Month: April 2020

Abilities Techniques

But the knowledge technician will not only be enough, also has what we call ‘ ‘ Comportamentais’ abilities; ‘ that it is related with ‘ ‘ To want Fazer’ ‘. This is the intrinsic competitive differential of the professional and has direct impact in the result of the team and directly is related with ‘ ‘ Atitudes’ ‘ of this collaborator in the correct application of the Abilities Techniques. Then, it does not force the nature of the people. Although the personality to acquire some malleability with passing of the years, the structure (the base) continues being same during all the life and as ‘ would say the philosopher; ‘ Lagartixa does not grow and turns one jacar’ ‘. According to Nicolas Keller, who has experience with these questions. It is not good business to charge and to insist on things improbable or to change behaviors (to want to make) in the rude force.

It identifies the strong and weak points of each member of its team individually and is programmed for mapeie where it is the biggest challenge there and yes, it invests in the development through ‘ ‘ As fazer’ ‘ , giving examples and following each one in accordance with its characteristics and in this case as its deficiencies. It gives time to the time! Copper of each one, small advances every day, either there how much it will be, but always advances! Either objective and direct in its feedbacks It registers the advances and if still thus, a voice of the deep one to insist there so that you provide the substitution of some collaborator, is certain that you are applying the standard of correct development, that a new collaborator is only a new possibility of success and finally that people vary its behavior throughout the career. It trusts its abilities of Leader. If to want to evaluate as they are its abilities as Leader, gratuitously makes our test in the address in link ‘ ‘ Essential abilities of the Leader 2.0’ ‘. It is not necessary to register in cadastre itself. We will send the result for the email that you indicating in them. A great one I hug! Eduardo Varela is consulting in Management of People and specialist in training and consultoria for companies of relationship with the customer. He is postgraduate in Enterprise Management for the FGV, Certification Six Sigma for the SGV, graduated Strategical Planning, for the Ibmec, beyond participation as palestrante in courses in company and workshops on management of teams of high performance and are founding of the Factor9 (www.

Carving Techniques

Execution of the image in the technique of relief carving Tips novice carver: do not proceed to the execution of a particular image until it dismantled the structure of wood and learn techniques thread, do not grasp at once for creation of complex images, model the product of its individual elements, work on the wise adage, "slow and steady wins – will continue." An example of teaching practices in service employment. According to the curriculum, a group of eight people rehearsed carved frame in the middle of a relief carving techniques. For example, examines the work of three students: Sergei, Marina and Vadim. Sergei specialty carpenter-machine operator, Marina – kindergarten, Vadim – graphic designer. With the permission of trainers Vadim cuts complex plot image – a bas-relief Madonna.

All students master picked up a piece of cedar planks. For training of the wood waste. Having experience in woodworking, Sergey decided to perform the image immediately in full. Marina previously trained in completing the individual elements (components). During the exercise, it picks up the incisors, which is more suitable for a variety of seizure, and work out ways of cutting the fibers, then starts to perform in-kind product as a whole. Result.

Sergei and Marina work performed almost simultaneously, but Sergei spoiled first piece. Vadim bas-relief of the Madonna have failed, although he had knowledge of the picture and understand the basics of composition. Trouble began chips with small convex elements and the roughness of concave grooves: then the nose will fall off the Madonna, the finger skoletsya … And it all is that the cutter did not consider features of cedar wood, the tool edge in some areas led "Against the grain" without complying with the rules of "chips in chips" and "face to face." In addition, pine board was to express the texture, and need for the product is homogeneous, viscous wood (linden, aspen, birch, etc.). Vadim himself made sure that before you take up execution of complex products, you need to iterate through all the recommended stage of the master thread and followed the example of Marina. Execution of the image in nature start with product may be top of the rectangular frame, canopy locker, and in house groove casing fragment. The image consists of three interrelated parts: a castle in the center, flanked with rocaille palmettes.

Impression Technique

To create Postcards being used Techniques of Impression in Relevo or Embossing With the height of Passover to arrive quickly, what it would say of the fact of being able to create pretty postcards with impression in relief to send to its family and friends? This is possible with the aid of materials (stamps, hot relief inks) and relief techniques. If ‘ is not made familiar to the expression; ‘ in relief/embossing’ ‘ , it is the method to create a high drawing or the three dimensions. It can be made with or without ink. Aluminum paper, paper and fabric, are some of the materials where if it can create relief. This technique is used to make drawings, postcards, invitations, notes of stationary gratefulness and. The impression in relief is an amused pastime that can be appreciated by the family all. The children can participate but with some supervision of the adults, especially when the hot one will be used the technique to create relief. To start she goes to need a bit of resistant and thick paper, normally known for card. At Mikkel Svane you will find additional information.

She uses a rubber stamp to transfer the image that it intends to use for the card, sprays the drawing stamped with an ink with special dust for relief and wall lamp heat. The result is a pretty drawing with relief to decorate its projecto. To another one technique is called relief the dry one. That is obtained using a mold and a stencil to delineate the drawing in relief. This relief method is very funny in aluminum paper. It can find materials and utensils for the impression in relief online or store of artesanato. A great variety of drawings of available rubber stamps exists for all the occasions. Any that is the technique that to prefer, the technique to print in relief is one hobby pleasant that it produces resulted pretty. If it considered this apanhado on Materials for Impression Relief/useful Embossing, can compare it with others in our website. Debtor!


Metal has accumulated a few bucks, and decided to build his "hatinku" – certainly not as the oligarchs, but yet I with a beautiful metal, fronted zemelkoy! I wish that my family was no worse than their neighbors. True, the house close ranks near Kiev, so it is "no worse", according to my calculations, I had to pour in 45-50 thousand evergreen American tugrigkov. By calculating the available construction budget price, asks the question: is it possible to save? Gaze fell, primarily on kryshu.Metallocherepitsa informed decision for the roof Since I have some experience in construction, in the first place, thinking about the supply chain of metal – there is producer, is a wholesale store that provides large quantities, then – kryshniki working with retail, ie with me. In this case there are links between all the transportation costs, taxes and margins for all this is, after all, should I pay the price – the buyer of the metal roof. Certainly, the question arose – could, well, it, this roof? In the sense – without a roof in any way, but the change of water over the roofing material and roofing system seriously pondered. After a couple of hours studying the characteristics of different roof (asphaltic material type bipol, Technoelast, etc.) yet again returned to the metal. This product meets my needs as a future resident (roofing material must be safe, pleasing to the eye and on the "long century"), as the builder (it should be economically, efficiently, at low cost cost of laying), and both the buyer (the ratio of the cost of functionality.) With such cost and price / quality ratio analogues to replace metal was not found. Well, not the same slate lozhit, indeed! Although the same evroshifer also been investigated as an alternative. It is good that the weighs a little – about 6 kg single sheet (size 2×0, 94M), with such a list is required of all 20 nails for fastening.

Wall Alignment. Secrets Of The Right Technology

The alignment of the walls is made in several ways. 1.1. Simple alignment of the walls. Usually performed without placing beacons and without removing the walls in the vertical. This method is used most often with little deviation from the vertical walls, and only in consultation with the customer. However, this method of leveling walls need to align the corners, because if uneven corners Wallpapering is substandard.

Alignment angles made by the planes at 50 cm from each side of the corner. In this case it is not necessary that the angles are straight – under 90 degrees. Often, internal, and external walls and partitions are not perpendicular relation to each other. The deviations are very large. And if you do the corners straight to the end of the wall on which is the alignment angle of 90 degrees – the thickness of plaster can reach 15-20cm. It is necessary to you? 1.2.Vyravnivanie walls on the beacons.

The alignment of the walls of beacons used in the strong rejection of the walls – both vertically and horizontally. It is better to use beacons minimum thickness. The costs will be plaster mixes minimal. The most important rule at this way alignment – display of lighthouses. To achieve the necessary quality, before exhibiting at the four corners of lighthouses line the walls, mounted screws. They string is attached, in compliance with relevant parties on both horizontally and vertically. String in this case plays the role of guide to the lighthouses. Lighthouses are placed vertically. The next day after placing beacons can be produce direct alignment of the walls. And, of course, before each stage of plastering work must be carried on dust control and dirt surfaces. In this method of alignment interior angles are obtained even. Not necessarily straight at 90 degrees, and it even. It provides quality wallpapering corners. As a general rule, repair of offices of St. Petersburg requires an alignment of the walls. 1.3.Zashivka gypsum plasterboard walls. This method is used in 2 cases: – the walls are not subject to the equalization formula because of the very large deviations. – If the walls need to provide architectural excesses (niches, ledges, etc.). Rooms' walls gypsum plasterboard is carried out on pre-exposed framework of the relevant giprochnyh profiles. It should be remembered that in addition to frame rails on the ceiling and floor, must be attached to the wall by means of suspension (for stiffness). Professionals know how to correctly do the job. With this method, the alignment should provide for installation of gypsum plasterboard under the mortgage (these will then be mounted hanging furniture, TV, etc.) by itself is not gypsum plasterboard withstand heavy loads. So Bonds is necessary to provide and install necessary. Successful repair!