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A vacant idea to carry through a course in the modality in the distance is more easy of what also exists in the actual modality it can be influenced by factors as the convenience of the pupil in stipulating its schedules one of the characteristics of the EAD. Although the modality in the distance allows to greater flexibility of schedules, in case that it does not have establishment of alternated moments, but constant, of access to the course and elaboration of the materials, can imply accumulations of tasks that, in the impossibility to be carried through in the established stated period, lead to the desistance of the course. The pupils who make courses in the distance, had generally presented difficulties in the interaction process; how much to the fulfilment of the stated periods for accomplishment of activities; had affirmed that they feel lack of bigger contact with the professor. The function of the professor is based, over all, in the search to surpass the difficulties of the pupils with the specific content, being articulated alternative to facilitate the learning process, as much at the actual moments how much in the virtual environment. Moreover, it has the attribution to establish relations that favor the learning through the different medias proposals – video, virtual environment, CD-ROM, material printed matter, etc. Another present agent in courses in EAD is the tutor, who possesss paper to promote the interaction and the relationship of the participants. A series of abilities is presented by Mayan (2002, p.13) Technological ability – domain technician enough to act with naturalness, agility and aptitude in the environment that it is using. She is necessary to be an user of the net resources, to know sites of search and research, to use e-mails, to know netiqueta, to participate of lists and fruns of quarrel, to have been mediating in some group (e-group).

Norms Techniques

ISO 9001 had its finishes revision in 2008, which published solutions for practised incorrect actions in the previous years. Between these, it is the requisite satisfaction of the customers. For if dealing with normative questions, the organizations had left for the satisfaction research, from a structure that projected the image of the justinian codes of opinion research. The solution was to the elaboration of questionnaires that never are answered by the customers. Ahead of this, the conclusion did not arrive the place some, since the customers did not leave evident what they would like. From now on the requirement of monitoramento of the perception of the customer started to be of diverse forms. The norm displayed alternatives already recommended, however, the companies still resisted, since, the opinion of the customer was the paradigm of the requirement.

It appears then, a good notice, customers to take care of them to the requisite acquisition, they would have that to keep anticipated information on the performance of its suppliers and, to leave of this the organization would be inclusa in the apt list and to receive information. However, the research was ackward despite they were good. With everything she is necessary to correctly understand and to manage the forms of perception between customer and supplier. For this reason it is very important that the communication channels are accessible and available. The monitoramento of these information will bring adequate answers to the customer and, in turn it can be evidenced for a critical analysis e, attainment of necessary resources for such ends. The management of these information must be efficient and to arrive the action that guarantees the satisfaction of the customer. The objective of this norm is to establish a form to deal with information available in the organizations, however used incorrectly.

Soon, the important one is that if it uses what is had available. Becoming the satisfaction of the customer a pointer and not plus a measure of the performance of the System of Management of the Quality. It means that the satisfaction of the customer it necessarily does not need to be measured, however, must have ways that guide as it is its satisfaction. The organizations exist because of its customers. for this reason, must search to always take care of to its necessities, looking for to surpass its expectations. Bibliographical references: ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2000. System of Management of the Quality? Requirements. Brazilian association of Norms Techniques? ABNT, Rio De Janeiro, 2000. ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2008. System of Management of the Quality? Requirements. Brazilian association of Norms Techniques? ABNT, Rio De Janeiro, 2008.

The New World Of ICTs

The information technology and communication (ICT), will dominate the modern world. We all recognize that we are in the era of knowledge, that power is in the hands of countries, organizations or persons who have this and know how to use it for the massive benefit of humans. Government plans such as the ICT Plan Colombia, aimed initially modular four major areas: ICTs for Education. ICT for Justice. ICT for Government. ICT for competitiveness. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. With slight variations, is what other countries are doing or will do: improve their competitiveness based on the effective use of these technologies, modernize the health and justice and to establish systems of public communication and G2C (Government-citizen) while decreases care costs, improve service quality. On the side of private enterprise is the same. The interest is to improve the care of their business and management efforts while improving the quality of the delivery and processing of information chain supply and ultimately the overall productivity of the company.

However, one thing they have in common across government, institutions or non-profit and private enterprise: They all have customers. In the specific case of government, these are called citizens, users, contributors, beneficiaries, officers, teachers, patients, providers, retirees, etc, and in the case of private enterprise customers call them passengers, users, subscribers, stakeholders, educators, pupils, students, consumers, guests, tenants, suppliers, consultants, etc., in the end CUSTOMERS. Customers requiring any institution of service. Every day customers become more and more demanding, wanting personal attention, speed, comfort,and immediate information to fit their requirements.

Digital Assistant

Laptop computers laptops, also called simply laptops, or portable computers are personal computers easily transportable, able to perform almost the same functions as desktop computers. Laptops have many advantages, and by its portability, small dimensions, performance, functionality and lowering have moved in many tasks to your desktop, both domestic and professional. Types the expression laptops is a generic name that includes any device which can be classified as personal computer and supports mobile use. There are several kinds of laptops: laptop (laptop or notebook): perform the same functions as conventional computers (13-17 inches). Portable gaming (gaming laptop): laptop with desktop gaming performance, tend to be expensive and exclusive (17 inches or more). Portable desktop (desknote): notebook large power with desktop (17 inches or more) specifications. NetBook (sub-portatil): they have the same functions as a laptop, only that are smaller and lighter (10-12 inches). Tablet PC: it consists of a touch screen without a keyboard that contains a laptop computer (5-10 inches).

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant, personal digital assistant): it has most of the functions of a laptop but they are mainly oriented to electronic calendar and personal organizer, being one of its most important functions synchronization with personal computers (2.5-3.5 inches). Smart phone (smartphone): are mobile phones that also offer numerous functions of a personal computer, as a web browser, multimedia players, touch screen, e-mail, games and possibility to install applications (2.5-3.5 inches). Features see some important features of notebook computers: equipment: hard drive capacity, processor, RAM memory, graphics card, sound card, reader/engraver of DVD, webcam, speakers, microphone, GPS, fingerprint reader. Screen: the size and characteristics of the display condition functionality of the device. Touch and multi-touch screens are very common. Dimensions and weight: laptops portability is a critical factor. Connectivity: is convenient having the greater possible connectivity, as USB port, FireWire, card reader, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3 g Software: operating system is of great importance, having large differences in performance and functionality between them. There is great diversity: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry battery: autonomy is a very important feature in laptops.

There are many types of batteries: rechargeable, replaceable, replaceable hot, supports standard batteries. Accessories laptop computers allow the use of various accessories that improve the usability, the functionality or ergonomics: Media: raising the height, modify the inclination, favor the cooling and improve the position of your hands. External keyboard: facilitates the task of writing long documents, since it is difficult to write some words in tiny or virtual keyboards for many laptops. External mouse: increases the usability of laptops, since they improve the interaction with respect to the touchpad. (Docking): many laptops have as a base option or station docking that adds functionalities of connectivity, ergonomics or battery recharge. Source: Laptops

Library Information Systems STU

The company "Alley Software" took part in the VIII Scientific Conference "Library consortia: technologies and innovation", held from 14 to 20 June 2010, with the support of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and the Association of Regional Library Consortia (ARLICON). The conference brought together over 200 participants, among them – representatives of the university, school, regional, public libraries, IT professionals, experts in education and information services to professionals and vendors of books printed and electronic information products. The priority themes of the conference this year were corporate library and information portals in the era of web 2.0 and web 3.0 as a medium for interaction between librarians and users, the changes in the transition to electronic library resources (technology, digitization, and accounting resources and databases, performance evaluation use.) Considerable attention was paid to the electronic library systems, as well as issues of training and retraining and professional skills Librarian future. Speakers event – managers and employees of the largest libraries of Russia and the CIS – have demonstrated already working solutions for the effective management organization of library resources in modern conditions of solutions, in particular – an integrated information resource "The scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University" (NB TPU), network information portal Petersburg studies "Peace of St. Petersburg" and the corporate network portal combined resources of libraries St. Petersburg (TSGPB them. Mayakovsky), a national electronic resource Presidential Library.

BN Yeltsin consolidated portal of electronic card catalog of the Republic of Tatarstan (Institute Library Information Systems STU) and many others. "Our company – the traditional party conference-exhibition ARBIKON." – Said Stanislav Kim, CEO of "Alley of Software" – "This event has always been a platform for professional communication and exchange of experience. But this year we decided to provide an opportunity to keep abreast of events at the conference for those who, for whatever reason do not unable to personally attend to it: first in the library environment conducted on-line broadcast of the conference via Twitter and blog community ELIBCONSULT. This translation does not simply duplicate the presentations of speakers, but contains DISCUSSION – asked the audience questions, answers and comments from experts. The resulting response to the broadcast was very high and this is good news: it means that there is a need and interest in this web 2.0-and communication specialists who are ready to actively seized of the matter. We as a IT company located in constant interaction with professionals of librarianship, was born quite a few ideas for the development of such services, implementation of which will be discussed in the near future. "


It has controlled the excesses of the ego, from it will receive the egoism, it learns to donate itself for life without searching something in exchange and the life will bless to it with its fruits; To be thankful everything and all, the ones that have the humildade to be thankful everything and all, since a simple object to the ground sacred where it steps on, from it will receive wealth infinite; Not cultue the honored poverty, thus will be poor, affirms stops you who are rich and prosperous, believe this, who you believe that he is rich, you will have greaters probabilities to become rich; It gives and you receive abundance limitless, who donates with feeling of love without waiting any gesture return, by the Land will be received, who contributes with the time, money and others, to serve to the next one, will have the deserved return, all have the right to have the limitless abundance in our lives, every day, for this the necessity to donate to the process of the life; To have positive thoughts and feelings, ' ' already I am prspero' ' , ' ' the victory and the success are in my life every day ' ' , it writes down the small daily victories in a sheet of paper and learns to observe the abundance to unclasp in its days. It does not criticize or it speaks badly of the others, this closes the door of the prosperity, while some cry in the crisis others progress vendendo handkerchiefs; It rejects words and thought as ' ' I am azarado, I am sofredor, I am needy, coitado of me, my life is alone problem, people they hate me, nothing of certo' ' , all are contrary the prosperity. Not to pass for the life being offered more than what it receives and nor to be closed hand; It loves your work, when to learn to love and to be thankful what it makes, other chances will appear in its life and the manifest harmony in its work. .

7 Strategies For Saying No And Weight Loss

That you’re doing a diet to lose weight does not mean that you need to move away from social life by fear to the temptation and end up eating too much shame to say no. If you are a person who is difficult to say do not know that there are resources that can be used without having to go to a party with a line-up of I’m on a diet. Here 7 resources that will help you at the time give you to say no when offers you just that dish that is his weakness. 1-Attitude. Zendesk may find this interesting as well. You do not have any obligation to accept what the obligation to accept what the other person offers you simply to leave her satisfied, or because afraid of offending. He say No it is your right and you can and must do so without ceasing to be polite and courteous. Dare to say No.

2-Do not use excuses to say NO.If you don’t use excuses to say you are transmitting a message of doubt, possibly causing the other person to become insistent. 3 – Use a cordial but firm tone.If you say that not in tone of lament or penalty, the person that it is offering food, It will interpret it as that you doubt. If your host is a strong and determined person will insist until you say siiii. For this reason it is very important that you express their will with firm tone, at the same time that accompanies it with a consistent body attitude. 4 – Keep gaze on high.

Instead of looking at food, which can weaken their position, look directly into the eyes to who offers him food. This is a very powerful strategy. 5 – Stay calm. Try not to react aggressively, nor nor assume a submissive attitude. Strive to maintain the balance and serenity, think about how beneficial will be to meet your goal of losing weight. 6 – Avoid waiting for food. Try to stay away from the tables where the food is offered. Focus their attention on the meeting itself, enjoy if there is music dance or look for maintaining a pleasant conversation with other concurrent, the important thing is to stay away from temptation, also is important to you to get back to the place where the food is. 7 – Plan B. If in spite of knowing the 6 previous keys does not dare to say No, accept food offered, thanking you kindly, place it on the table and let it quietly, away from the table to avoid the temptation. Click on the following link original author and source of the article to learn more strategies that help you lose weight.

Siemens AG Fleet

Companies Siemens AG and Panopa Logistics GmbH with a joint more than 6,000 vehicle fleet decided to implement the management system comm.fleet fleets in their companies, which was developed by the company of TI community4you GmbH, for vehicles management.Comm.fleet community4you GmbH has created a complete and professional solution for fleet management, which is designed to meet the individual needs of a company. Siemens and Panopa logistics are especially happy about the integration of the program without problems in your current it environment, as for example its SAP management system. So quickly integrate fleet management software and without interruption of the business processes.Another advantage of this solution of fleets is the scalability of comm.fleet. Thus you can always assemble hardware without the deterioration of efficiency.The two companies wanted to use comm.fleet in its full functionality and thus can win not only transparency, but they can also reduce costs and establish new rationalizations for administrative processes.Useful functions of comm.fleet are for example master data management, addresses and drivers management or the management of tires.With the help of the billing function can facilitate the process by an automatic billing of all contracts.The maintenance management has a very important role in a fleet. Thanks to comm.fleet you can manage technical curricula of vehicles and objects. You can access information about all other functions of comm.fleet, such as fuels data management, the management of risks and damages or the calendar on the website of community4you management.