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High Definition Television

Since its inception, the UCI has pursued the goal of being the first Digital City in the country, on this basis has worked to offer its students, teachers and workers in general a wide range of computer services, including a closed television system Cable, which has contributed both to recreation and recreation, and the development and quality of the teaching process. Television transmission in the ICU are carried out through a cable network that reaches all recipients of the University and includes, in addition to educational and informational programming, the programming of National Television. The fundamental objective of the ICU Television is the dissemination of televised classes and educational programs. Since the ICU is the forefront of technological development in the country and the HDTV, today, is considered the future of television, has raised the need to begin to appreciate on the implementation of High Definition Digital Television network throughout the ICU. This would allow to select which program to view at a specific time offering users a highly interactive with the system, with a much higher quality image and sound to be mitigating the difficulties outlined above. CARACTERE STICA Ta TECHNIQUES OF Generally HDTV, high definition has had several formats and standards. All high-definition formats take the same aspect ratio of 16:9 widescreen, or need a widescreen TV (widescreen) to get all the privileges of high definition. There are two formats for High Definition Television: The format of 1920 x 1080i High Definition Common Image Format (HD-CIF) and 1280 720p HD . .

Internet Marketing

Don’t market saying I do not mean to enter social networking to promote your business everywhere. in fact this is a serious mistake to comment on many people, and thus are only sullying his reputation. More than anything, social networks should use to make your own label branding, ie creating value and relationships, to raise awareness of your brand and generate online presence. Your brand can be the name of your company or your own name, depending on the business you want to show, for people who are dedicated to doing business on the Internet independently, we must be our own brand name, and we must make ourselves known to build relationships, position us as experts or at least as knowledgeable in a niche market, for in doing so build trust in people and later become customers, affiliates and / or simply friends. Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. This branding in social networks is mainly achieved by sharing information of interest, interested in feedback or recommendations from other people, interacting with them and creating good relationships. Social networks now there are many, but the most important at the moment are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Each has distinct differences, but for marketing and branding issues personal, the best is to use 3. Then I will give some brief details on each. Youtube: This is one of the most powerful and faster results if you know can use to make videos because you can leave the active link to your blog or any other page in the details of the video, which also to attracts traffic to your site from youtube, you, too help to position yourself in google and other search engines, which generate a lot of traffic.


The Amazon region coexists with a picture on her idealized, a lot of the times distant of its reality on behalf of the imagery that is built under it. We have a multiple Amazon if its territory, natural resources biodiversity Amazon, but also an Amazon of social conflicts, exploited Amazon. Amazon still needs a social political project that is really back for her, or for its development, so that she can in a sustainable way managing their resources. Many of the studies conducted on the Amazonian issue has pointed out what for lack of an initiative that comes to control its conflicts partner within the region. Perhaps the cause of these social conflicts is precisely the way as it is built the imaginary on the region, is precise to open hand of old paradigms that glimpsed desabitada Amazon only as a reservoir of natural resources. For more articles and monographs on international policy is precise penetrate into Amazonia to bring with their real wealth, their culture and their peoples, social conflicts within the region are conflicts generated by the force of the capital over the region in the form of capitalist production.The explotatorio character creates social chasms that transcends regional and reached global scale. The strength of capital creates very strong social inequalities, creates the imbalance of nature, such as constructions of dams of hydroelectric dams, removes the Earth of their true owners. The capitalist production system imposes his strength and makes the construction of an ideology of regional development with the proposal to create profits for its inhabitants, however, we know that capitalism which acts on our Amazon region consistently reinforces a false projection. We observe in the struggle of the field that the policy desenvolvimentista creates more and more contradictions, in the great latifundia or in the occupation of indigenous lands, suga capitalist production resources and leads them to its headquarters in another country leaving for after, loss of biodiversity and conflicts increasingly alarming partner.