Internet Marketing

Don’t market saying I do not mean to enter social networking to promote your business everywhere. in fact this is a serious mistake to comment on many people, and thus are only sullying his reputation. More than anything, social networks should use to make your own label branding, ie creating value and relationships, to raise awareness of your brand and generate online presence. Your brand can be the name of your company or your own name, depending on the business you want to show, for people who are dedicated to doing business on the Internet independently, we must be our own brand name, and we must make ourselves known to build relationships, position us as experts or at least as knowledgeable in a niche market, for in doing so build trust in people and later become customers, affiliates and / or simply friends. Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. This branding in social networks is mainly achieved by sharing information of interest, interested in feedback or recommendations from other people, interacting with them and creating good relationships. Social networks now there are many, but the most important at the moment are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Each has distinct differences, but for marketing and branding issues personal, the best is to use 3. Then I will give some brief details on each. Youtube: This is one of the most powerful and faster results if you know can use to make videos because you can leave the active link to your blog or any other page in the details of the video, which also to attracts traffic to your site from youtube, you, too help to position yourself in google and other search engines, which generate a lot of traffic.