Month: July 2014

White Balance Bracketing

When selecting optics for cameras Canon eos 500D is necessary to take into account crop factor – in other words, to determine the real value of the zoom range lens, the focal lengths must be multiplied by 1.6. Model is compatible with all lenses Canon ef, but it is more preferable to use optical series EF-S, the focal lengths of which are shifted to wide-area, and design allows for smaller size and regular structure of light detectors. Moreover, with similar optical characteristics, EF-S lenses easier and cheaper counterparts, fired from the expectation of full kadr. Despite their belonging to the amateur class, Canon eos 500D has an excellent feature that, coupled with excellent features, it allows you to use this camera for professional photography. On the other hand, ease of management and intelligent automation makes the model an excellent choice for beginners who buy a camera "for growth".

Focusing System Canon eos 500D provides nine located in the diamond-shaped points Focus, which covers a large part of the frame. Traditionally for the eos af system is available in one of three modes: single-frame, witness, or intellectually. The model is able to maintain autofocus in face priority mode, as well as the model 450D, is able to operate in direct sight picture through the monitor (Live View). Measuring the exposure occurs on 35-zonnomu spc. In the evaluative metering by conjugation zone metering with the focus point, which increases measurement accuracy. It is also possible to select center-weighted and partial (4% or 9% of frame) measurement methods.

Exposure can occur in one of the scene modes (Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, No Flash, video), or in creative zone modes (Program ae, Shutter Shutter-priority, Shutter-priority ae, manual mode, auto exposure control depth of field). If necessary, the photographer can use the correction and exposure bracketing. White balance can installed either automatically or manually: Preset or through customization. Ability to set color temperature values directly in degrees Kelvin is missing, but it partially offset by the presence of the model features a color shift in the areas from blue to amber and from crimson to green. It is also possible White Balance Bracketing. The model is equipped with built-in flash and has the possibility of joining the outside. You can sync at 1 / 200 sec., Wireless control group of flashes, and second curtain sync. It is also possible correction and bracketing power impulsa. can be recorded in raw or jpeg. If desired, images can be "set" styles, which accentuate the character of the image (portrait, landscape, etc.). Greatly simplify the work of the photographer user settings (up to 39 settings of 13 functions). Despite the large matrix resolution, the camera has a high rate – 3.4 frames / sec. with a maximum length series of 170 shots (JPEG). Video recording is carried out in the H.264 format with a maximum 1920×1080 resolution at a frequency of 20 frames / sec. or a lower resolution at 30 frames / sec. Record in the H.264 format provides a minimum file size while preserving superior image quality.

Only Faraday

Matter, space, time and movement is not divisible ad infinitum, and have limits of divisibility. And it is these, rather than the opposite properties can be programmed into the computer. And what about the speed of movement? Until the middle of the xix century. in physics took place disputes between supporters of the so-called 'long range' and 'short range'. Long-range interaction is instantaneous (without intermediaries, through a vacuum) the transfer of administration (eg, gravitational or electric) of one body on another, no matter how far these bodies may be located from each other, that is the principle of long-range acknowledges the existence of an infinitely high speed. Supporters of 'short range' believed that the body interact only with finite rates, and by direct contact or through the physical fields (gravitational, electromagnetic, etc.) – through intermediaries, which ultimately also interact directly with the body, their Radiant and with the body absorbing them.

Supporters of long-range were eminent scientists, in particular, Ampere and pendant. Only Faraday firmly on the position of the short-range, and finally secured a position Maxwell, creating a middle of the xix century, a mathematically perfect electromagnetic field theory, which proved the finiteness of the rate of interaction. Infinity – including infinite speed – program in your computer impossible, because the victory of supporters of the 'short range' means an addition of one more weights on the scales in favor of an artificial origin of our universe. But there are even more stringent conditions to the Universe can be programmed in the computer.

Enterprises Credit

The engineering significance of creep Creep strains in its simplest form is the progressive accumulation of plastic strain in a specimen or machine part under stress at elevated temperature over a period of time. Creep failure occurs when the accumulated creep strain results in a deformation of the machine part that exceeds the design limits. Creep rupture is an extension of the creep process to the limiting condition where the stressed member actually separates into two parts. Stress is a term used interchangeably by many with creep rupture rupture; However, others reserve the term stress rupture for the rupture termination of creep process in which steady-state creep is never reached and use the term creep rupture for the rupture termination of a creep process in which a period of steady-state creep has persisted. Figure 26 illustrates these differences. The interaction of creep and stress rupture with cyclic stressing and the fatigue process has not yet been clearly understood but is of great importance in many modern high-performance engineering systems. Creep strains of engineering significance are not usually encountered until the operating temperatures reach an absolute temperature. Not only is excessive deformation due to creep an important consideration, but other consequences of the creep process may also be important.

These might include creep rupture, thermal relaxation, dynamic creep under cyclic loads or cyclic temperatures, creep and rupture under mulfaxial states of stress, cumulative effects, and effects creep of combined creep and fatigue. Creep deformation and rupture are initiated in the grain boundaries and proceed by sliding and separation. Thus, creep rupture failures are intercrystalline, in contrast, for example, to the transcrystalline failure exhibited by room temperature surface fatigue failures. Although creep is a plastic flow phenomenon, the intercrystalline failure path gives a rupture surface that has the appearance of brittle fracture. Creep rapture typically occurs without necking and without warning. Current state-of-the-art knowledge does not permit a reliable prediction of creep or stress rupture properties on a theoretical basis. Furthermore, there seems to be little or no correlation between the creep properties of a material and its room temperature mechanical properties.

Therefore, test data and empirical methods of extending these data are relied on heavily for prediction of creep behavior under anticipated service conditions. Metallurgical stability under long – time exposure to elevated temperatures is mandatory for good creep-resistant alloys. Prolonged time at elevated temperatures acts as a tempering process, and any improvement in properties originally gained by quenching may be lost. Resistance to oxidation and other corrosive media are also usually important attributes for a good creep-resistant alloy. Larger grain size may also be advantageous since this reduces the length of grain boundary, where much of the creep process resides. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Rotary dryer, raymond mill, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.

Birol Baris Lawrence

Grandmaster Birol Baris ozden, Sigung master master for VC-Ving chun and author of the forthcoming book: ‘ ALL-AACHT – everything is A(a)CHT!’, ALL-AACHT-Verlag, Cologne. Sigung master master Birol Baris ABUDU (name meaning: Birol = was one, peace = layer Babu, Jagan = clean, honest skin) was born on May 7, 1960, in Beyoglu, Istanbul, Western-oriented downtown. He comes from a family with strong family tradition, which is influenced by Islam and the give and take of”, live in the present and the love of nature, the animals and the people” are very important fundamental values. So he was influenced also by his paternal grandfather, who belonged to a Sufi order, intensive way and got through it gives many positive values. The lives of children and young people in Istanbul took place but on the road in the 1960s.

There was the right of the stronger, and so learned Sigung Birol bar? Lawrence early know the importance of the fight. Rivalry was the order of the day and the stronger was the sound; Sigung Birol babe Ali quickly learned to prevail. At the age of 12, Birol moved bar? Lawrence with his family to Germany. He had already animated at an age of 8 to 10 years, with his father in Turkey, learned military Jiu Jitsu and started with a suggestion of his mathematics teacher with Turkish wrestling, but now he began to deal intensively with martial arts. He practiced very successfully many different martial arts, including Judo, karate, boxing, Kickboxing and taekwondo.

He also noted that this martial art not for anyone to protect itself suitable as often missing the optimum physical conditions for the people. The stronger insert their superiority often over weaker, they exploit and suppress. Therefore, he developed a strong aversion against injustice and the abuse of forcibly skill and physical superiority. His interest in the traditional Backgrounds of martial arts and his strong sense of Justice could continue to look for a system, which is learned by many people.


Modern Internet presence is Germany Rostock from the North for Mecklenburg, one of the most important economic points of view. Companies, which have settled in this region, have the best prerequisites to be able to operate successfully. A contemporary Internet presence is an important aspect, which is also gaining significance – if a local company is tasked. On par with the economy, each region has its particularities. Rostock is in the constant economic change and evolved. Meanwhile, the infrastructure could tweak and the city is considered as a hub of the region in the national and international goods trade.

These requirements allow existing companies to establish themselves successfully. A contemporary website includes in principle and should be created as possible from a local provider for a variety of reasons. As only a company that operates Web design directly in Rostock, knows the economic realities and also has important background knowledge, to insert targeted advertising and thereby creating a profitable Internet presence. In this way, I used an advantage is significantly involved in successful advertising. Not only the actual Internet presence can be designed optimally with Web design from Rostock, Germany, also the flexible reaction to changes in target groups, consumption and purchasing behavior or other economically important factors is possible through a locally-based Web Designer.

Only a service provider site has track how and to what extent advertising and Internet presence must adapt to the realities, to continue convincing can occur. In this case, another advantage is given: with a local Web Designer, a company has a contact person who can be flexible contacted and personally visited. As out important impressions can result from a personal interview, a local Web Designer is therefore generally recommended. With more detailed information about services and offers a Web presence is not only regional but also national and international effect. Pictures and graphics clearly present all content and achieve any desired audience precisely. Also the combination between maximum information on a Web page and interesting presentation of all content is crucial. Modern technical requirements and extensive experience allow a contemporary Internet presence, which is also characterized by challenging and meaningful content. The Internet and the possibilities of the use of this medium continue to grow steadily. Many companies are little aware of this opportunity and therefore massively underestimate how important an appealing Web presence for the ultimate success of a company actually owns. A consultation with a Web design – provider in Rostock provides insights and ways.