Month: November 2014

Chevrolet Repair

That the car was a long time and not let down the road to properly approach its maintenance, it will help reduce the rate of wear parts and save on fuel and lubricants. Security vehicle depends on the serviceability of its braking systems, steering, suspension status, the correct adjustment of headlights, high-quality oil and it is not an exhaustive list. To maintain the machine in good condition need not less than once a year to visit the beauty salon. Repair services include a large range of services ranging from diagnosis and repair, washing and finishing and painting the car. Equipment and software service center depends on its type: the universal or specialized.

Universal service center caters to all cars, regardless of the brand and model year, and is equipped with a universal installations and appliances. Specialized – serves a particular class cars, if you have a foreign car, then served it will, of course, in today's world-class equipment. The list of equipment which should exist in each service station: a central diagnostic module, complete with oscilloscope, motor testers, scanners, battery tester, a device for drawing exhaust gases; setting for servicing air conditioners with tester leak, gas analyzer, setting for checking and cleaning the fuel injection nozzles, fuel pressure tester, electrical tools, and compressometer pnevmovakuumetr; stroboscope. A computer diagnostic equipment wizard will assess the state of the vehicle in advance and relieve from the major damage and long-term future costly repairs. For modern, quality car repairs are also necessary: reliable lifts – the car being pushed on a special platform and rises to the desired level, tire mounting equipment – balancing machines, jacks, washing, pneumatic, body and paint equipment, welding equipment. In reputable car repair works great list of employees: welder, turner, fitter car repairs, car electrician, tinker, vulkanizatorschik, riveter, akkamulyatorschik, a mechanic, washer. Each of them is an expert of his craft, and entrusting their cars to this service center you get a quality repair.

The most convenient way to choose for themselves a Auto Service, Car loyal customers more attention and maintenance services, diagnostics, repair, less expensive, thanks to a discount and promotions. Auto service center 'Emperor' – one of the most reliable auto services in Ekaterinburg. It is staffed by highly trained specialists and carry out repair of any complexity, thanks to a well-equipped service centers. Main specialization – Maintenance, diagnosis and repair of Korean manufacture the following brands: Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Chevrolet. Also car service repairs and diagnoses and maintenance of domestic vehicles (repair suspension, chassis, engine, gearbox, engine repair, body repair, etc.) also engaged in the delivery and sale of spare parts for vehicles in Yekaterinburg brands Daewoo Nexia, Hyundai, being their authorized dealer. Choosing for a good car wash, you choose the top professionals and first class service.


GUPOST document management offers the possibility of digitizing drawings up to DIN AO for years, councils have managed the General Plan of urban management (PGOU) of its municipalities, to our cities and towns have been increasing its population. This fact has resulted in the processing of large amount of records and documents of different types, to be able to undertake these actions adjusting in every moment to as required by law. With records of urbanism, may review the information of the works and constructions made by the different bodies responsible for these, such as councils, the territorial or regional governments. Objectives and solution provided by GUPOST organisation of archives and document management: the initial problem: you need to meet the demands and needs generated by the management of the records of the file of urban planning of the various municipalities on projects of the urban General Plan for urban projects. It also aims to expedite the search for information about conventions, expropriations, reparcelaciones, housing estates, etc., to facilitate consultation of the staff of the City Council. Solution provided: the documentation is identified and recorded in a database, adjusting to the needs of the client, to later scan and link digital images of records, to the database that the search conducted by records, dates, types of documents, etc.

BENEFITS of DIGITIZATION and management documentary records of URBANISM: the digitization of records of urbanism, achieves mainly to streamline the work of consultation of the staff of public bodies where are used. To convert this documentation into digital images, is no longer necessary to direct contact with them, since they can be consulted in detail on the computer screen. In this way, unnecessary journeys are avoided by dependencies where such documentation is archived and can stay in some warehouse in custody. Among the documents that can be scanned, are:- Administrative documents: Agreements, acts of occupation, payment certificates, approvals, statements, ordinances, official bulletins, technical documentation etc: memories and planes of the project, which may be private, town hall or other upper body. This digitalization process, allows the City Hall personnel, a document management in an agile manner. The images are of very good quality, allowing to multitude of queries in very little time (searches for records, dates, types of documents or other characteristics specified by the City Council), since records are sometimes very extensive and you really need are a few administrative documents, technical reports, or some drawings. Also lets you perform all the copies as needed without having to resort to the original document. Simply send the image to a printer online and this company will make them and if necessary perform a mailing. With the system of stored images, perform backups that allow keep a digital image, in the event that for any reason they reinstated the original.