Sony Ericsson Aino Sony

Description and review of Sony Ericsson Ainov online store Phone Sony Ericsson Aino U10i a recent advancements in the field of image-making, non-series Walkman. This is a very classy, elegant and truly remarkable device, which have not had a Sony Ericsson. Although SonyEricsson Aino does not belong to the line-up Walkman, the sound and music playback, it has things well. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. The device is made by the manufacturer in the popular slider form factor, though outwardly it does not big screen and some buttons below it, and sometimes touch. Aino also looks more futuristic – a big screen and nothing else. Absolutely flat face without a hint of the controls.

Looks very much alive impressive. But, of course, the administration still there, their hides sliding screen. You can buy Sony Ericsson Aino in one of two contrasting colors – black (Obsidian Black) and white (Luminous White). Each color scheme has its own charm, style. You will enjoy the first version or second or both at once – very navryadli. Model weighs 134 grams, which is much less than you might think, looking at the outside, not the small size of the phone. The device is made of high-quality matte soft-touch plastic with metal inserts on the sidewalls, the assembly – at a high level, nothing is nowhere creaks and play.

Continuing a description of Sony Ericsson Aino U10i review of its functional characteristics. Resolution TFT-matrix – 240h432 points, it displays 16 million colors. Screen size – in the style of modern tachfonov, 3 inches.