Month: February 2017

Is It Possible To Have A Permanent Hair Removal In Bright, Blond And Red Hair?

Permanent hair removal in bright, red or blond hair! Can light, red or blonde hairs are epilated for a permanently? There are various methods of permanent hair removal (epilation), either based on light or electricity. It is important to know that the success of hair removal by light-based systems in the hair color is sensitive, because only the color can convert light energy into heat in the hair, which will then eventually deserted the hair follicle. The color of hair is coming from two types of melanin: the Eumelanin and the Pheomelanin. The Eumelanin predominates the hairs are dark brown to black, the Pheomelanin weighs over then the hairs are red, blond or light blonde. At decreasing melanin the color in the hair disappears and they become grey to white. The adequate presence of Eumelanin is an absolute need for the permanent removal of hair with light-based systems, so the laser and IPL technology. Successful treatment with the IPL technique or the depilation laser is only for dark hair possible. However, outweighs the Phaomelaninanteil or too little melanin in the hair is present, then the light-based treatment procedures have no prospect of success, because the hair at the root of the hair can absorb insufficient light permanently abandoned it to.

In this case, a desolation of the hair root by using electric current possibility but. This procedure is called needle or electric epilation and performed by Elektrologisten. Here a small probe into the hair Canal occurs to redirect a current pulse directly to the hair root, who then abandoned the hair. The color of the hair is definitely irrelevant this procedure, so red, blond or white hair can be epilated. Needle epilation can look back on over 130 years of tradition and is an accepted method of permanent hair removal. The small-scale effort, to treat each individual hair, this work is relatively cumbersome and should be performed by a competent Elektrologistin.

Only when one correctly executed needle epilation is to be expected with a satisfactory outcome and to tolerate the treatment well. The cost of the treatment is at the needle epilation primarily by the amount of hair to epilated less dependent on, the size of the area, so as is the case with laser and IPL. An experienced Elektrologistin is relatively fast and can epilate between 150 and 400 hairs per hour depending on the area of the body and hair type. While it behaves exactly like the other hair removal methods, that only the hair in its active growth phase can be successfully treated. 30% of epilated hairs are about average. As a result, several treatments are required. Unlike the laser or IPL treatment there is however no minimum wait times between the treatments, so that can be treated in relatively short intervals (1 week). Needle epilation is usually good to bear in professional conduct and leaves no scars, also as love is claimed.

New Site For Logistics Initiative Hamburg TYPO3 Agency Atlantis Media

Internet Agency atlantis media has the logistics initiative Hamburg logistics initiative Hamburg e.V. as new customers gained in order to expand the role of Hamburg as Northern Europe’s leading logistics metropolis, launched by the authority for economy and labour and the Hamburger business. Now, the Internet presence of the successful Club will get a new paint job. The famous hamburger TYPO3 and Magento Agency performs a full relaunch of the existing Internet presence. In addition to the development of a new individual layouts and the technical implementation of the website with the content management system TYPO3 there will be as one in the backend simply being the home image animation, in which important news and important topics always up to date can be represented.

More content of the new website will be a comprehensive event management tool, the new members area, a Medialibrary and a press area. The initiative is the integrated TYPO3 Extension DirectMail regular and personalized newsletters to any allow many addressees. Another highlight: the display of Member locations via Google maps with the possibility of limitation according to different categories. Simply click the user on the marker and the respective headquarters with company name and contact information will be shown. In a second phase of the project is the mobile version of the new site in planning. Atlantis media is looking forward to the tasks and successful cooperation. About logistics initiative Hamburg: The role of Hamburg as Northern Europe’s leading logistics metropolis to expand, the authority for economy and labour and the Hamburg economy called the logistics initiative Hamburg in life.

This involves the networking of industry, science and research, the profiling of the logistics location Hamburg in cooperation with the growth initiatives in the metropolitan region, as well as an extensive transfer of innovation to strengthen the company. Prof. Dr. Peer Witten, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Otto Gruppe and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HHLA is Chairman of the initiative. (Source: LIHHA) About atlantis Media: The Magento and TYPO3 Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH stands for innovative E-commerce solutions, sophisticated websites and highly automated publishing processes since 1994. Core competence: the design and implementation of online-shop-systems based on the open source software solution Magento. Atlantis media has years of experience in the implementation and customization of Magento as the official Magento partner systems, as well as in the development of Magento interfaces and extensions. Another strong point: for many years atlantis brings media customers successfully on the Internet. In the development and implementation of high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3, customers benefit from the best expertise and experience of the TYPO3 certified staff. In addition, atlantis media offers professional solutions for the automated catalog creation and Web-to-print applications as cross-media publishing solutions. Solutions of atlantis media are innovative, be accurately planned and benefits optimized. Contact: atlantis media GmbH Patrick Blecken Kaddi Nguyen trail 26 22769 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 851 81 400 fax: 040 / 851 81 444 Internet: email: press contact: atlantis media GmbH Nicole MacKinnon Nguyen trail 26 22769 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 851 81 400 fax: 040 / 851 81 444 Internet: email:

Technical Oxygen

Oxygen – a perpetual motion machine of life and progress. It is colorless (in a thick layer of blue) gas without taste and smell, a little heavier than air, poorly soluble in water. When cooled to -183 C oxygen is converted into a mobile liquid blue color, and at -219 C to freeze. Due to their properties oxygen is used as a reagent in chemical technology (roasting of sulfide ores, the synthesis of oxides), metals (iron and steel industry – namely oxygen 'withdraws' from iron excess carbon, while also improving the quality of steel), coal gasification natural, welding and cutting metals. Liquid oxygen – the fuel oxidizer in rocket technology. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. In medical practice the use of oxygen as effectively, not only for lung and heart diseases when breathing is difficult, and subcutaneous injection of oxygen – a treatment for serious diseases such as gangrene, thrombophlebitis, elephantiasis, trophic ulcers. Indicators of quality of medical oxygen gas gost 5583-78 Volume fraction,% Standard Oxygen, not less than 99,5 Water vapor, not more than 0.009 Carbon dioxide 0.01 Quality of technical oxygen gas gost 5583-78 Volume fraction,% 1 grade 2 grade oxygen, not less than 99.7 99.5 Water vapor, not more than 0.007 0.009 Carbon Dioxide Not rated Not rated areas of oxygen in the engineering and construction for the deposition and deposition of metals.

For oxy-acetylene gas welding and gas cutting of metals. For high-precision plasma cutting of metals. In the oilfield injection into the reservoir to increase the energy of displacement (an effective moving in-situ combustion chamber VPOG). In the mining industry and metallurgy When bof steelmaking, oxygen blast in blast furnaces to extract gold from ore, ferroalloy production, smelting of nickel, zinc, lead, zirconium and other nonferrous metals. Direct reduction of iron.

Scarfing slabs in the foundry. Flame drilling solid rock. In medicine oksibarokamerah. Filling oksigeneratorov (oxygen masks pillows, etc.). In wards with a special microclimate. Manufacturing oxygen cocktails. When growing microorganisms on paraffin oil. In ecology, Cleaning (ozonation) of drinking water. Recycling Metals (Gas cutting). Blowdown wastewater with oxygen. Neutralization (oxidation) reactive waste in sewage treatment plants. In incinerators with an oxygen blast. In the chemical industry manufacturing explosives substances – oksilikvitov (impregnation with liquid oxygen). Production of acetylene, cellulose, methyl alcohol, ammonia, nitric and sulfuric acids. Catalytic conversion of natural gas (for the production of synthetic ammonia). High conversion of methane (natural gas). In energy gasification of solid fuels. Enrichment of air for domestic and industrial boilers. To compress the water-coal mixture. In military technology in the chamber. For diesel engines underwater. Fuels for rocket engines. In agriculture, manufacturing oxygen cocktails to gain in weight of animals. Oxygen enrichment of the aquatic environment in the fisheries sector.

The Genitor

With change of the school, and through the stories of the current teachers, can be observed inside that Eduardo, in the period of 2 months, comes presenting, of its context, an evolution with respect to adhesion of the activities offered for the institution. He has been participativo inside of room lesson, as well as, it are of it. Beyond effectively participating of the program more education and the room of multi-functional resources. Renata (10 years of age), presents calm behavior, guided alo and autopsiquicamente. Thought and preserved reasoning. One becomes related well with mother, stepfather, professors, colleagues of the school. This attending a course third year of basic education, interacting very well with all in the school.

Vanessa (6 years of age) calm and is guided alo and, thought and reasoning autopsiquicamente preserved. One becomes related with the parents and brothers well. This year was registered the school, presenting, until the moment, good behavior. Patrician (2 years of age), she is calm, affectionate, it sleeps well and its feeding is based in the maternal aleitamento, however, team NASF it comes working with the parents on the importance to introduce healthful foods, beyond the insertion of this in the day-care center, since not yet it was registered the day-care center because the genitor believes that she is very small, beyond still suck. According to Kaloustian & Ferrari (1994), apud Gomes and Pereira (2004), the family is the indispensable space for the guarantee of the survival and the integral protection of the children and too much members, independently of the familiar arrangement or the form as they come if structuralizing. She is the affective family who makes possible them arrives in port e, over all, necessary materials to the development and well-being of its components. It plays a decisive role in the formal and informal education. She is in its space that is absorbed the ethical and moral values, deepened the solidarity bows.

Erich Fromm

The paradigms that permeiam current society e, over all the way that the man can enxergar the other, being solidary and capable to love, recognizing the values and the particularitities of the other individuals, of this form, I look for to explain the condition human being in a psychological vision of sees the existence of the being as human. Word-key: love, paradigms, society, solidarity. 1 Society and humanity How that in a society in diverse conflicts, such as violence, unemployment, lack of schools, health of good quality for all, tooth other problems of social and ambient origin, I can say that any nation will feel insurance? In the truth, humanity goes of certain form, if distressing when coming across with as many problems and few solutions, or same none. Arriving at the level of people if of the account of our proper existence and I do not ask: of where I to come? For where I go? because I am here? They are subjective questions and without answers, ahead of the circumstances of the life, that leads accumulates to it of the impotence, thus becoming, in a world each darker and difficult time to understand it. For Goya: In the origin of its existence, the man if saw as a stranger in the world; he felt himself solitary and fearful. Compelled for it are of the Nature, it breached with the biological determination of the pure instinct, allowing that the life took same conscience of itself through the possibility of development of the reason. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. According to Erich Fromm, at a moment any of the Nature, for one ‘ ‘ whim of universo’ ‘ , this new animal species, the man, lost its aloplstica capacity to adapt it the wild environment and became the being biological more inerme and abandoned of the sort.