Zaplevany Spirit Photography

Any of the branches of art has its own spirit, which rests firmly in the roots of its origin. Anyway, no vertical or untwisted and do not dance away from this is not possible. Official site: Ali Partovi. But what can you say about the pictures? Is the spirit of her only in mathematical search form? Indeed, the very picture denies the principle of painting, and she does not deny that, hardly Proc. At first glance, it might seem that the author only incites anyone not want holivar and has no concept of history of photos. But it is not. Just not all. Delete the moment, isolate and pull something out of this man, something that obviously he never will, nor pose any prose speech, no further synonyms are woven into rhyme – This is its principle.

Greedily pick a sketch and sit for hours in front of the illuminating face of the monitor and decorate taste the moment: to bring to its climax, individual vision of what is happening around them. Why all this? Yes, and then to to save a shred of common artistic sense, smeared in front of rose essence handed the little girl with a shit-SLR in their hands. Shoot, suffers from the fact that nothing happens. After all, once everything goes (to the great joy, but from their point of view) only mediocrity.