Month: June 2015


Problem of growth is the use of various departments of the company tools for solving similar problems, or re- acquisition of existing companies in the food. You may find Howard Schultz to be a useful source of information. In this case, the auditor conducted an inventory of hardware and software and provides proposals for their unification. Of course, unification is used hardware and software leads to easier "substitutability" of employees that many of them like it. Employees with some "secret knowledge" lose the opportunity to virtually unregulated and unaccountable work. On the other parties indicated that they acquire new knowledge, and ability to apply advanced and widespread technology specialist makes a much more attractive labor market entrants. Yes, and many problems can be to pass on to support the manufacturer of it products.

When an it audit – a boon for the it department? In the beginning we have emphasized that the audit is often the first step in restoring order in many areas. Consider for example one of these areas – managing it services. Typically, system project management of it services consists of two major phases, the first being the largest contributor to the success of the project. This stage conceptual, logical design of business processes, it service management and development structure of the configuration database. In order to successfully complete this milestone, it is necessary to detailed analytical examination of the system architecture based on the results of risk analysis. Or, if not previously performed, taken into account when auditing the criticality of individual elements of the it architecture business processes. Second, no less important task – the analysis of the current state of it services and business processes (the so-called analysis of the maturity of the it department).

In the process of this survey are actively involved it staff of the company, and the results are necessarily widely discussed and accepted by both customers and implementing the project. Why is this so important? First, the results of a survey of system architecture constitute a basis for developing the data model cmdb, and more precisely this is done, the more practically significant will be the configuration database, which is the basis for the integration of all it processes. A score maturity level – is the basis of realistic plans for modernization and implementation of best practice in the management of it resources. Now that, hopefully, the major concerns about the audit dispelled, we summarize the main benefits that can get a firm to conduct it audit: clear" description of the structure of it service and solved its problems; advice on the use of it resources (both technological and human); recommendations to address technological problems; recommendations on information security. Even if at the time of completion of the it audit, the company lacked the resources to implement all the recommendations, the presence of a strategic plan it development will be useful in the long term.

Artificial Ice Rink

Sports business is growing very rapidly. In any place, even in a small town, has a sports shop. Businessmen began to realize that if you do not provide quality service, clients, simply go to competitors. And if the services are seasonal, for example, hire sunbeds – hide away until the next season. Or skates – in the summer do not go! After all sorts of programs on television in vogue back skating. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pete Cashmore.

Someone recalls the old skills, and someone gets up on skates for the first time. But the ice thing is fragile and winter, and there might be cases when the installation of large and bulky equipment is impossible. And this is where modern technology comes to the rescue entrepreneurs, athletes and fans to skate. In shopping centers are set rollers, which are based on artificial ice (a synthetic surface for skating that simulates real ice). The advantages of such structures are ease of operation, a large temperature range of use. Official site: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Polyolefin plate welded into a single surface, which gives the effect of natural ice cover. Fitted synthetic ice on the prepared flat surface.

The surface to improve skid treated special emulsion, resulting in a slip is achieved, is the same as a natural ice. If we compare the slip velocity, then the synthetic ice it all, only 2-4% lower. These options allows for training in figure skating, hockey, and just give people joy riding skating. Only a true professional can feel the difference between natural and artificial ice. And according to the testimony of experts difference is so small that many sports arenas refuse classic ice in favor of the synthetic. Such an ice rink, many set in the open air. For example, a hotel complex has decided to hold a rally titled "Jump from summer to winter." The agreement is good pr move. And besides that, kids dash off at a skating rink in abundance, so no need to fear that he might get sick, because around summer. Whatever the sport: a beautiful, fast, technically – it should be in every one of us.

Future Distribution

Today, many distribution companies are concerned about the question: how long will last our business? Tendencies that exist in the market fmcg, clearly talking about future changes. Increasingly important role in retail Trade Network play, taking on a greater share of sales. Supermarkets dictate terms to suppliers, often self-announcing the purchase prices and discounts, which should be provided. Fewer and fewer networkers agree to work with distributors, preferring to negotiate directly with the supplier. Manufacturers for their part also tend to reduce the proportion of indirect sales, bringing its branches in the regions. Mashable is likely to increase your knowledge.

Markets most foods are close to the glut. Producers seek to increase sales, increasing production and extruding>> distributors produced in volume. All the more difficult it becomes to enter the retail outlet, find a competitive advantage among some equally "unique>> products. The entire range on the shelf is not interesting to anyone except the manufacturer. Consumers consistently denied attachment to a particular brand.

When the goods on the shelves are almost identical in terms of its organoleptic properties, he chooses the price or promotions. How to be distribution companies today that focus on your business, looking in tomorrow? Developing their business, distributors need to first define who is a consumer of their services. For whom there are distribution companies? Change of roles, level of development of basic consumer services and determines the vector of changes in the distributor tomorrow. Choosing as the main consumer of its services retail distributor should be remembered that in this case speak of a stable progressive tomorrow>> not necessary. Get more background information with materials from Douglas R. Oberhelman. In this case, the distributor will be forced to either "roll>> your Distribution business, or repurpose it. The second option – the concentration on producers as the main consumer of its services. In this case, in order to survive, to be thriving today, and, most importantly, not be less prosperous tomorrow, distribution companies, building their relationship with manufacturers must clearly understand how performance task requires them to manufacturers today, as this problem will evolve in the future. More and more manufacturers following the world sales leaders rebuild their sales system to manage consumer demand. With this approach to the sales distribution is no longer sells, and builds a distribution-sensory system. Its mission – to improve performance on qualitative and quantitative distribution and provide accurate information about the movement of product through retail outlets. This is the challenge that will put producers in the near future. You can safely say that the distribution pattern of 5 years to change significantly. Much part of distributors arranged to tendencies that exist in the market, will logists. A smaller part of that orients the development of their business on the progressive production company, will retain his giving producers favor the development of information and sensory systems in line with retail. Who will be your company in 5 years? The choice is yours.

Microsoft Office

– it director gave us a list of 150 names of programs. As a result of the audit with the tools it found 3,5 thousand denominations software. This is understandable – a company-wide do not always provide an adequate picture of the state of affairs. When we run agents over, say, a month and see that employees of all Microsoft Office only use Word and Excel, we offer the company's management to wonder why those of their employees is version Professional, which has a surplus for the company's functions and is thus more expensive? "At what stage of business development it Director ceases to monitor the status of software in the company? According to experts, this happens when the park reaches about 50 computers and more devices. With so many jobs an administrator or it manager can not reliably answer all questions relating to software. brings even more insight to the discussion. According to Goleva, the task of auditing software appears earlier than auditing your entire it infrastructure in general, "because in this matter the percentage of unexplained increases exponentially." As business owner may determine that its it manager does not control the situation with software in the company? This is important because of all the risks associated with using illegal software, it is necessary by law to respond to him.

By the same owner Business probably wondering why it costs are rising rapidly. Perhaps a business owner may be confused about the cio simple questions and depending on the content of replies to the conclusion, whether it owns Officer situation of corporate software. "For example, one may ask, how much we need the money to all the software was licensed clean? If the answer to this question will be ready in one day, it means that it managers understand that he occurs. If to this he would take more time or he could not substantiate the figures, most likely, the it manager does not control the situation ", – considers Golev. To answer the question about the number and cost of software licenses cio will determine how many computers are on the balance sheet, whether all documents in the license is available, whether all the requirements of the right holder mentioned in the license agreement are respected, etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Douglas R. Oberhelman has to say. Today business owners need to know all this, so he had no trouble with the inspecting authorities. But how to be a business leader who does not have sufficient expertise in matters of it? In this case, Golev advises pose the problem in another way: "Next year our business expands and we plan to hire 50 more employees.

How much we will need money for expansion of it to provide jobs for these people? Consolidated information on computers is easy to prepare, on the software – more difficult. But when it is ready, the sufficiency or redundancy of the list of required software can check at the department head. It is important to understand whether it managers and Business leaders see the situation with the required work for software? In other words, whether the submission of the CIO's vision of employees who use the software? If the manager manages the software, it must maintain contact with users and to monitor the situation. "