But what it interests here they are softwares educational as Cotta of the o its concept calls softwares educative those programs that allow to fulfill or to support educative functions, that is, the applications that apiam the education process directly/learning. Thus softwares educative is a valuable instrument of support to the educators of general form, being able becomes education much more easy, agile learning and is a way that calls the attention the children and young that they live in constant contact with the technological medias. In accordance with Cotta the inserted educational environment inside of the NTIC and inside of the construtivista conception, a software, to be educative, must be an interactive environment that it provides to the apprentice to investigate, to raise hypotheses, to test them and to refine its initial ideas. Of this form, the apprentice will be constructing its proper knowledge. According to Brave, 1993; Fields, 1994; Galvis, 1992; Niquini, 1996: the classification of softwares educative, is followed by means of its educative functions that assume.

Namely, ' ' exercise and prtica' ' , ' ' tutorial' ' , ' ' simulation and modelagem' ' , ' ' programao' ' , ' ' jogos' ' , ' ' softwares-aplicativos' ' (publisher of texts, publisher/graphical program, electronic spread sheet, data base, hipertexo, telecommunications) e, more recently, ' ' mulitmdia/hipermdia' ' , authorship. Some type of softwares exists educational that it can be used in the scope educational such as: the practical exercise and, where according to Fields, 1990, proportionate the computational activity for a software of the type ' ' exercise and prtica' ' it reviews a content that already was presented the pupil. Its main objective is the acquisition, the development and the application of a specific knowledge. Now it is the criterion of the pupil to choose what more it pleases to it, being able to perceive its level of learning by means of its rightnesss and the errors, moreover, also it can come back and review the contents more than a when necessary time.