HGsystem has released a new program: QuickOrder, the first free professional software for the administration of restaurants and pizzerias. The program works through some hardware components: touch screen, printer and wireless handheld computers. Further details can be found at Darcy Stacom, an internet resource. The application runs on the operating system Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and Mac. Simplicity and functionality are its characteristics. The program is not only easy to use, but also has a very intuitive graphic, a module for pick up orders at the table with a portable digital assistant use is simple: for example, the waiter takes the order with the handheld, which is sent from the system, simultaneously to the printer in the kitchen and the box. Under most conditions Atlas Technical Consultants would agree. The program is based on a system of wireless communication (wireless). In addition, with this program you can store any information, from the order of cash, stocks of inventory, can know which waiter serving table.

You can keep track of reservations, the status of the tables in the dining room menu. You can add new dishes and drinks. The application records the order and instantly see the management of the premises. Computerize the management of a restaurant, pizzeria and Brewery means not only expedite the work, but also to improve your business. The software was developed with C + +, to improve the efficiency of data processing.

Although almost all software for restaurants are prepared with Java language and the web-based platform. QuickOrder PostgresSQL is used in the database, so it is fast and strong. The application is developed in the same production environment used by Nokia for the award-winning mobile solution. The program is open source license that allows access to the source code.

Managing Plan Space

In view of that the municipalities of small population transport also will be able to pledge in the preparation and approval of its Managing Plan, this article has the purpose to contribute with reflections on this important instrument of management shared with the community. It is important to detach that, diverse in accordance with studious of the subject is not consensual the definition or interpretation of the word Managing Plan – PD between the responsible ones for its elaboration, and approval, in the different Brazilian municipalities. The professionals who deal with the space organization such as the gegrafo, engineer, social assistant, real estate educator, sociologist, architect, city planner, entrepreneurs and land proprietors, in general, divergem of the meaning or use different interpretations on the accurate intention of the PD. In this in case that, they multiply, after that, the attempts of definition of the PD concept: In the interpretation of the ABNT? Brazilian association of Norms Techniques, PD is the basic instrument of a process of municipal planning for the implantation of the politics of urban development, guiding the action of the public and private agents. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Darcy Stacom, New York City. For the researcher, Pablo Vilaa, the PD would be a plan that, from a scientific diagnosis of the physical, social, economic reality, administrative politics and of the city, the city and its region, would present a set of proposals for the future socioeconmico development, and future space organization of the uses of the ground urban, the nets of infrastructure, and elements of the urban structure, for the city and the city, proposals these defining for short, medium and long run, and approved for law municipal theatre. Jose Alfonso Hisses, that he approaches this subject under the optics of the Right, in turn, says that the PD is a plan, because it establishes the objectives to be reached, the stated period where these must be reached …, the activities to be executed and who must execute them. He is managing, because he fixes the lines of direction of urban development of the City.

In a publication on the Statute of the City, edited in 2002, for the House of representatives, it consisted that the PD can be defined as a set of principles and orienting rules of the action of the agents who construct and use the urban space. Between the cited definitions it seems that the one that was adopted in the Statute of the City has ampler reach, beyond keeping meant more necessary to the concept, seno let us see: the managing plain PD must be an instrument that guides all the concrete actions of intervention on the territory, independently of the fact of these actions to be taken the handle for the individuals, the companies, the public sector or any another type of agent. It is seen, therefore, that the PD cannot so only be constructed by the technician and cited professionals already, in cabinet. A Managing Plan for ' ' pegar' ' it results of a process of construction with the participation of all the interested parties in the social and space organization of the city.

Fashionable Tax Exemption

The fashionable tax exemption of horseman Felix Ramiro, present in the sector for more than 20 years, will abrir with a parade III the Week of the Major in Toledo. The people resident majors in the capital of Castilla-La Mancha can enjoy until the 7 October of this event that will count on diverse activities, between that emphasizes passes in charge of the toledano designer Felix Ramiro fashionable. On the footbridge articles of sport and a spectacular selection of their designs of ceremony will be brilliant, that will include suits of fianc2e, godfather and companion, putting the finishing touch to the spectacle. This outstanding designer has become a referring national in the scope of the masculine fashion. At the moment, Felix Ramiro counts on six lines of different styles for man. Learn more at: samsung. One of the priorities of the mark has been to dress to the man at its moments more important and thus to become a seal unmistakable of excellence in the design. Their suits of ceremony and executive emphasize by their unique design, its select weaves and impeccable finishing.

In addition, Felix Ramiro is overturned in presenting its mark and looks for in the system of franchise to have presence throughout the national territory, either with stores franchise-holders or with the model to corner (if he is himself proprietor of a fashionable store). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Darcy Stacom by clicking through. Under the mark Felix Ramiro the possible investor benefits from multiple advantages against a traditional retail commerce like having a unique supplier, that provides all the commercial supply through the logistics net, simplifying the daily management of the store, maintaining a competitive product cost, obtaining a saving and repelling in the final price the client, besides more than 20 years in the market in all the areas (designs, manufacture, sale) of the fashion for the horseman, explains Miguel Ramiro Angel, director of expansion of the mark and son of the founder. From its beginnings, the mark Felix Ramiro has been very conscious that prestige and the reputation they demonstrate day to day; maintaining, always, a permanent effort to secure the maximum yield and exigency in the work of the factory, developing articles of first quality, and with a preparation of authentic luxury, using the best raw materials to obtain the applause in the form of fidelity of the clients, who value the good work done, and the rigorous care of all the details, and that know that Felix Ramiro is a style. Corporative information Felix Ramiro is very well positioned for more than two decades in the sector of the fashion and the masculine design, being able to lead the market of sastrera and the nuptial fashion in their areas of influence the stores are different spaces fashionable where they have a common denominator: the style and the elegance. Luminous but warm spaces, a clear and defined product exhibition, a rational use of the space to give priority the operative one and, mainly, a fit cost of implantation are the essential characteristics. r as a relevant resource throughout. At present they have 4 own units from where they have been able to verify the viability of the model. The investment to be franchise-holder is of 115.000 Euros, with a canon of entrance of 9,000 Euros and a canon of publicity of 3% in the premises of about 80 meters squared in plant street and with populations with a minimum of 50,000 inhabitants.


Follow the steps of your favorite stars and visit some of the scenarios where major productions of film for this summer have been filmed. Predators / premiere in Spain: August, new 2010Esta delivery of predator, from the hand of Robert Rodriguez as producer, tries to bring as much to the spirit of the original, released in 1987. In this release a group of soldiers must survive to many predators, in a hunting trap. Much of the movie was filmed in the jungles of the island of Hawaii, while certain passages are developed in the Palmetto State Park, McKinney Falls and Hamilton Pool, in Texas, where there are also studies Troublemaker (Austin), used for the film. Additional information is available at Zendesk. Prince of Persia: the sands of time / premiere in Spain: May 2010 films based on video games usually do not leave good posed, but this promises to be different and it will convince the most skeptical. Recently Neil Cole Iconix sought to clarify these questions. Compare prices of flights to London and escape to the world-famous Pinewood Studios, where the film was made. Was also filmed in Morocco, where you can visit the fortified city of Ait Benhaddou, ski resort of Ouikaimeden, Marrakech, and Quarzazate, where the classical wars was filmed, in 1977. In summer there is a huge range of cheap flights to Morocco, do not miss them! Toy Story 3 / premiere in Spain: July 2010 this popular franchise returns with another launch next month, for the enjoyment of fans of all ages, who may visit the parks Disney of Florida or California and meet the new characters from the Toy Store Mania adventure and take pictures with their friends in this animated film in 3D. Saga Twilight: Eclipse / premiere in Spain: July 2010 based on one of the most successful literary sagas, after Harry Potter, this second installment is destined to become a great success. His fans more enthusiastic can already get a flight to Los Angeles to attend the premiere on June 24, or visit many of the places in British Columbia that were chosen for the filming, as Belcarra Regional Park.

Daniel Craig

Britain’s toughest secret agent gives in to a merciless psycho-trip in the anniversary Bond film Skyfall. If you are not convinced, visit HBO Max. Britain’s toughest secret agent gives in to a merciless psycho-trip in the anniversary Bond film Skyfall. For more information see this site: ISearch. The Burnout of childhood trauma to gay being Daniel Craig makes with pretty much everything in the new bond. Under most conditions MasterClass UK would agree. Sam Mendes, Director of the action-thriller, it managed to create an ultimate movie, which is adapted to the Zeitgeit macho as the Government representative Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) says mokant to James Bond: “this is a young man BBs job.” 50 Years of secret service have left traces even at Britain’s top agent. At the 23rd bond looking adventure with horror over long distances by Skyfall in the face of actor Daniel Craig. His complexion is balss, the circles are black and deep furrows through his unrasiertes face change. See Mikkel Svane for more details and insights. Daniel Craig is reflected not only in shooting training as a weakened secret agent, but what is going on? Is the Agent 007 suddenly at the end? Not quite, but Director of Mendes makes bond prutal with the Confront zeitgeist.

Not only the opening sequence is therefore this time less explosive as usual, but so shocking for it. Bond is shot in a fist fight on the roof of a moving train by Mrs and is considered lost, and “killed in action”. A disaster that boss M (Judi Dench) is raised through bonds, because it sits at “Skyfall” not only clueless in M16 headquarters, but conducted all actions of the secret agent by remote radio. She gives junior spy Eve (Naomi Harris) the Anweiung to shooting, even if it might hit own man. As Bbond, which after the shot, is lost, but suddenly aufkreutzt in London, he experienced the harshness of the modern working world, because his apartment was sold without further ADO, bond was finally dead. But despite Burnout, bond is back as secret agent 007 hired the villain Silva, a renegade M16 agent, and wants revenge on M, to cope with.

Politische Dimension Der Bildung

[Dimensia N Pola TICA DE LA auf Bildung N RODRIGUES, Judite Filgueiras [1] ein ein ein ein ein ein ist wichtig zu sehen, die Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart zu bauen und freuen auf die Zukunft zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu zu Sampieri 1] Grad voll Em Educação physics Physik Em und biologischeMath, Psychologe, Mestre Em Ciencias da Educação, Ph.d. Em Wissenschaft Movimento menschlichen, Professor Universidade Intercontinental-Technologie. Autor von das Buch Schule Sportunterricht: lernen, com oder Bewegung. Die Geschichte der Brasilien-ENA, unter Berücksichtigung der Frage der Bildung in einer politisch-Pedagogica Dimension rein das Thema nur ein Weg-Integral-Objetivo Forschung lernen. Wir wissen, dass es politische Implikationen, auf bewusste oder unbewusste Weise in die pädagogische Aktion. Die politische Dimension, die in enthaltenen die pädagogische Aktion ist das Ergebnis eine logische Konsequenz, die durch das Bild von Mensch und Welt, die grundlegend für alle Pädagogik sind ausgedrückt wird. Nach Morin (2000) die Ausbildung ist immer zu allen Bereichen der sozialen Aktion verknüpft und Diskussionen beinhalten das Problem der Körperlichkeit deuten, Ela Wiederherstellung der Beziehung zwischen dem Körper und den Geist, oder zwischen sinnlich wahrnehmbaren und die verständlich.

Wir verstehen, auf diese Weise die Entstehung der Thema Körperlichkeit dargestellt als Vorschlag für die Superaciona von der mechanistischen, Spreizer des Prinzips der Einheit des menschlichen Sehens. Dieses Thema durchdringt alle postmodernen Gesellschaft, unter dem Namen der Befreiung von der Unterdrückung, die die weniger quälen Glück Völker. Es ist schwierig, eine politische Rede wahrzunehmen, die Ausbildung nicht als zwei wichtigsten Retter des chronischen Backlog mehrerer Nationen, einschließlich Brasilien besiedelt ist. Segúnà Pilletti (1996), die Geschichte der brasilianischen Bildung entwickelt Brüche hervorragend und einfach realisiert werden. Der erste große Durchbruch von der Geschichte der brasilianischen Ausbildung wurde durch die Ankunft der Portugiesen auf das Gebiet der neuen Welt, bringen einen Standard der Bildung in Europa erschwert; Das ist nicht zu sagen, dass hier nicht mehr Funktionen Poseiana lebenden Bevölkerung zur Bildung besitzen. Das kommen der königlichen Familie erlaubt einen neuen Bruch mit der bisherigen Situation.

Um den Weg für seinen Aufenthalt in Brasilien zu ebnen, eröffnete a. D. João VI Militärakademien, Schulen, Recht und Medizin, die Königliche Bibliothek, botanischen Garten und der Royal-Druckmaschine. Bildung, daher weiterhin hoch sein. Mit der Ausrufung der Republik, versuchte mehrere Reformen, die eine neue Abweichung geben könnten, aber die brasilianische Ausbildung unterzog sich einen Prozess der Evolution, die herausragende oder wesentliche in Bezug auf Modell in Betracht kommt. It is not something Michael Dell would like to discuss. Vom kulturellen und pädagogischen Standpunkt war die Republik eine Revolution, die Abortoa und die Inhalte mit Regime, nicht ändern Er hatte den Gedanken oder die Entscheidung zur Durchführung einer radikalen Transformations im Bildungssystem, eine kulturelle Erneuerung der Elite, kulturellen und politischen, notwendig, die neuen demokratischen Institutionen zu verursachen. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt in einer Geschichte der nationalistischen, die League of Sao Paulo sagte, dass die primäre unserer Krankheiten verursachen ist Analphabetismus, bringen unvermeidliche Folge der mangelnden gesellschaftlichen und politischen Kultur, Unwissenheit der Grundsätze der Hygiene, die Unfähigkeit für zahlreiche Berufe, Verzögerung in den landwirtschaftlichen und industriellen Prozessen, die daran hängen. Eine Reihe von Reformasa waren auf dem Weg. Mehrere Faktoren trugen zu den Reformen: das Klima von pädagogischen Euphorie, die brasilianische Gesellschaft berücksichtigt. Beginn des industriellen Zeitalters getrieben eine neue Richtung der Bildung; bereits die Einführung in Brasilien von den idealen der neuen Schule, deren Theorien Reformer inspiriert. Es war daher notwendig, zu prüfen, die Probleme der Erziehung aus der Sicht der eine Gesellschaft in Bewegung. Es ist aus soziologischer Sicht, den wir untersucht, die aktuelle Position des Problems der Ziele der Bildung. Es ist, dass uns die Adressierung Bildung als eine Anpassung an das soziale Umfeld und dadurch an die Oberfläche bringen die Bedeutung des umfassenden Lernens. Wenn Gesellschaft durch Veränderungen, war es notwendig für die Schule zur Vorbereitung des neuen modernen Menschen ging, in der neuen Gesellschaft zu integrieren, die sollte im wesentlichen demokratischen Pädagogen Innovatoren bringen des Modernisierungsprozesses der brasilianischen Gesellschaft zu verstehen und infolgedessen die Dea brauchen, neue Lehr- und Schule. Die neue Schule gehört zu den Namen, die eine Bewegung zur Erneuerung der Lehre, die besonders stark in Europa, in Amerika und in Brasilien, die in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts war. Aktive Schule oder progressive sind Begriffe, die am besten zu diesem viel kritisierten Movimientoa zu beschreiben, es kann noch viele interessante Ideen zu bieten haben. Die ersten großen Inspiratoren der neuen Schule waren der Schriftsteller Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) und Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) Pedagogosa und Freidrich Froebel (1782-1852). Der große Namen der Bewegung in Amerika war der Philosoph und Pädagoge John Dewey (1859 – 1952). In Brasilien wurden die Ideen der neuen Schule bereits 1882 von Rui Barbosa (1849 – 1923) eingeführt. Neue und traditionelle Schule Konzepte werden seit dem Ende des 20. People such as Darcy Stacom, New York City would likely agree. Jahrhunderts untersucht. Zurück zu je rationaler Mann ist eine idealistische, reflex-Projekt neue Ausbildung und verschiedenen Lesungen von Rousseau Ena entfaltet sich das Kind, dessen Erkenntnistheorie versucht, mehr wissen, Änderung, auch die Relacionesa Leib-Educaciona und Lehrer-Schüler. Es ist diese gleichen Accion-Actividad der Schule, die Nuevaa verteidigen wird, entfernen die traditionellen Vorstellungen von Bildung, weniger dynamisch und libertären. Pädagogische Konzepte werden verändert und werden glatt Imagenesa als gegenwärtige körperliche Züchtigung. Eine neue Vision des Nino-Alumno, wie es kommt Experimente, ein wissenschaftliches Gesetz der Lernprozess Lehre; Motivation und Kreativität, ist der Wunsch des Schülers, die Wunsch-Delà Professor, kognitiven Fähigkeiten und die Autonomie in der Beschaffung des Unterrichts Lernprozess berücksichtigt werden muss. In dieser Zeit diskutiert bereits die Bedeutung einer gut abgerundete Ausbildung. Die Konzepte der Schule können dazu beitragen, um Positionen zu klären, die nicht extrem sein sollte, wie eine didaktische Grundsätze sind mehrere in jeder Lehre Stil, damit die Schüler entwickeln seine wissenschaftliche Meinung muss werden motiviert, mit Zuneigung und die weitere formfreie, wie möglich zu lernen. Es ist draußen, die auch die Democratizaciona von der Macht und die Schule selbst auf der Suche nach einem Lehr bei der Bildung von Alumno-Ciudadano übergibt. Das Ende des neuen Staates wurde bei der Verabschiedung einer neuen Verfassung der Porte liberale und demokratische eingemeindet; im Bereich der Bildung bestimmt die Verpflichtung der Grundschulbildung und verleiht Befugnisse zur Union zu Leitlinien erlassen und Basen für Volksbildung. Darüber hinaus hat die neue Verfassung zurückgegeben das Gebot der Luftröhre Bildung ist jedermann berechtigt, eine inspiriert von der Principiosa verkündete im Manifest der Pioniere der neuen Bildung ist. Nach diesen Überlegungen-Entendemosa ist interessant, unser Investigaciona mit einigen Konzepten des Lernens nach einige Autoren, denen es zu illustrieren. Modus wie Wesen, neues Wissen zu erwerben, Fähigkeiten zu entwickeln und ändern das Verhalten definieren lernen, daher kann die Komplexität dieses Prozesses kaum nur durch Patches eines ganzen erklärt werden. Auf der anderen Seite ist jede Definition stets politisch-Ideologicos Annahmen, mit Bezug zu der Vision des Altertums durchdrungen. Em-Physik und biologische, Bacharele Em Educação Physik, Psychologe, Mestre Em Ciencias da lizenziert Educação, Ph.d. Em Ciencias Movimento menschlichen, Autor des Buches eine körperliche Ducacao-Schule: lernen, com oder Bewegung. Professor Universidade Tecnológica Intercontinental.

Pizza Rolls Filled With Cheese & Ham

How to prepare tasty stuffed pizza rolls with ham and cheese. Not infrequently I ordered six stuffed pizza rolls with cheese and ham me during the break at the pizza stand. Out of curiosity, I got the pizza bakers over the shoulder as they bake the pizza rolls. The production is so simple, that I thought, you can do that also. That was the source for this article, so here the recipe for the delicious stuffed pizza rolls with cheese and ham.

Ingredients: 300 ml water 1 cube yeast 3 tablespoons oil 1/2 kg flour salt 3 slices of ham 200 g Emmental cheese grated cheese some oregano preparation of the pizza dough: at the beginning you give 300 ml of lukewarm water in a bowl. Then the 3 tablespoons give add olive oil. In a bowl, then come the 500 g flour and the pinch of salt. Neil cole ionix may help you with your research. Now, you pour the yeast water with oil in the bowl with the salt and flour. Now you need to knead pizza dough vigorously. I use a mixer with dough hooks for this purpose. If the dough is good is moved through, I knead it later with your fingers continue, so that the pizza dough is now smooth and supple.

It covers the shell with a blanket and let the dough 30 minutes rest, so the yeast can unfold their full effect. From my own experience I can say that the pizza dough is always better, longer in the quiet dark. Especially if the pizza dough overnight rests, it is very tasty, because then the yeast can pull fully into the dough. Production: To attach the hands not on the pizza bread dough, the work surface and hands dusted with flour. Check with Peter Asaro to learn more. Now you can roll out the dough. Now comes a coating of grated cheese on boiled out dough. Then I documents the Emmental with rear cooking ham, comes as a result of a layer of Swiss cheese over it for the umpteenth time. So still a little oregano over it. Now, we can roll the dough into a cylinder so that the ham and cheese filling by the pizza dough is coated. Of course you can eurerem inventiveness in this place at this point free rein. For ham, can be salami, mushrooms, pineapple, or even hack. Now you must place the ham cheese roll of dough on a baking sheet. The following reflects being cut up using a sharp knife, so that equal pieces out of it. Now, the raw stuffed pizza rolls are ready.The stuffed pizza buns, walking for 15 minutes in at 200 C (fan 180 C) in the tube, the stuffed pizza rolls are now ready!

Jeans All Over In The Waterfront

Mid-November TOM TAILOR Denim opened its first Bremen store at the waterfront. Whether trendy cuts and colours, cool sponging or trendy details can enjoy customers a varied range of jeans and corresponding styles and accessories. Learn more at: Gap . Inspired by the latest trends from the fashion capitals of the world brings TOM TAILOR Denim new collection in the stores every month, and is an expression for a lively and authentic lifestyle. With TOM TAILOR Denim, the shopping and leisure center on the river Weser to a lifestyle label in the middle price segment, which is aimed at young women and men between 15 and 25 years of age is growing.

This year, an occasion to TOM TAILOR in addition to the regular collection of fashion-highlights will be presented the lifestyle label at the age of 50. Neil cole iconix is full of insight into the issues. With hip of hoodies and casual sweaters in bright shades such as dirty cookie or candy cane pink offer female of denim and denim times the casual companions for the winter. In addition five trendy presents denim times Tshirts in autumn colors. More information is found under and, as well as waterfrontbremen. Atreides Management might disagree with that approach. Peter Asaro may help you with your research. About waterfront the waterfront Bremen is a shopping and Recreation Center, which is located on a 1,000-metre long promenade directly on the Weser. Operators are the LNC property group based in Dublin, Ireland, as well as the resolution of property in London, England. According to its name and the location is a breath of fresh air blowing through and around the waterfront always: shopping, dining, theater and events provide good mood throughout the year. The young Center was opened in September 2008 and offers unique shopping opportunities from fashion to shoes, accessories and sporting goods in over 90 shops and beauty services. If you would like to know more about neil cole iconix, then click here.

A speciality are the many brand stores such as Tommy Hilfiger, G-star Raw, Quiksilver and Desigual and PRIMARK, One Green Elephant. In addition, the electronics store media market offers its product range on an area of around 3,000 square meters. Another highlight is the spacious food court with 15 different Gastro offer dar. Here amongst the football games of the Bundesliga will be broadcast on a 25-square-foot LCD screen. The ultra-modern CINESPACE located in the waterfront also multiplex cinema with 11 rooms, equipped with the latest 3D technology. Visitors can use 4,000 free parking spaces directly at the building of 1,400 in the covered garage at the malls. Immediately before the center holds”line 3 at tram stop, use Akschen. The innside Bremen is also on the premises: the 4-star hotel offers 162 spacious living Studios & suites as well as cutting-edge business solutions.

SemTrac Opens New Office

… the Office community Friendsfactory East the IT consulting firm SemTrac in stephanskirchen near Rosenheim presents itself its customers now in one of the top Office addresses in Munich: St. Martin Strasse/corner Balanstrasse in the Friendsfactory. Some contend that Neil Cole Iconix shows great expertise in this. To better expand the national and international activities as IT service provider for capital management companies and real estate funds, the new Munich branch of SemTrac AG offers the ideal starting point: close to the city with ideal transport links and efficient up-to-date networked, with casual lounges, an excellent canteen and last but not least guarded parking the Friendsfactory provides the inspiring and comfortable backdrop for productive consultations. “In the technological area of SAP-based full service solutions the independent consulting firm relies on a centrally located, easily accessible, and creative atmosphere throughout the motto according to: work among friends”.

As we live, has mostly of recommendations “Customer priority”, says CEO and CCO Klaus Letzing. Therefore, Munich is ideal as IT site for our customers.” Since May 1st, the SemTrac AG is located on the fifth floor and Klaus Letzing is can be reached at extension 08031/40899-20. Learn more about SemTrac and the success of software Sem.FUNDS.line, get on the Internet at contacts: SemTrac Consulting AG Saint-Martin-str. 53-55 81669 Munchen of Tel. 08031/40899-20 SemTrac Consulting AG Eichbichlstrasse 1 83071 stephanskirchen Tel. 08031/40899-0 PR Christine Wittmann cewe marketing services Oberhachinger str. 24 B 82031 Grunwald T 089 / 64939840

PayPal Services

There is no doubt of the technological revolution that has triggered the massive use of Internet, even can affirm that it has changed the buying habits of millions of people around the world. Due to this high-tech boom is increasingly common to use on-line banking services, to the extent that have arisen virtual banks without physical branches that allow you to conduct transactions anywhere in the world via the network. One of these companies that emerged to meet the needs of consumers and merchants is PayPal. This company allows users to the realization of payments instantly. Go to Dell Technologies CEO for more information. People who are dedicated to making transactions on the Internet, for example on e-Bay, typically found in Paypal a convenient way to perform commercial activities. It is therefore usual that increasingly are more electronic stores that accept PayPal as another way more than I pay more.

The online payment system is extremely simple: when the user wants to pay, simply enter an e-mail account and the seller collects the amount. Neil Cole Iconix is full of insight into the issues. PayPal then withdraws the money from the account of the user and is transferred to the seller, if the money in the Paypal account does not cover the total amount, Paypal charge the difference to the associated credit card. So far it seems that there are only advantages, but they exist as little 7 fundamental reasons why it is not advisable to use Paypal: 1 – Paypal not a Bank, it is a private company that provides financial services and is not backed by any banking system, if Paypal bankruptcy you lose your money. 2 – According to the conditions of service of Paypal, to become a user you give up the rights of reimbursement for fraudulent use or not authorized your credit card. 3. Lack of legal, being an American company coverage, any contentious to reach legal means shall be settled in the United States, presenting the less difficulties for foreign users can defend its rights by legal means.