Month: March 2018

Rules Of The Press Conference

When your organization appears significant for the society news and you want to bring it to the media with his comments, the best way – this press conference. Journalists love the press conference, because that they get first hand information and rely on detailed and complete answers, so you need to send to the conference the most competent in the issues covered at the conference, man. Better conference spend between 11 and 16 hours. Day should be chosen in accordance with the schedule out of newspapers, this is usually done early in the week. Peter Asaro does not necessarily agree. Also necessary to consider the events taking place in the region, and not to appoint a conference on the day when there are more important events, because you risk losing part of journalists. The basic steps required to conduct a press koneferentsii. – A lead – clearly define the subject matter – invite speakers – rent a room – write a press release – will mark the media are invited to a press conference – send out invitations to selected media – to provide a place holding all the necessary – to create a press packet, awarded at the entrance to the media – at the beginning press conference is a leading speaker – held reports – reporters asking questions – after the press conference. Press release directed at the media must contain the date and time, as well as detailed address, subject and contact information.

Sending press releases is held for 5 days before. Speakers of not more than three light each only a specific range. Should be designed sequence prepodnosimoy information that journalists have a clear and logical picture of proishodyaeschgo, without interruption and duplication by different speakers. It is desirable to consider in advance the answers to tricky and sensitive issues. The press conference should not be delayed, for 30-40 minutes the optimum time. All of the speakers and the head should be signs with the names and positions. The journalists who came to the conference as possible must be registered. You successful press conferences.

Internet Marketing

Don’t market saying I do not mean to enter social networking to promote your business everywhere. in fact this is a serious mistake to comment on many people, and thus are only sullying his reputation. More than anything, social networks should use to make your own label branding, ie creating value and relationships, to raise awareness of your brand and generate online presence. Your brand can be the name of your company or your own name, depending on the business you want to show, for people who are dedicated to doing business on the Internet independently, we must be our own brand name, and we must make ourselves known to build relationships, position us as experts or at least as knowledgeable in a niche market, for in doing so build trust in people and later become customers, affiliates and / or simply friends. Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. This branding in social networks is mainly achieved by sharing information of interest, interested in feedback or recommendations from other people, interacting with them and creating good relationships. Social networks now there are many, but the most important at the moment are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Each has distinct differences, but for marketing and branding issues personal, the best is to use 3. Then I will give some brief details on each. Youtube: This is one of the most powerful and faster results if you know can use to make videos because you can leave the active link to your blog or any other page in the details of the video, which also to attracts traffic to your site from youtube, you, too help to position yourself in google and other search engines, which generate a lot of traffic.

New Portrait

Instead, take a portrait as a gift from the photo, made on canvas, very nice. Sensation is an exclusive, all satisfied. Of course, for fans and frequenters of galleries and collectors of paintings by famous artists who have a tidy sum, such a portrait might seem a picture, not worthy attention. But for people with low income – is a first class opportunity to please make a gift to friends, colleagues and children. The possibilities are endless electronic image. It can be put on photo paper (Economy version), on canvas, T-shirt, mug, greeting card.

And it’s nice to show off to friends in the social. Network. Also, get a picture in electronic form can be no extra body movements, directly to your computer. Sites with proposals order a painting from a photograph in our time a lot. Affordability and quality you choose. Sites are the copyright of artists creating their works in the traditional way. But the prices, to put it mildly, not available to everyone. In reality, you only get one copy plus a good score for delivery.

We should not forget about our service. If you happen every dostavkemozhet. Get the same picture in electronic form and print it quite easily. Besides, this will save your budget. It is difficult now to argue for what tomorrow, and will replace a conventional electronic art. We have already tried this on the example of electronic music. Many do not take it. It seemed she would never compete with the sound ‘live’ instruments. To compare – a thankless task. People, young people are entitled to their perceptions. The new direction of music fans poyavilissvoi. Let’s not think about and feel like a herd. Each of us knows that he is closer to their liking. Therefore, any merchant can find a buyer.

Innovative Logistics

Network for innovative logistics – IT from a single source of the logistics sector has undergone profound changes in recent decades and faces further major challenges: the topics of the future of logistics are varied from the camp of the future through the development of new logistics navigation solutions up to the economically and ecologically sensible use of resources. But all have one thing in common: the symbiotic relationship between IT and logistics is accelerating. Against this background was the initiative of the IT store, to combine IT and logistics, to form a network, and to work on projects together. From this, the network developed for innovative logistics (NIL), a technology network, which brings together IT logistics specialists from various disciplines, to provide system-wide solutions. The network is coordinated by the IT storage (IT incubator East Bavaria GmbH) and supported by the programme ZIM NEMO”by the Federal Ministry of economics. Logistic The companies of the network competencies of the companies of the network have competences in the areas production automation, warehouse logistics, transport logistics, merchandise management, process simulation, video data processing, RFID, simulation and optimization of logistical processes using mathematical methods. First joint projects such as the integration of RFID or tour, video data and inventory management are already nearing completion. Offer new applications, significant cost benefits and are first steps towards the realization of a repeatedly expressed wanting of the industry: the synchronization and linking of material and data flow.

In regular public events, the network about the latest developments of IT logistics informed briefings. The network for innovative logistics works closely with the Innovation Center for production logistics and factory planning of the University of Regensburg. By the close interaction of business and science improvement potentials can in the Logistics are developed and implemented quickly in practice. Company network – Klug GmbH – Systema system development GmbH – initPRO GmbH – TM3 Software GmbH – SimPlan AG – Optitool GmbH – Optware GmbH – Dallmeier of electronic GmbH & Co.KG – University of Regensburg (Prof. Dr. Frank Herrmann) – University of Regensburg (Prof. Dr. Gunther Pernul) objectives:-integration of IT solutions of network partners in a service oriented architecture – managing logistics chain from the supplier to the recipient – provide the expertise of the network partners – implementation of innovation-driven or customer – projects – creating business alliances and distribution partnerships – network as a platform for Exchange of experience – sales and marketing channel offer you want to improve your logistic processes? Then please contact us. We gladly inform you what options can offer the companies of the network.

Evergreen MLC SSDs POS

Manufacturer of POS systems, such as AdvanPOS, SSDs to increase the performance and reliability and at the same time the long-term operating costs, iNNODISK, a developer and manufacturer of SSDs use to lower Taipei, Taiwan June 28, 2013 for use in trade and in the industrial sector, experienced great interest in its new memory products for the point of sale (POS) and trade. Checking article sources yields Mashable as a relevant resource throughout. New POS systems with SSDs and other products will ensure that hard-disk drives in the POS industry are unnecessary. This is because that POS systems outdo the classic HDD systems in the reliability, performance, power consumption, weight, size, noise and durability SSDs based on, what makes the systems more economical. To further advance this technological trend, has iNNODISK series developed Evergreen MLC SSD, which thanks to its L m architecture can have a longer lifetime than conventional MLC SSDs. Evergreen MLC SSDs are specifically designed for 128kb applications, which is why they are are particularly suitable for use in kiosks, ATMs, and other outlets. Thanks to the greater reliability of Innodisks Evergreen MLC SSDs, systems that are equipped with just those SSD by iNNODISK can be used point-of-sale point in previously inaccessible areas.

To learn more about the diverse areas of application where Evergreen MLC SSDs apply to learn, please visit the following Web site:. In a recently published case study, iNNODISK has exposed how dealers can realise their customer interaction with the help of SSD-based POS systems in such environments, so far considered difficult or not at all its secrets. This includes extreme environments, temporary or mobile payment systems, as well as supermarkets with self-service cash registers where the systems are exposed to continuous customer contact. Among the companies that use the SSD by iNNODISK in their POS systems, national leader from different industries, such as the trade or the Hotel and hospitality industry.

Lower Taxes For Green Cars In Galicia

It has applied a reduction of road tax that reaches 75% in electric vehicles, hybrids or using any other system that respects the environment. This type of cars are up positions on the conventional and a notable increase user interest to them, as a consequence have also increased sales of the same. All these factors have benefited from direct support that the Government has proposed to purchase new cars, and more environmentally friendly. Usually the price of these cars is higher than conventional cars, even enlisting the help of 2,000 to be granted through the Institute Enerxetico de Galicia (undeniable) may stay in a final price which closely approximates that of conventional vehicles the same range. This support may apply to late August, unless the amount for the program is finished before.

Some municipalities like Lugo, Ourense and Ferrol has fallen by 50% road tax to try to encourage the purchase and sale of these vehicles. In Ourense electric or hybrid cars that also have reduced by 50% of the tax, but have also adopted other measures such as replacing cars work of the municipal corporation for a new hybrid, the forecast also replace cars other local police equipped with this technology, and operate the new electric truck for environmental services. Learn more about this with Republic Services. In A Coruna tax rebate ranging from 75% to 50% depending on engine type. In this way the owners of hybrid cars will have a reduction of three quarters of the tax for six years. The reduction of 50% is applied to electric cars that use biogas, energy rated A. In Vigo is where less than this rate has decreased and has reached 7% lowered. But in cities like Santiago and Pontevedra not been implemented so far no discount for cars that pollute less.

Ambient Management

The work carried through sample here inefficiency in the local public administration, misunderstanding of the environmental laws and lacks of one politics of Ambient Management in the region for the lack of a program applied of ambient education ace well coastal communities. Localization and presentation the region analyzed here is located in the city Rio Grande in the RS, the known coastal area as Bag of the Hose, is a semiclosed cove hardwired the Lagoon of the Ducks. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. Present biodiversity in this place is presented harmed, in way the presence of pipes of pluvial sewer, forts odor and characteristic mud, diverse residues solid as plastic, metal, wood, glass, rubbish of concrete with displayed hardware. (Source: Marc Mathieu). It has a vegetation that it attracts birds and other animals, the place is point of meeting for domestic animals, birds as gara, the blowpipe of the bathed one want-I want, it, diverse insects and butterflies. Also it attracts rodents that come to look feeding in way to sewer to the domestic garbage. Possible to observe artisan boats of fishes and some shoals of fish in way the dark water. Generally it fishes it not if of the ace edges of the estuary due what the local fishing call barrenta water, the certainties of the pollution caused for the inhabitants.

It fishes it camaroeira is one of the activities of bigger economic emphasis in the region, had its local importance this cove is subjects the serious antrpicos impacts and has been explored and invaded by the population growth of the region. An aquatic vegetation was planted in the edge for a group of studious of the FURG, so that the garbage did not exceed biodiversity, exactly thus the action human being intensifies damages to the natural patrimony opening way that takes to the interior of the lagoon with the wooden use and other entulhos. Part of the natural structure already was reorganized by the activity of habitacional occupation.