In this article, we will deal with on the importance if to ritmar its mind when will be to write its tcc, its project of research or its monograph. The fact does not have to be surprise for you of that the mind has its rhythm, has its meldica beauty and also has its disharmony. In first place, she is necessary to understand clearly as the mind functions. If you to only sit down during ten minutes and to sincerely write in a leaf all the thoughts that pass for its mind, will not desire to not even show to its text to its better friend, because she will discover that she has so disconnected thoughts and exactly distorted that nor you nor nobody would have waited something thus. Without a doubt you will perceive that she has so irrelevant thoughts, useless and contradictory who would be easy to believe that perhaps she had gone crazy. The same he happens when you sit down and make a great effort to write the least two pages of its monographic work. Or simply he tries to be half minute without thinking about nothing.

Truth that is difficult? Perhaps not yet he has perceived that when one has left of the body she is ill, all its attention if dirige for this part. You are only conscientious of the leg when it aches; if he did not ache, is not conscientious of the same one in absolute. If he has a wound in its left hand, of – one counts of that he exists; if he did not have no wound, not even the note. You not if of the account of this chain of thoughts do not have doubt of that, of one you form or another one, the one that we call mind, and that as much confuses you in its afazer monographic.