Month: October 2011

St Petersburg

In this article, we encourage you to make the acceptance of apartments from builders, so that in future not to be in unbearable living conditions in the new apartment. The more you punch the marriage and leave yourself, the more you will be charged for repair of apartments St Petersburg. There are cases where unscrupulous builders rushed and almost forced to sign the acceptance certificate. Take your time, read the agreement, which specified a list of domestic works (decoration). And on this basis, ask for revisions and corrections. Here's what to look out for: 1.Okna. Of course, the windows should not be broken. Check for opening and closing, the availability of accessories, sealing joints around the perimeter of the windows.

2. Paul. The floors in apartment shall be suitable for laying wood flooring. Check the quality of ties (not valid crack), flatness and 'horizon'. 3. Wall. You need to ensure at least visually on evenness and verticality.

Exterior walls are not should be through cracks in the street. 4. Ceiling. There should be no wooden boards, plates, etc. It must be concrete. It is unacceptable presence of large chips and cracks in the ceiling. Check for flatness as well as on the 'horizon'. 5. Plumbing. That you have no problems after the repair of an apartment, make sure that the floors in your floor and ceiling joints no sewer risers. Builders often err and that if it starts the junction leakage in the ceiling, it can lead to significant alterations after the completion of repair of apartments. You need to check the operation of all installed devices. 6. Electrician. All Electrical accessories should be working condition. Should not beat guard in your apartment! Not to mention the overhead light bulbs. You must also verify the installation of the electricity in the panel and its sealing. 7. Ventilation. You must ensure that ventilation is working as intended. It happens that found the reverse thrust (in the summer in an apartment blown warm air in winter and ice). No need to explain the consequences. 8. The heating system – to check if the batteries in the winter their performance. Of course, it is better to take an apartment with a professional guest of peer companies. He surveys the apartment and make a formal conclusion, which will be given a list of defects and deficiencies, as well as links to all the rules and Visitors who violated the developer. If the main shortcomings and violations will be corrected, then easily remove small defects in the repair of apartments St Petersburg.

The Immortality Of Man. Scientific Approach

People have always thought that allotted to them for life time is too short. This encourages people to look for methods by which he could prolong his life or make it infinite – immortality. Immortality Modern Science Modern science is actively engaged in researching the possibility of eternal life and has already achieved some success in this area. The most promising of these three areas of research: stem cells, genetics, and nanotechnology. The science of immortality ('immortology, from Lat. Im -' no ", mors, mortis – 'death', a term introduced Igor Vishev, Ph.D.) also considers the following areas: lowering of body temperature, transplantation, cryonics (immortality through freezing – cryopreservation), the change of 'carrier of consciousness "(cloning) and others. Lowering the temperature of the body as a way to achieve immortality actively studied in Japan.

Experiments on mice have shown that cooling the body temperature by half a degree increase lifespan by 12-20%. By lowering the body temperature by one degree, as calculated by the Japanese scientists, the term human life is extended for 30-40 years. The path to immortality – the stem cells? Scientists have found that one way to rejuvenate the body are the stem, or, as they are called pluripotent cells. The term 'stem cells' (born stem cell) introduced in 1908 by aa Maximov. During his research he came to the conclusion that in the human body throughout his life retained the universal undifferentiated cells that can transform into any part of the tissue. Pluripotent cells are formed even at the dawn of man, and they develop the entire body.

Extra Cost Item

When buying a used injection molding machines in an article on the repair costs increase. The new equipment at least a high probability of breakage and the appearance of defects. Besides working with the new technology has the opportunity to warranty repairs. For new thermoplastic parts is always in stock, the manufacturer, while for b in thermoplastic parts to look for. If the company is planning a permanent and continuous technological cycle, the variant used in automatic molding him no good. Latent defects, the old failures and general deterioration mechanisms can make a continuous loop impossible. The problem lies in the fact that some hidden flaws can not be detected even by careful study of technology, and in a continuous cycle, they quickly make themselves felt.

Modern injection molding machines – these are complex devices that equipped with electronic filling, different means of automated control and so on. Depending on the material, which technology to recycle these units are called reaktoplastavtomatami or injection molding machines. By design termaplastavtomaty vary widely. TPa classification is based on the efforts of the locking shape, injection volume and many other types of TPa. In addition, injection molding are divided according to their Design features: – by way of mastication – in the peculiarities of mastication – the number of sites blocking – on the peculiarities of the drive – on the axis of the cylinder molding used for the production of various polymer products of various shapes, sizes and properties. Per cycle, this technique produces one or more parts, depending on the needs and preferences TPa. Buy Used for molding the best of international manufacturers, because their techniques even previously used different quality. Problems and costs it will be much less than that of TPa dubious quality.

Old Italian School Art

Of millions. And that, finally, what a perfect these components. Singing breath from time immemorial to attach importance to even the primary role. The thesis of 'the art of singing – the art of breathing' is known since the Old Italian School. However, in the scientific world on the issues vocal technique, since the second half of the twentieth century, is beginning to gain popularity of the so-called 'throat' paradigm.

That is a fundamental value in the triad 'breath, cavities and throat' is given to the last link. Apparently, this was associated with the development of technology that allowed a look inside the process of sound production. Thus, the broad scientific reputation acquired in the 50s-60s X-ray examinations, lb Dmitriev's work on the larynx and vocal chords while singing. In connection with the global 'naukizatsiey', this view to the vocal art of quickly captured the imagination beginners and not only singers and vocal teachers. Many people began to talk, what is it worth take care of the singing breath, when the science is so strongly suggests the paramount importance of the larynx and vocal cords in singing. Were heard instructions such as' Breathe in, how convenient 'and even' as you wish. " Adherence to this lines has led to many tragic outcomes, including the crippled voice when vocal career newly singers ended before it started. From the experience of the great singers perhaps worth mentioning the following ' based on vocal pedagogy are searching audio echo – that is, cavities '.