The most important advantage of the polygraph – a long time of interaction with potential customers. If you prefer, you can store the information you need on the leaflet, flyers, booklets until it is needed. For example, colorful handy pocket calendar or leaflet you will use for a long time. According to marketing contact with the most effective advertising products before purchasing goods. This may provide a first place for the printed products, located at points of sale (posters, leaflets, wobblers, shelf talkers, flyers, etc.). As you know, the single most important reason people prefer one company over another – that trust. The basis for such trust and creating promotional printing – it creates a very believable picture. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. In this case, plays an important role as the embodiment of an advertising idea.

Appearance Advertising Publication – is the embodiment of the designers. A special finish gives the product identity, highlights of the series. Print advertising options for printing products in abundance. The most common and standard print version of the printed products – it's full-color printing on white coated paper. But if, for example, a proprietary directory cover is a thick layer of UV-varnish, the effect will be amazing. Surface get a mirror, the cover will play immediately, the saturation of colors increases. You can go even further to experiment with paint. Cover the mirror polish not the entire surface, but only part, emphasizing the most important element. If before this cover to cover more matte varnish, the reflectivity of the sign will be enhanced and the effect will be stronger.