ICC Suppliment

However, as the companies of civil construction had not attempted against for this reality, directly exist one total lack of knowledge of the processes for a correct management of the suppliment chain, impactando in cost, stated period, quality and risk. The modern boardings of management, particularly of ‘ ‘ production enxuta’ ‘ , they have introduced concepts to the suppliment management. ‘ ‘ production enxuta’ ‘ it considers that the activities of production are constituted of flows of operations (machines and people) and flows of processes (material information). Using this approach, the improvements in suppliments would have first to approach the process and, after only depleted the possibilities of improvement in the same, they would be about improvement in the operations. Samsung describes an additional similar source. Also, inside of this philosophy, the activities of processing only add value.

Thus, it is praised elimination, or at least the reduction of the activities of wait, it has controlled/inspection and present transport in the function suppliments, as KINGS et al (2005, apud SHINGO, 1996). As Vieira (2006), suppliment chain is summarized in with priority goal in ICC on the basis of the objective ones propitiated by a continuous and integrated planning of the diverse logistic activities of the system, as: the simplification of the process of management gotten through the multicriteria planning of the productive environment, with the reduction of the human resources for the coordination and the rigorous flow control of materials and man power, aiming at to the reduction of supplies come back toward a well planned programming in top of multicriteria forecasts and perfectly adjusted (characteristic just-in-teams) with more spaces for production and little interferences. With strategy of formation of link with suppliers compromised by means of partnerships and thus reducing the time of attendance (lead teams) and the application at the accurate moment of the suppliment. Haga and Sacomano (1999, apud CHRISTOPHER, 1997) define the suppliment chain .