Month: June 2011

The History Of Laser Printer

If you have a reliable and affordable printer connected to your computer in your home or office, the more likely it is a laser printer. You can print documents, photos, and almost any other file on your PC. In addition, these printers can be adapted for use as integrated scanner and fax. In 1969 a prototype was designed in 1984 and was for sale the first laser printer. Previously, the printer produced a small scale and are sold to companies for approximately $ 17,000. Soon outstripped the dot matrix printer and became a favorite of computing through its print quality and relatively low maintenance costs. At its commercial launch, laser printers have an approximate value of $ 3,500, but since then, prices fell sharply as companies competed for the best market share.

The minimum reached $ 1,000 in 1990, but three years later a new model and color in the United States to $ 12,500. The current balances are sold at a small fraction of the price but they have vastly improved capabilities. Although the first laser printers resemble the models currently being sold around the world, the basic principle is exactly the same. The technology uses the laser printer is quite similar in performance to a photocopier. The main difference is that the printer uses a laser instead of a standard bright light. The basic process of printing, electrophotography, was discovered in 1938 by Chester Carlson, an innovation for the time ahead as companies refused to see the benefits.

The so called because they use a laser beam that projects the image of the page in a selenium-coated drum is then transferred to paper through the toner. A simple idea that allows economical prints, high quality home. Forty years after its invention, it is not necessary to connect the laser printer to your computer, it can be wireless and can print documents all computers that are in the office or at home regardless of location. The production also increased significantly, from eight pages per minute than the original produced in 1984 to 200 pages monochrome or 100 color pages per minute at present. In most homes and offices of the Western world, this invention helped transform the way we work and make prints at home.

Mobile Phone And Health .

At the beginning of 2010, according to official statistics in Russia mobile communication uses about 160 million subscribers, although its population is only 140 million, and subtracting from this the children who still just do not able to use cell phones, it turns out that each person has 1.1 telephone per person. Naturally, not everyone enjoys several phones, but at least one uses 99% of the population. and certainly over the last few years, every one of us asked about the dangers of mobile phones on human health, especially considering how much information on this topic can be found in Internete.

No what’s on actually happens to those people who use mobile phones for several years and every day under the influence of electromagnetic fields. Mobile operators claim that everything is normal and the level of radiation from a mobile phone is so negligible that it is not worth paying for all this attention. World Health Organization states that still require a whole bunch of studies that only after 5 – 10 years will be given at least some reliable results. Scientists from various institutions have also conducted various studies put forward a hypothesis, but documentary evidence have not received them. And of course there is a logical question – why can not prove harmful or innocuous cellular svyazi.Na actually quite simple. In order to cause any more or less serious disease a person must use a cell phone for several years, but still speak on it regularly. But during this time, any study can get something that could theoretically cause harmful electromagnetic radiation device. How does all this test and prove that yes, it is called cell problem. Yes in any way. More precisely it is theoretically possible – it is necessary to take two identical people (preferably close to genes) that will be for a few doing the same thing (live in one apartment, there’s one meal, go to the same job, etc.). And for complete confidence to spend at least several hundred such experiments. Otherwise hardly anyone would believe your research.

The Market Situation For Feed Mills And Grain In Russia

World population is increasing every year. Question has arisen to provide such a large number of population vital agricultural products remains open. In the current situation must be attention should be paid to preserve and enhance the capacity and improve production to improve productivity. Nutritional supplements such as feed grains, contributing to preparation of the diet power, become the most important component of improving the profitability of production. Having analyzed the diets of the leading farms, we are faced with unjustified inflated standards of feed input. Research conducted by scientists of domestic companies 'Biochim-TL', engaged in the manufacture and supply of granulated fodder helped determine the needs of domestic birds and animals. Due to this got to make the most effective recipes feed. Proper feeding is the basis for selection and maintenance of the genetic potential of livestock and poultry. Lack or excess of the required nutrients entails sizeable decrease in productivity, the emergence of unwanted diseases, changes in biological processes. It is therefore necessary to approach the choice of fodder with particular responsibility.


The advance of civilization, contrary to what was expected, to solve some old problems, rather than diminish the doubts have increased in the superlative degree. In our days, we have no doubt that nature is continuously evolving and that earthquakes and tsunamis are caused by the collision of plates of the world underground and continue to occur indefinitely in the future. The advances in astronomy have brought us to the problems of black holes, dark matter, the asteroids, new planets. The medicine has been enriched by the discovery of DNA genomes and the famous, but it has generated very new doubts about whether the diseases are in the end all hereditary.

In philosophy, the discipline of insoluble doubt, there have been many others that seniority was not, say, if there is one universal matter, if matter is nothing but energy. The technology of space travel has created the problem of whether humans can travel hundreds of light years without dying on the road and if in any case does not die, how much food and where it should take to stay during the trip. Among the many new questions created is one that is not on any list: Adam was black or white? The intellectual excitement of the hand leads John Gregor Mendel, the quiet Austrian monk and botanist of the nineteenth century, who in the shelter of his humble monk discovered his famous garden inheritance laws, under which four descendants of a white element and one black, three are white and one black, and each one of these, an intricate web of inheritance expected. .


Also, electric remote control has the function of activation, by lowering the canvas at obstruction, and preventing its further downward movement. This also uses a reliable protection from interception control gate technology with a floating source, providing more than 10 billion combinations. Sectional Gates combine several advantages: they are functional, durable, easy to use, as well as possess good thermal insulation. Another important advantage is the fact that they are economical in terms of space due to vertical lift. Sectional doors are used in industrial areas – the device driveway area, and the private sector – for garages. The principle of sectional doors is based on operation of a spring mechanism that ensures a smooth and fairly rapid rise sections, even if the automatic mechanism is disabled.

The mechanism of current models of sectional door is designed for 25 – 30 lifts in day, indicating that a sufficiently large operational period. Employed in enterprises automatic gates designed for heavy loads and are ready for hundreds of openings in one day. In size, they can be in 2,5 times more residential automatic gates. Modern sectional doors are made of high-tech equipment using quality materials, which provides the gate a number of advantages: for the production Sectional automatic gate profiles are 45 mm thick, ensuring a high heat and sound insulation properties of the gate. Some models are equipped with a sectional door finger protection, gates have optimal stiffness. Headroom panel sectional door has a special shape that provides resistance to various strains, the gate has a unique fastening system: front and inner steel sheets are fastened to the castle at the top and bottom panels; sectional doors are equipped with a traction rope – it is located inside the structure between the support desk and the door leaf.

Cable eliminates the possibility of a hook; sectional automatic doors have locking devices of the shaft when the spring break. These systems require fixing of gates in the same position at the time of termination. Sectional doors can be made out of various furniture and domestic foreign producers: FlexiForce, TorqueForce, Hermann, Doorhan (Russia), etc. Additional elements improves the decorative features of automatic gates, and simplify their installation. Summarizing, we can say that the undeniable advantages of sectional Gate – tightness, thermal protection, aesthetic design, ease of use – brought him considerable popularity in various fields.

Technological Innovation

But if you, say so. Be different. Be seen and be accessible, keep in touch with your customers to build relationships and strong partnerships. " It adds that "customers are more open in times of crisis. Looking for alternatives to previous consumption patterns.

This represents a significant opportunity for companies that can offer something unique and support the future global concern for the environment. Although it is expected that a firm's values are universal, there are many ways to capture the attention of the customer. I do not think the geographical component is as important as the common values between cultures. " We also provides, That Paul Schoemaker, strategy expert and research director Mack Center for Technological Innovation, "managers must develop the ability to anticipate the changes that occur in the future and introduce an element flexibility in their strategies. That's the only way forward in uncertain times. It is also necessary to have capacity for organization and control of external changes in real time.

It is important to be vigilant. " In his opinion, "uncertainty is an opportunity for those who are ready. Managers tend to protect what they have to wait and colicky uncertainty over time. A better strategy is to seize it. The best opportunities come at times of crisis, in times of stability. " The key is that, "apart from historical fluctuations, managers must use their imagination, paying attention to signs of weakness, drawing comparisons with other sectors and listening to outside experts and the company itself." To Schoemaker, if companies rethink their strategies, could also avoided the avalanche of redundancies taking place around the world: "A better strategy would promote growth and therefore new contracts.

DVD Pictures

It is useful to read the documentation before purchasing a device with which you plan to 'Make friends' your new tv, and verify the existence of similar interfaces for the connection. Analyze the above parameters, but do not look only at them. Most importantly, according to our experts, stick the following tips. Before buying be sure to check the picture on the maximum 'clean' signal – dvd. If you plan to watch tv on your tv (and you probably plan to), you should check your tv and antennae. If you look at the new panel, our normal channels, you'll need most is a good antenna. However, if you're in an apartment using a common antenna, then from you little depends. Do not forget that from the size of the tv depends on the quality of the image received by the antenna.

Try to set a number of large and small tv, you will immediately see the difference. So keep this in mind if you plan to, for example, watch News on lcd giant. Quality is likely to disappoint you. No need to chase a particular brand, speak in one voice experts. You need to look at the picture quality is a specific tv, its no representation documents the parameters you are not guaranteed. It is best if you have decided on a diagonal, to take the models of all manufacturers and look at the color saturation at standard settings. It's worth noting that tv Company 'X' yesterday and today – two very different things.

Moreover, it can take 2 copies of a model of a single source – and we get a different picture, no matter how we set up. Nikita from 'M. Video' notice about this following: the technology has not worked out until the end, someone calls it a 'crude' even now, but it is growing rapidly and will soon be able to provide image quality equal to the color rendering of what we have on the usual crt TVs. As for prices, they are the last 1,5 years fell by about 3 times. Prices for lcd TVs continue to fall and now. The fact of falling prices is recognized by all. If you compare prices for lcd panels and crt televisions in the segment Small TVs (up to 30 '), the difference is very noticeable: TVs, liquid crystal is more expensive at about 4-6 times. For large (up to 36 ') ratio varies in the smaller side, here the lcd panel is 2-3 times more expensive. Based on two TVs the latter category are building home theaters, but here the lcd panel is displaced plasma TVs.