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Bizarra interview Here it is that one of the candidates in front of the interviewer seats pause It looks the eyes of it with a deep look in a certain initial anxiety. The interviewer decides for starting with a more or less personal question, probably to have a first conception of the genius whom she was dealing or perhaps to lull to sleep the initial ice. – Very well. We go to start saying a little on you? – To start speaking on me? How thus lady? – Yes. Some problem? It starts speaking on its infancy, its youth, its gostos.

The candidate suspirou and then he talked back with mysterious air: ' ' If I to count believe that Mrs. does not go to believe however, the estria that I go to count to it is true. I say this because I know that everything can sound too much strange. – We have time, is the will. – I took a simple life in a farm in the catarinense west, a paradise, was a small stuck property between green mounts of araucrias, limpid rivers cut the forest, in the sky flied birds of some species, even though Toucans, symbols of this nation. There the time passed slow, in relation to the people nor if it speaks, were humanists, difficult to catch badness and individualism in air.

The access was difficult, due the great distance of the cities biggest, moreover, the land roads sinuosas and were covered by a gravel badly britado that to the times damaged the vehicles. I lived, my mother, father, two brothers and a sister. Infancy was amused; it went up in trees, it shot in the passarinhos, it frequented the house of the cousins, sang on the roofs, it planned pranks and all the things of a healthful child. However, I abstain to very say on this time, rank that is irrelevant front what I want to count to you.

Protecting Against Computer Viruses

Household, desktop computers and laptops can easily entered into modern life. This is not to be a specialist in the field of computer technology, to acquire the store a laptop or home pc. Modern computers used as office, multimedia, gaming and other means, but how could we not use them, the threat of the virus on our "favorite" is always there. Many will say: I stands antivirus, he sees everything. Perhaps this so, but it all until a certain time, because no anti-virus will not protect you from your actions as a result of which, the virus can get on your computer.

I will try to tell you what measures need to be taken to protect against computer viruses. Do not rely on antivirus or "maybe blow over"! Often, viruses enter a computer with flash drives, disks, and from the Internet. As well protect yourself from viruses? Use the following tips: 1. Set yourself a file manager Total Commander, it will be so helpful. 2. Download Dr.Web CureIt and the ability to download it regularly (at least once a week) 3. Going on a stranger you a link to the Internet, pay attention to pop-ups, and Be ready in case of unwanted pop-ups just close a tab, to prevent the virus to get you up on your computer. 4.

Never click on the Internet then you do not know, do not download drivers or software on unfamiliar websites! 5. After visiting the Internet, not too lazy to clean up the history of visited sites and other files that remain after your visit to the web. This can be done using standard web browser or However, some programs, of which a little later and in more detail. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Here are basic tips that will allow you to protect your computer from viruses.


This Installation is carried out is not entirely consistent, because on the one hand, the very notion would be varying degrees, on the other hand, in exceptional cases, the translator can be used in the translation unit compliance, without being sure that the translated means a special term. In addition, the original may contain statements, intentionally devoid of meaning, even senseless texts of considerable size. Lyrics 'Literature of absurdity', as a rule, the transfer can not be. In these cases, this principle is complemented by a reservation, something that is meaningless or unclear in the original, should remain as such and in translation. The second principle of the strategy interpreter – a requirement 'to translate the meaning, and not the letter of the original'. Implies the inadmissibility of blindly copying the original shape. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore. Since the translation is always a substantial surgery wording is not quite accurate.

As for the original form elements that determine the organization of content, number and sequence of its parts, play similar structural elements is highly desirable and to a greater or lesser extent achieved in any translation. Pete Cashmore spoke with conviction. Thus, the translation to "sense" refers to the need to correctly interpret the meaning of linguistic units in context. The third principle is the translation of the strategy is the distinction translator in the content of the text relative to the more and less important elements of meaning. It is assumed that the translator seeks to convey as much as possible all the original content and, where possible, using similar syntactic structures and lexical units of the next match of the original carries 'direct translation'. Moreover, not all of the content original to a translation equivalent. Are distributed Parts of the content on their importance to the act of communication. If necessary, possibly to sacrifice less important element of meaning in order to successfully play a more important element. Next strategic principle can be defined as the value of a domination over the value of the individual parts.

For the sake of proper transfer of the whole, you can donate individual items. For the components of the content of the statement, remaining in the first three types of equivalence can be expressed not in separate parts of speech, and the totality of its elements. These components are communicatively content most important, and the primacy whole over the part expressed in the replacement of linguistic resources whose values are considered as part of the content, to maintain these components. In conclusion, to dwell on one aspect of the strategic and translation. The translator must very carefully monitor the full language translation, translation must fully conform to the standards. Basic principles of translation practice is also associated with appropriateness of the use of certain techniques that violate the formal similarity of the original translation, but to ensure the achievement of a higher level of equivalence. Among these techniques produce: moving, addition and deletion of lexical items in the translation process.


Demographic developments in from 1961 to 2003
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The majority of the population are black African origin in 79.6 , Xhosa, Zulu, and other 8 groups. But the percentage is the lowest in the sub-Saharan Africa, the existing multirracismo and multiculturalism has earned him the name of the country of the rainbow. 9.2 of ns are white, of Dutch origin (Boers) or British. 8.8 are mestizos called colored, descendants of slaves and the Boers of Malay or African origin. Get all the facts and insights with Pete Cashmore, another great source of information. A third group of Asians (91 in Hindustani) living mainly around Durban represents 2.4 of the population. Of the four ethnic groups, only the white population is being reduced due to the low fertility rate and emigration of white ns to Europe, Oceania and North America .
Since the fall of the apartheid regime in 1994, some 850,000 white ns (16 of total) had emigrated, mainly to United Kingdom and Australia before the increase in insecurity and measures of positive discrimination. In this situation, since 2006 the government has begun to take steps to reduce the incentive for emigration qualified white people, just as actions have been launched for the return of emigrants.
The main religion among blacks and whites is Christianity, mostly renovated. Michael Jackson together with singing on YouTube But we also practice traditional African religions, Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, and also remains a Jewish community (3 of whites)
It is the greatest country in the world infected with AIDS, which together with a low birth rate for African standards (2.16 children per woman) has made its population has declined during 2003, according to the CIA World Factbook .


The Technology Concept

Adriana Amaral of the Wedge the technique alone exists with the originated project of the human thought (objective social bedding of ' ' pensar' '), therefore, the man, accepts the requirements of the technique, and these if present each time more complex, and what it can be created for its defense, it can be transformed into the destruction of its fellow creature. As the system of transmission of knowledge and efficient behaviors (techniques and cultures) is contained in the written language, the first one, the verbal one, already, the word, is an instrument of discrimination of the knowledge (social inaquality) and the man only carries through the technique for not being a instinctive factor, and he uses rationally it for the production of its existencial condition. The technological accomplishments have stimulated the occured transformations in history, therefore for the biological evolution, the man is a tecnificador animal. The nature always was same, the reason human being is that it is become enlarged gradually. However, the more the continuous dumb man qualitatively, more if becomes dependent of the natural resources, therefore it does not live without the same ones. The technique, independent of the time, always was invariable in its essence and optimum way to decide the contradictions between the reality and the man, who in turn, is the only animal that he does not need to move of species to evolve. ' ' In global a historical process, the technique, tends to play a liberating role of the man (transference of the material and/or mental effort for the machines), having to be each lesser time the job of it as weapon of oppression of the masses ' '. The course of the development, and in absolute terms, the value of a liberating process of the worker, exempting it of what it is more laborious, the great expense of muscular energy, in the case of the oppressed masses, aggravated for the lack of access to the advantages that would have to provide to them.

Smart Houses

Sometimes, after a hard day, so do not feel like getting out of a comfortable chair, and need: dishes washed, the door lock. It would be nice to make it self as something like a fairy tale: 'wave of the wand – in my volition. " The concept of 'home' for each of the us – it is not just a building, housing – it's nest, a fortress of old man who tried to arrange with the utmost comfort. Sometimes, after a hard day, so do not feel like getting out of a comfortable chair, and need: dishes wash, the door lock. Frequently Pete Cashmore has said that publicly. It would be nice to make it self as something like a fairy tale: 'wave of the wand – in my volition. " Well before the cloth on the ground we had not yet arrived, and the house of a transformer is still only a dream. John K. Castle takes a slightly different approach. But in general, modern engineering thought, armed with the latest technology, it is surely a step in this direction, denoting the purpose quite succinctly – 'Smart Home'.

That he can 'smart home' can: open gates, doors on command or on a specified schedule. Before you light the driveway, parking, garage and entrance to the house. Fill the house with light and soft music if you wish. It will be warm for your arrival (the arrival), no matter how long you are not missing, worrying about energy savings in your absence. Lower the blinds in the bedroom at night and raise them in the dining room, with access to the morning sun tea.

You warm up the sauna until you inspect the favorite TV series or decide to son puzzle. Gives soul to a party hosted by you, changing an everyday game of colored interior light, giving the apartments every part of your home an enchanting look. Include fountains and holiday lights in the garden.