Military Geographic Institute

It must recognize the diplomas issued a permanent basis. It will ensure better and more equitable land distribution, when the National Reform Institute land, is part of the Ministry of National Property (created) as head of sector, an integrated directory by the Military Geographic Institute and all social groups in the country, thus preventing the supreme will of Directors of the Institute under their decision this very important work of providing land to those in need. The instance of distribution, grouping and equitable redistribution of land ownership should be national, in response to the creation of a ministry has under its control all the variety of goods and public properties that are now completely abandoned, because of Although the State granting the land to a nation to which they require them. The rights and obligations of indigenous peoples should be the same as the rights and duties of all Bolivians, without special treatment. We agree to eliminate all forms of discrimination either the positive or negative, should therefore review the different forms of land ownership by proposing a single to benefit all Bolivians. The great land must be accepted according to the geographical characteristics and production of each of the regions in the plains and valleys will be higher and the lower plateau. It is not the same livestock and extensive agriculture in the plains in the highlands for example. There must be differences between the principles of distribution of land for upland and lowland, for geographical and climatic characteristics of each area, in the case of the plains of Beni requires more land to move the cattle in times of flood, for example.