the Office shows a lively exhibition with high-quality items as well as an exclusive parquet and laminate Studio. The modernized construction market shines with its extended range and directly in front of the entrance, the customer discovered a House with different possibilities of rehabilitation and upgrading various components. First was exchanged in the first renovation section the complete electrification and the flooring in all offices and sales rooms. The new, white furniture in the sale room is bright and friendly. Splash of color provide the parquet and laminate Studio, as well as the large-scale exhibition technical details such as insulation systems or mold remediation on mobile show car. We have real house situations built with House and interior doors, Windows and facades.

This allows an optimal and personalised advice and supports our customers in determining”, Frank Schneider, branch manager at Henri Benthack explains building materials in Lubeck. In the second section, the construction market was modernized. Now, clearly arranged shelves are the poster child. Each professional hand tool finds its place here. The range is rounded off with a new range of Workwear. For the hunger for in between the craftsman is a small snack and coffee corner.

Parallel to the reconstruction, a sample that shows the exterior thermal insulation system, facade insulation, solar technology and veneering and joints mortar pattern arose in the parking lot of the 18,000-square-foot branch. Inside, customers including the basement ceiling insulation, wet and dry floors, the attic and loose-fill insulation can convince yourself. “We are committed to this step clearly to the Lubeck. Our customers have”here in the future more contacts and specialists, says Frank Schneider. “We also make our focus on rehabilitation and modernization” in the foreground and illustrate it with real examples “. “Through the own fleet of four construction materials-truck BBs including crane is a delivery of building materials in our catchment area within 24 hours of possible”, said Schneider next. About Henri Benthack building materials: Henri Benthack building materials is a Hamburg tradition company headquartered in Hamburg Moorfleet, which can look back on an 80-year history in the construction industry. Founder, Henri Benthack, who successfully led the company with his wife Gerdi Benthack until his death in 1972. Henri Benthack was a pioneer in the construction industry. He was the one who introduced in Germany silo vehicles for the transport of loose cement. Major construction projects, particularly in the area of highway construction, building materials were supplied by Henri Benthack. The largest cement job at the time were 90,000 tons for the first three Tubes of the Hamburg Elbe tunnel. Motrola Razr can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the meantime, the company employs over 200 staff at the five locations of Neumunster, grevesmuhlen and Parchim, Hamburg, Lubeck. There are currently 39 employees, including 4 trainees in Lubeck. The establishment in this region was opened in 1977 in bad Schwartau. In 2001, the building material dealers needed more space and moved to Lubeck in the Turner Street. Its range includes renovation, refurbishment and modernisation in the building and civil engineering, interior design, roof and floor over 6,500 construction material products with a focus on. Builders as well as Builder and architect are looked after. Further information is available on.

DTT Industry

In 2009, the digital content grow a 32.7%. Since 2003, the sector has virtually tripled in turnover. Genetec is likely to increase your knowledge. The digital content already represent 45.5 percent of the total turnover of the industry of content and audiovisual services. The arrival of DTT has been a key factor for the development of the sector. Madrid, November 18, 2010-digital content industry exceeded 8.004 million euros in turnover in 2009 with a growth of 32.7%, according to the report of the industry of the digital content, produced by the National Observatory of telecommunications and the information society, (ONTSI), presented today in the framework of the International Forum of digital content, FICOD 2010, organized by the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade. Emerging sector according to the report, the digital contents continue the growing trend of recent years and pose, in 2009, 45.5 percent of the total turnover of the industry of content and audiovisual services. In this sense, in the period 2005-2009, the digital format has grown 116 percent, with a growth rate of 21.3 percent compound annual. Between 2003 and 2009, the turnover of this sector has almost tripled (more than 196% growth).

The ONTSI report confirms the good moment of the market of digital content in all areas: publications; audiovisual; film and video; music; video games and online advertising. Also, the data behind the strength of the industry of digital content in Spain, demonstrating a potential which is already being recognized at the international level in this sector, and that puts our country among the leading countries in the evolution towards the information society. Video games one of the key elements of the digital content industry is once again the video games sector, which in 2009 reached a turnover of 638 million euros between sales of video games for PC and consoles. 30.7% Of the Spanish population, percentage composed mostly by the young, consumes video games.

Mark Twain

In other words, with it we do not know what to expect. Today could be sane or not it and we have no way to know until when contact with him. But the risk is that this is your day bad (or good?) and not even recognize us. A lunatic change, but it is not easy to determine when or how. We move forward in the mentions and the shift has corresponded to the crazy Lord, whose characteristic is to have crazy things or seem crazy. That reveals little sanity, Atarantado, dazed. To put it more clearly, this character has not obtained even the crazy certificate but is making a few enormous merit to win it.

The disturbed, da. It has altered his mental faculties. Only altered as often from certain parents family who must overcome the antics of children, ill-treatment of the Chief, the refrain of the wife and each day’s news. The disturbed poor going on the right track so that his madness is full in a short time, which achieved safely in a short time. The unhealthy and the alienated seem to have no remedy because the dictionary uses two very strong definitions for them: not lowers them crazy and insane. His category is practically dangerous madmen. It is suggested that if you encounters with them, better is the loco and follow long.

The locato (or locatis) is the colloquial form accepted by the Royal Academy for calling people crazy, of poor judgment. It is an adjective that well could be adjusted to more than half of humanity (and much of the other half) because each will have had their days of uncommon Act and even their long seasons, in the eyes of others. The majareta is, in colloquial sense, crazy, nutty. The agerasia suffers from vesania which in turn means dementia, insanity, fury. Saying alienated is the same to say crazy, insane and if we refer to the Nutter we are talking about someone alelado, lacking in brains or judgment. The colloquial language has certain expressions to make allusion to those who suffer from some type of mental insanity and are typically used to exaggerate the behaviors of those who do not act as most do. Between these expressions are: so-and-so is missing a screw, ran you a shingle, is to tie it, is an abnormal, is a crazy poor, is Soyo, is descarrucho, it peeled the carreto, is that you take road (in reference to the habit of some crazy navigate on foot of a town to another no matter the distances or the weather conditions. In any case it is not known who is madder: If that is considered sane or which enjoys happy state of abstraction of reality. The popular saying, for example, puts us to think seriously about the issue when he says: a sane between locos, they are sane and him are you crazy. And attention to those who are qualified from crazy por4que think differently to others. Before you accuse another of being crazy would be convenient to read Mark Twain: A man with a new idea is a madman until the idea succeeds Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.

Russian Federation Houses

The question of housing in Russia is relevant, perhaps, even more than in other countries. Many are not only young people but also deep in the age of just dreaming to buy their own homes. BCD usually is spot on. Somebody save money, someone takes a mortgage, that would buy coveted square footage. But is there a way to save money, buying property? And how do you know of something to build modern houses? Whether they are durable and safe? These are the questions many would like to get answers. When you dream of a house in the first place you should consider to build their own home, because to buy the land is much cheaper than to buy a new building. It does not matter that new buildings in Moscow and Saratov. Land value varies on the distance to the city, infrastructure development, presence or absence of communication and, accordingly, the cost of housing in a particular subject of the Russian Federation. After purchasing the land is to determine the material for construction. Source: Genetec Security Center. Now, one of the most popular were glued beam houses. They are relatively inexpensive, and erected in a short time. Glued laminated timber is still a bit different from the ordinary wooden house. Tree shrinks, and the laminated board is almost completely dried, which is why this house is being built quickly and can enter into it almost immediately. Modern technologies make fire-resistant tree. Exactly so fire is not scary houses from glued beams. The technology of building houses from glued beams exist in the world for several decades but still remains one of the most advanced. In addition to lumber, home being built from the mast. Carriage, or semi-oval timber, comes from the Scandinavian countries. These homes are also easy to assemble and environmentally friendly. But rather require special expensive treatment that will protect the wood from damage and pests.

Learn Spanish

A school of Spanish in Valencia offers courses of Spanish for parents during the Easter holiday with his sons Valencia. The Easter holidays are ideal for this purpose: Learn Spanish with all the family. In the Centre of Valencia Spanish School offers this combination of family vacations, learn Spanish for parents and introduction to the Spanish language for children. Altavista may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Parents participate in an intensive Spanish course to learn as much as possible of the Spanish in a minimum of time. The Academy in Valencia is recognized by the Instituto Cervantes and offers Spanish courses throughout the year, for all levels and intensive and extensive way.

They also have all kinds of additional and thematic courses. While parents struggle with grammar exercises and conversation, the little ones learn Spanish playing. Children learn Spanish without great efforts, is more an adventure that an obligation says Andreas Tessmer, responsible for Costa de Valencia, Spanish School. To complete the course of Spanish, there is a comprehensive programme of socio-cultural activities. Of course focused on the interests of children. Valencia offers in this sense a lot. The new Bioparc, the city of Arts and Sciences, the Gulliver in the old Willow River of Valencia, the plaza de toros, the fallero Museum and much more.

Very interesting is the Oceanographic with presentations of the dolphins and the Science Museum, especially designed for children. Here the motto is to play and learn! But first is undoubtedly the beach of Valencia. It is like a magnet, not only for children. And another strong point is waiting especially for parents with their children: a visit of all the participants of the course of Spanish to a football game of Valencia C.F. Real Madrid will visit Valencia. Offering a learn Spanish so is much more fun. Original author and source of the article

Bluetooth Security

In 1994, Ericsson was responsible for a study to find a replacement for cable connections. The name “Bluetooth” is a tribute to the 10th Century living Danish Viking King Harald Bluetooth (Harald Blatand, Eng. Bluetooth).

Bluetooth devices transmit in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz (2.402 to 2.48). Because of using other applications of this frequency band, mutual interference is possible. In particular, wireless can be disrupted by Bluetooth. Bluetooth not. In order to achieve robustness to interference, a frequency hopping (frequency hopping is used).

This frequency-hopping method, the devices all 625 microseconds cycle through 79 different channels at 1 MHz. This creates a Bluetooth chip is not dependent on a specific frequency and so insensitive trouble. For the connection of Bluetooth devices form the device’s own micro-radio cells (so-called Pikonetze). Within such a Pikonetzes is room for eight Bluetooth devices. Within a Pikonetzes a device works as a control station (master), the other devices are the result of stations (slaves). Each Bluetooth chip has the ability to act both as master and as slave in Pikonetz.

In order to authenticate devices can safely be implemented in a Bluetooth Challenge – Response – procedures. Both the master and the slave can make a review. The station sends wishes to authenticate with one of queried LMP_au_rand station a random number. This is calculated with the random number of its own Bluetooth address and a security key for an answer. The stations have a common connection code is a positive sign for the requested station, in the other case, is a negative receipt. Recently, product manufacturers, many vulnerabilities to other Bluetooth devices have closed. But the current security issues relate mainly to mobile phones. Mobile phones and Bluetooth devices can be found at Here are a few tips on how you can improve the Bluetooth security:-Keep confidential data such as your Social Security number, credit card numbers and passwords, never on a Bluetooth device. -Turn off your Bluetooth device into the “non-discoverable” (transmission), and set the “discoverable” mode only when you actually work with it. A device in discoverable mode is always ready for the Bluetooth transmission. This is a big risk;-Use a secure PIN code. Codes with five or more points are harder to crack. -Find out all the latest developments in Bluetooth technology, and security issues, and ask the manufacturer of your device regularly for security updates or specific vulnerabilities.

Strategic Partners

SemTrac of strategic partner of PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest. PATRIZIA covers the entire spectrum of performance in ten countries as investors and service providers around the residential or commercial real estate for nearly three decades with more than 600 employees. By the 2011 acquired PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest KAG mbh (formerly LB immo invest), a special fund provider, the companies in its portfolio in the area of commercial real estate and indirect investments significantly expanded. Early 2012 PATRIZIA, as previously in the PATRIZIA WohnInvest KAG, decided again for the IT consulting company SemTrac as a strategic partner. The software company with offices in stephanskirchen and Munich has many years of experience with the full integration of its Sem.FUNDS.line software suite in SAP ERP: the old system of PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest was smoothly detached and flexible and release stable in existing PATRIZIA KAG built platform migrated to Sem.FUNDS.line.

Especially the efficient processes in the figure of the unique international fund module system convinced the PATRIZIA CFO Arwed Fischer: The high complexity of processes relevant for Fund and legal reporting requirements we keep focused on maximum user satisfaction. Values are crucial for our customers. Therefore, check and we optimize the value chain for the entire life cycle of a property as a bank-independent investment and full-stage service providers. For this reason we make highest demands to our service providers.” Already a year earlier SemTrac of process optimization for the PATRIZIA WohnInvest convince then takes could migrate half a year. This time it took almost twelve months for the complete process conversion due to the complexity of the task. The challenge in a so extensive project with a complex migration is the compliance with the predetermined budget,”commented Klaus Letzing, CEO of SemTrac AG, the successful and time going live. And the undisturbed day operation during the entire changeover.” Learn more about SemTrac and the success of software Sem.FUNDS..

School Technologies

Altina Magalhes Coast the advances scientific are caracterizadores of huge changes in the seio of the society how much to the form to think, of speaking, to act, at last of living. It is important to detach that the world-wide net of computers, the Internet is instruments that make possible the pupils to bring for the context of the classroom: questions, information, new features that influence in day-by-day of the school. This is a challenge for the educators who urgently need to insert themselves in this hardwired society. more than to insert itself is necessary to visualize that the technologies, the medias favor the communication, the captation of information, but they do not guarantee changes in the process teach-learning. What it goes to guarantee is the processing of the caught information and the transformation of these in knowledge and sharing of this in knowledge with the humanity.

The young is not enough to have access to the information is necessary that the school promotes inclusion digital e, over all an education that it makes possible attribution of meanings what it is disponibilizado in the Internet. It is basic that the school breaches with this model of old education and creates articulated environments of learning with other environments of virtual knowledge. The existing technologies and medias in the society alone influence positively in the pertaining to school context will be the service of the curricular contents. One knows that the school still is very shy in this aspect. The technologies still are used as illustration of contents, and this by itself does not characterize change in the act to teach and to learn. It is essential to invest in the formation of the professors, to stimulate them in all the aspects so that they are felt motivated to leave the common place, to face plus this great challenge and to assume a flexible position front to this new society and this new project of education.