It has controlled the excesses of the ego, from it will receive the egoism, it learns to donate itself for life without searching something in exchange and the life will bless to it with its fruits; To be thankful everything and all, the ones that have the humildade to be thankful everything and all, since a simple object to the ground sacred where it steps on, from it will receive wealth infinite; Not cultue the honored poverty, thus will be poor, affirms stops you who are rich and prosperous, believe this, who you believe that he is rich, you will have greaters probabilities to become rich; It gives and you receive abundance limitless, who donates with feeling of love without waiting any gesture return, by the Land will be received, who contributes with the time, money and others, to serve to the next one, will have the deserved return, all have the right to have the limitless abundance in our lives, every day, for this the necessity to donate to the process of the life; To have positive thoughts and feelings, ' ' already I am prspero' ' , ' ' the victory and the success are in my life every day ' ' , it writes down the small daily victories in a sheet of paper and learns to observe the abundance to unclasp in its days. It does not criticize or it speaks badly of the others, this closes the door of the prosperity, while some cry in the crisis others progress vendendo handkerchiefs; It rejects words and thought as ' ' I am azarado, I am sofredor, I am needy, coitado of me, my life is alone problem, people they hate me, nothing of certo' ' , all are contrary the prosperity. Not to pass for the life being offered more than what it receives and nor to be closed hand; It loves your work, when to learn to love and to be thankful what it makes, other chances will appear in its life and the manifest harmony in its work. .