Siemens AG Fleet

Companies Siemens AG and Panopa Logistics GmbH with a joint more than 6,000 vehicle fleet decided to implement the management system comm.fleet fleets in their companies, which was developed by the company of TI community4you GmbH, for vehicles management.Comm.fleet community4you GmbH has created a complete and professional solution for fleet management, which is designed to meet the individual needs of a company. Siemens and Panopa logistics are especially happy about the integration of the program without problems in your current it environment, as for example its SAP management system. So quickly integrate fleet management software and without interruption of the business processes.Another advantage of this solution of fleets is the scalability of comm.fleet. Thus you can always assemble hardware without the deterioration of efficiency.The two companies wanted to use comm.fleet in its full functionality and thus can win not only transparency, but they can also reduce costs and establish new rationalizations for administrative processes.Useful functions of comm.fleet are for example master data management, addresses and drivers management or the management of tires.With the help of the billing function can facilitate the process by an automatic billing of all contracts.The maintenance management has a very important role in a fleet. Thanks to comm.fleet you can manage technical curricula of vehicles and objects. You can access information about all other functions of comm.fleet, such as fuels data management, the management of risks and damages or the calendar on the website of community4you management.