Month: May 2011

The Industrial Revolution

Er. – 200 ad. Er.) 1200-600 Assyrian empire. Israel's founding the Persian Empire 500-300 400-300 Macedonian Empire 100 BC-200 ad Roman Empire. The Birth of Christianity throughout second period increases the power of selfishness, bringing humanity gradually acquires the structure of nations and states. The peak of this development comes at a time when the bloom and fall great empires – Greece and Rome, and the world overflowed the war. 3. The quest for honor, power and glory (200-1500) 600-1000 200-600 demise of civilization Muslim empire 800-1100 darkest period of the Crusades of the Middle Ages 1100-1300 1300-1500 Renaissance New ideas do not appear out of nowhere.

They Stand only on well-trained intellectual soil. Achievements of scientific thought lost during the decline of Greek civilization, were the revival in the 12-15 centuries, thanks to the work of Abraham bar , Ibn Latif, Raymond Lull, Immanuel Bonfisa, Pico Mirandola affairs. At that time, were translated into Latin from Hebrew, Greek and Arabic major scientific works. Ibn Litif and Lully tried to present a unified system of science. In the period from 1320 to 1520 year, Italy became a center of humanistic updates. Leonardo da Vinci, Bellini, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Titian, Michelangelo and others were able to realize new aspirations of society.

Revival of free people from old ideas about the world, made them think differently and change the established order of things. At the turn of the rapid growth stages of emerging science. 4. Thirst for Knowledge (1500-1995) 1500-1700 Reformation. Science and technology industry, 1700-1800 Growth 1800-1900 The Industrial Revolution 1900-2000 World War, this period is characterized by rapid development of the desire of knowledge.

Windows Media Player

If on such Windows applications like Notepad or Paint may still be some practical use, the built-in program audio is so primitive that benefit from it whatsoever. An important component in the sound recording with sound card mixer is Windows. If musical composition roars from the speakers and the program audio recording silence or faint crackling, then you have incorrectly set the recording source. Recording source is set to audio mixer. In Windows 9x for Call mixer must click on the icon with the image of the speaker on the taskbar.

In Windows xp, things get interesting. To open a standard mixer, open the Control Panel, select it and click sounds audio, in the opened window, select the Audio tab, and under Sound Recording click the Volume. By default, the mixer does not display all the sources of record. If recording from a microphone or line input you need choose options with the same name, then to record sound, played back through Windows Media Player, to use a group of Sound and recording with some of the programs you need the group overall record. By default, this group is not visible, it need to open using the menu command Options-> Properties.

The mixer also allows you to set the level of 'volume' recorded signal. Programs recording quite a lot. Only one site, I counted about fifty. There is no point in trying to consider all the recording software. For comparison, I chose two: one free and one shareware. Both programs received the highest rating on the site where I found them.

Buring CDs, Nero

cd / dvd recording drives. Program Nero Express and Nero Burning Rom as the primary tool for recording CDs. 1. The first thing we need a computer – something that almost everyone has. And for the record you could theoretically run out of an ancient iron with a processor with a frequency of 200 MHz and 32 mb of ram.

However, these characteristics are minimally acceptable. In any case, you need not worry: all computers made in the past few years, easily cope with the record. Also Keep in mind that to record a cd you will need more space on your hard drive. To record a cd – it is 700-900 mb depending on the type of disc (when creating the image – the layout of the intermediate disc – twice), dvd burner you need 4. 5 or 9 gb, depending on the type of disk – single or dual layer – as well as the use of the image twice. 2. Operating System (OS) – to run today's software cd burner you need at least Windows 98/ME, because the latest versions of these programs will not run on Windows 95. It is best to use a Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

3. CD-RW drive or DVD-RW – one computer is not enough, you still need a basic recording tool – self drive CD-RW (DVD-RW). DVD-RW drive is able to write anything you like – and the cd and dvd, a CD-RW – only cd. Sales occur even called a combo drive (combo) – a combo drive CD-RW/DVD, who can read and write normal CDs and DVD-drives can only read.

Generator – A Rational Choice For The Cottage

Buying a cottage – an important and responsible event in the life of every person. For some people, cottage is the site of seasonal outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful nature with its forests and waters. Others consider the acquisition as a permanent year-round residence. But in any case, people and nature tends to comfortable conditions. Therefore, modern cottages or nearly as much and sometimes more city apartments are equipped with household appliances, various equipment and other electrical appliances. Therefore, in a cottage village requires sophisticated power supply system.

But often in remote areas electricity or none, or served with constant interruptions. In the first case it is almost completely paralyzed by civilized peoples' lives, making a living is absolutely comfortable. The second situation is not only gives the owners a lot of domestic trouble, but also negatively affects the expensive technology. After sharp drops in voltage can cause it to malfunction. Therefore, in remote locations simply must organize a system of electricity supply.

The best way to do it – to set an autonomous power. Of the three existing versions of the generators: gas, gasoline and diesel – in this case comes last. The diesel generator has a high capacity. Unit will be enough to provide electricity to the required amount of a settlement. Their reliability is also supported by the fact that it is these units are used in large enterprises, strategic facilities, hospitals and military hospitals. When the relative cheapness of raw materials and adequate supply of resources such a generator is economical. K the above characteristics should be added ease of use, safety to humans and the environment. Less important positive feature is the factor that the diesel generator can run on solar oil of any quality. It is very important because, unfortunately, the majority of retained fuel is no different full compliance of eu standards. Thus, the current level of development of industrial production allows you to create a truly reliable and durable equipment that generates such an important resource as electricity, even in the most distant and remote corners of the country.