Understanding Milne

A.A. Milne was a writer without much success, but everything moved of the day for the night. After seeing its son playing, Milne was felt inhaled and wrote the poem ' ' Vespers' ' in the table of the coffee of the morning. Although it has not found nothing of brilliant in the poem, its wife found incredible and found that she would have to be published. When the reviewed celebrity ' ' Vanity Fair' ' it received the poem infantile she was magic and it contracted Milne to produce other works. Thus poems, stories, histories and books had been appearing The personage who more called in way to this was ' ' Ursinho Pooh' ' , an affectionate bear and comilo that was based on the favourite toy of the son of Milne. The books of Pooh if had become a success, as well as its films and, all and any product that is atrelado it. Its success if must its candy personality, that seems to combine so well with the meiguice where we find in its appearance.

Likeable and affectionate, until Pooh it knows that he is not very smart there, but the magic of its histories happens when we perceive the goodness that surrounds Pooh and its group of friends. The group of Pooh is composed for friends, animals or not. The personage who makes company and costuma to be its better friend is Cristvo, a kind boy who possesss its characteristics based on the son of Milne. In the animal kingdom, the main personages are Tigro, Pig, Abel (Rabbit) and I. If Cristovo appears in the series to leave the relation between it and Pooh more human being, the animal friends of Pooh represents its side adventurer. She is with them that Pooh obtains to put itself in amused confusions, as well as solving many problems. Everything related to the Ursinho Pooh costuma to make an immense success, its dolls and pelcias are one of the most bought in the Walt Disney. You can use to advantage all this fofura of the Pooh to transmit its messages livened up the dear people. In sites as the Clickut you will be able to send messages livened up and thematic of the Ursinho Pooh, being left that moved special person!