Norms Techniques

ISO 9001 had its finishes revision in 2008, which published solutions for practised incorrect actions in the previous years. Between these, it is the requisite satisfaction of the customers. For if dealing with normative questions, the organizations had left for the satisfaction research, from a structure that projected the image of the justinian codes of opinion research. The solution was to the elaboration of questionnaires that never are answered by the customers. Ahead of this, the conclusion did not arrive the place some, since the customers did not leave evident what they would like. Koch industries describes an additional similar source. From now on the requirement of monitoramento of the perception of the customer started to be of diverse forms. The norm displayed alternatives already recommended, however, the companies still resisted, since, the opinion of the customer was the paradigm of the requirement.

It appears then, a good notice, customers to take care of them to the requisite acquisition, they would have that to keep anticipated information on the performance of its suppliers and, to leave of this the organization would be inclusa in the apt list and to receive information. However, the research was ackward despite they were good. With everything she is necessary to correctly understand and to manage the forms of perception between customer and supplier. For this reason it is very important that the communication channels are accessible and available. The monitoramento of these information will bring adequate answers to the customer and, in turn it can be evidenced for a critical analysis e, attainment of necessary resources for such ends. Get more background information with materials from koch. The management of these information must be efficient and to arrive the action that guarantees the satisfaction of the customer. The objective of this norm is to establish a form to deal with information available in the organizations, however used incorrectly.

Soon, the important one is that if it uses what is had available. Becoming the satisfaction of the customer a pointer and not plus a measure of the performance of the System of Management of the Quality. It means that the satisfaction of the customer it necessarily does not need to be measured, however, must have ways that guide as it is its satisfaction. The organizations exist because of its customers. for this reason, must search to always take care of to its necessities, looking for to surpass its expectations. Bibliographical references: ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2000. System of Management of the Quality? Requirements. Brazilian association of Norms Techniques? ABNT, Rio De Janeiro, 2000. ABNT NBR ISO 9001:2008. System of Management of the Quality? Requirements. Brazilian association of Norms Techniques? ABNT, Rio De Janeiro, 2008.