Photographer E. Wasilewski

Photography – a view, a different view. Fragment, a moment, snatched from the world in seconds. See the photos – is to look at the world through the eyes of another person through the eyes of the photographer, see his eyes materialized in the pictures. Website gives the opportunity to the fullest. This resource presents works of photographer Edward Wasilewski, linking his professional career with the wedding photography, although his skill is not restricted the scope of this genre. This photographer has to be also an artist, because the picture – this is art.

Enough to see several in a row of conventional wedding albums to see a lot of similar shots, including before repeating the locations and poses. In this case the picture – handicraft, if not, conveyor production. Photos by Edward Wasilewski, presented on the website are completely different. You'll notice it's even a cursory look at them. For each pair created special, your mood. We see that the photographer, photographed dozens of weddings, still retained the sight of the artist, the ability to find individual approach to each pair.

Notably, it gets enjoy their work, felt experience and professional skills (on a site you can find articles with tips newlyweds photographer about what needs to be taken into account during the wedding photography). Even stranger interesting looking at these pictures – he passed a pair of mood, their joy at the happy moment. Although this work, the photographer puts the artistic value of the image in the first place. On the site, except for wedding photos shows and other works of Edward Wasilewski: portraits, genre and reportage photography. Immediately apparent that the photographer with equal skill is obtained and staging photos, and impromptu in any situation and in any genre of photography. Footage, presented on the site – it is not just another look. This view of the artist and a professional who is required if the picture shows you yourself. Then these pictures and many years will bring joy and cause fond memories of the MiG your life, snatched from the world in seconds.