Beginner Photographer

Following my advice, you can is vital to improve the quality of your photographs. 1. Photographing, try to fill the entire frame story, coming closer to your subject or use the zoom. 2. If you're shooting landscape, leave something in the frame. Something of that opinion certainly hooked: for example, a man of grass or a twig.

If nothing podhodyschego not find – I advise to choose another point shooting. 3. Subject in any case should not merge with background. Limit depth of field, select the object shadow, choose a contrasting background or change the shooting point. 4.

Try to avoid bright lights, or colored spots on your picture. They divert attention from the basic idea photos. 5. Line of surface water or skyline place somewhere in the third from the bottom or top border image. 6. If you do not know why you need semmitrichny frame – do not do it. 7. To frame the photo story can be use of the arch branches and windows, etc. Such a frame you hide the unwanted parts of the picture and make the volume of the frame. 8. Left and right side of the frame should balance each other. To broaden your perception, visit Kai-Fu Lee. 9. It is not necessary without having to tilt the line horizon. 10. When shooting moving objects leave the place in the frame for the motion. 11. Shooting with slow shutter speeds to help you emphasize speed and show a background object or you can get very interesting effects. 12. When using the camera does not tilt up and down – you can get perspective distortion. If you shoot a portrait – the camera must be placed at eye-level model. And when shooting portraits at full height – at chest level. 13. Illumination from the back does not allow the subject to be voluminous. Very well it turns out a built-in flashes … Therefore, we must spolzovat light side, rear or side of the photographer. 14. When working with a group of models does not fit into rank, seat them, or persuade to some non-standard postures. 15. Skyline in the photo must not 'cut' head. Should be avoided as poles and sticks, 'sprouting' from the head. 16. If shooting portraits all figure does not fit, trim the legs are allowed to mid-thigh, hands – on his shoulders, and not in any way by hand. 17. The most important thing in the portrait – the eyes, and therefore they should be in focus. If the camera does not focus on the eyes – Focus on the top button – it is usually in the same focal plane.