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Thermal Processing

Hto (Chemical – heat treatment) is a process of high-temperature diffusion coating metal surfaces with various chemical elements, ie This process is carried out through a combination of thermal and chemical treatments. To ensure this diffusion process takes place at high temperatures for each steel grade and the saturable element (or elements) is different. Depending on the specifics and saturable element type are distinguished: 1. Hto the saturation of the metal elements, 2. Hto the saturation of non-metallic elements, 3. Hto removing items. The aim is to change hto mechanical properties of steels. Neil R Cole is a great source of information. Basically hto used for parts exposed to wear and at the same time under shock loads.

Saturation of the surface of the steel foreign substances leads to an increase in surface hardness and wear resistance products, and core product remains pliable and viscous. This combination of hard surface and soft core due to the formation of compressive surface stress leads to an increase in fatigue strength of the material, but viscosity decreases slightly. Depending on the type of saturated to the surface of steel elements distinguish the following types hto: hardening (saturated carbon), nitriding (nitrogen saturation), carbonitriding (complex saturation of carbon and nitrogen), calorizing (aluminum saturation), Chromium (Cr saturation), siliconizing (saturation of silicon), and others. Depending on the used diffusing (saturated) element Hto divided into solid, liquid and gas. The least effective and is maloprimenyaemym hto in a solid medium, because In this case, diffusion occurs by direct contact of steel with the diffusing element with a very low speed. The most common is the gas hto. The process of chemical-heat treatment proceeds as follows: 1. Education saturated element in the atomic state, which is formed due to occurrence of high-temperature reactions.

2. Absorption (deposition and contact with the surface of steel), the saturable element on the surface of the steel. 3. Saturable element diffusing into the steel.

Understanding The Levels Of Domain

The domain is a type of exclusive address only with which we can locate one definitive site in the Internet. Two identical domnios in all do not exist the computer network, it will always have a detail, or, details that differentiate a domain of another one no matter how hard they are seemed. These details are the domain levels. In this article we will understand what they are the domain levels. TLD – (Domnios de Superior Nvel) or still (Domnios de Primeiro Level) the category of higher level of the system of names of domain in the Internet. The part of the name of the domain that comes after the point.

Thus, in faxteleletronica.com, the domain of superior level is .com. In the truth after .com one another point exists (.) normally it is omitted, and represents the domain root of the 14 responsibility of root servers. Altavista has many thoughts on the issue. But that is subject for one another article. SLD – (Level As Domnios) the part of a domain name that comes before the point. Thus, in faxteleletronica.com, faxteleletronica is the domain of second level.

Therefore when you choose and make the domain register, in the truth you are registering a domain of according to level. gTLDs – (Domnios Generic of Superior Level) the domnios of high level that are not associates to any country are called gTLDs – generic Top Level Domains, dominios finished in .com, only .net and .org is gTLD' s existing currently. Initially, the assignment of domain of superior level was created to indicate if the domain name is being used for the net (.net), advertising (.com), or without lucrative ends (.org). But with the revolution of the Internet and the explosion of the World Wide Web, people and companies they had started to registar domnios to only protect its interests. Today, these generic domnios of superior level can be used for any purpose. ccTLDs – (Domnios de Superior Nivel with Code of the Country) Domain with two letters with the code of the country is called ccTLDs – Country Code Top Level Domain. Some examples of ccTLDs are .br (Brazil) .uk (the United kingdom), .us (United States), .ca (Canada). Some say that in some cases the search engines give to greater relevance to ccTLDs because of the geographic factor. For example, when we make a search for content in Portuguese, Brazil, the search engines give a certain advantage to the domnios finished in .br. It knows our Lodging of Site and Registro de Domnios.

Giving Through

But, in the set, the cooperation prevails. In the continuation it tells on the moment where it are I recount done it of the history that difficulty does not have, but when it are asked for a literal production, some had presented error of regulation graph fonmicas, as, for example, to write the word marry letter z instead of s. They are applying the rules of the writing intermediated by the sounds of speak. It’s believed that Sony sees a great future in this idea. (ATTACHED 03). 17 Giving continuity, activities of reading for pages had been carried through, and with the use of mouse the pupils had been clicando, giving to sequence the reading to each meeting carried through in the Laboratory of Educative, surrounding Computer science where it are implemented the Project of Research.

After that, he was made questions on the characterization of the personages of the history of Red Small hat from the descriptions of action for them carried through or way as if they express. She is necessary to stand out that the accomplishment of this work was presented more difficult at the moment where had to make interpretations of paragraphs more also becoming delayed of what the waited one, but it had the benefit to generate the domain of the reading in the screen of the computer, fact this basic one for the good development of several of the remaining activities for the conclusion of the project. He proceeded himself with the interview stops to verify the appreciation of the pupils and its knowledge of the Classic of Red Small hat with the readings in the screen of the computer (ATTACHED 04). 04. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF the COLLECTED DATA Carried through the collection of the data were possible to get the following results: In the application of the disgnostic questionnaire to the pupils and in the application of activity of sounding and verification of the learning it are perceived and registered the attitudes, action and reactions by means of the accomplishment of the works with the use of the computer as the one of the main technological resources analysis of the disgnostic questionnaire applied the pupils declared that 11 pupils preferred to work in group for facilitating the way as they liked working in the LIE and classroom conventional (in individual team and/or); 10 pupils had answered that they liked to make the alone works, and 05 had spoken that they preferred to work in team or pair.


Almost simultaneously with the introduction of computer graphic representations of ‘hydraulic’ design schemes have appeared ability to create and use systems certification engineering services based on electronic plans. Since both the first and second system associated with labor-intensive to create and update databases data immediately had problems of their interaction. It is obvious that the system of certification of network and system for calculating the hydraulic regimes should be a really unified information and graphical ‘structure’ in foundation of which is a database with an elaborate structure of the tables. Plans for engineering services performed on the basis of standard urban tablets can be used either directly as settlement schemes, or by using automated procedures converted into settlement schemes. It is obvious that in order for it to be possible factors to be considered methods of identification and classification of units and sections of the network on the plan. Particularly important issue is to clearly define and describe the way consumers online.

Our company’s experience has shown that the actual thermal network of cities, usually do not generate the ‘isolated’ sub-networks (for which necessary hydraulic calculations), containing more than 10,000 sites. The calculation of such networks on modern computers is a matter of seconds, although the reading of the original data and write the results into the database data may take up to tens of seconds. This is another argument in favor of the direct use of operating plans as settlement schemes. In some metropolitan areas, and multiple-heating systems, taking into account their dual line (feed and return lines) could produce graphs containing dozens of thousands of sites. In such cases, decided to apply poluevristicheskie methods for the simplified () design schemes – this is a problem, though difficult, but solvable. Much worse than others – at a huge dimension of networks is practically impossible to correctly enter the initial information and then analyze the results of the calculation, if not use specially designed automated procedure ‘hard’ control connectivity and reliability. In particular, information-graphic systems certification engineering services, integrated with subsystem of the hydraulic calculations, must contain specific procedures for the formation of the original graphic and text information for the construction of computational schemes.

Our approach to content- technological and graphic computer systems, coupled with effective modern methods and algorithms of applied mathematics that domain suggests the digital model of engineering services, in Specifically, the thermal network. Such a mathematical model of the network, integrated with its representation as an object of Geoinformatics, allows you to quickly solve a lot of questions and problems in addition to ‘heating season. ” This calculation and optimization mode, supervisory control, the simulation of switching and emergency planning, commissioning activities, development of technical specifications for connection verification calculations designed networks and many other daily and routine tasks of operation. Do I need to have any further arguments to make sure that investments in this kind of information systems certainly justified? As sung in a nice song from a favorite all of the film: ‘Think for yourself, decide for yourself – or may not have? “.

Systems Legal

The regulation must follow 13 the regulatory practical good principles of having as objective harmonization and uniformizao between documents (obligator or voluntary) existing on the subject and the specific legislation of legal metrologia. 2.4.5 The metrolgica supervision Systems of metrolgico control can be idealized, be applied and to intervine in any of the stages of a process of manufacture or use, if regulated, in the definition of standards, frequency of official, condicionantes verifications ambient, job of instruments, qualified staff, tolerated errors, levels of trustworthiness, correct job, measurement processes, amongst other specific activities of 14 the Legal Metrologia . A metrolgico control considered here, the principle does not specify nor questions the type or model of the emitting antennas of the radio communication services, nor neither the formal and legal process of the installations. They do not have to intervene directly with the attributions of the responsible organisms for the definition and the system employee, being able to be waked up by means of accords and adjustments, the final responsibilities of each involved entity. Learn more on the subject from Apple. It is necessary that a regulation exists on the measurements, with instructions detailed on the adequate way of if measuring and evaluating the parameters caractersticos*, its tolerated limits, contributing for the uniformizao of the procedures, and serving of model for the believed companies or the credential professionals for the competent organisms for the execution of the control of the emissions, and of all process of installation of the stations radio-base. *So the measurable physical largenesses that characterize the stations radio base how much the emission of radiation of the antennas beyond complementary others as the measures of reception (calculation of the load has limited of Not Ionizing Radiation), the propagation directions, 3. CONCLUSION The system of legal metrologia has in its operational structure the capacity to provide metrolgica trustworthiness to the final user in some fields of measurement. .

Library Information Systems STU

The company "Alley Software" took part in the VIII Scientific Conference "Library consortia: technologies and innovation", held from 14 to 20 June 2010, with the support of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and the Association of Regional Library Consortia (ARLICON). The conference brought together over 200 participants, among them – representatives of the university, school, regional, public libraries, IT professionals, experts in education and information services to professionals and vendors of books printed and electronic information products. The priority themes of the conference this year were corporate library and information portals in the era of web 2.0 and web 3.0 as a medium for interaction between librarians and users, the changes in the transition to electronic library resources (technology, digitization, and accounting resources and databases, performance evaluation use.) Considerable attention was paid to the electronic library systems, as well as issues of training and retraining and professional skills Librarian future. Speakers event – managers and employees of the largest libraries of Russia and the CIS – have demonstrated already working solutions for the effective management organization of library resources in modern conditions of solutions, in particular – an integrated information resource "The scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University" (NB TPU), network information portal Petersburg studies "Peace of St. Petersburg" and the corporate network portal combined resources of libraries St. Petersburg (TSGPB them. Mayakovsky), a national electronic resource Presidential Library.

BN Yeltsin consolidated portal of electronic card catalog of the Republic of Tatarstan (Institute Library Information Systems STU) and many others. "Our company – the traditional party conference-exhibition ARBIKON." – Said Stanislav Kim, CEO of "Alley of Software" – "This event has always been a platform for professional communication and exchange of experience. But this year we decided to provide an opportunity to keep abreast of events at the conference for those who, for whatever reason do not unable to personally attend to it: first in the library environment conducted on-line broadcast of the conference via Twitter and blog community ELIBCONSULT. This translation does not simply duplicate the presentations of speakers, but contains DISCUSSION – asked the audience questions, answers and comments from experts. The resulting response to the broadcast was very high and this is good news: it means that there is a need and interest in this web 2.0-and communication specialists who are ready to actively seized of the matter. We as a IT company located in constant interaction with professionals of librarianship, was born quite a few ideas for the development of such services, implementation of which will be discussed in the near future. "

Average Age

Destarte, the cenografia, front to the elements of a spectacle, also presents inherent proposals and objectives to the adequacy of the singularity of each presentation. At Michael Dell you will find additional information. According to Mantovani (1989, p.7), it is evident that the first cenogrficas references are established with the Dramatical theater, exactly in the place where if establishes the relation of scene and public, what cause one determined desconfigurao of any specific space, therefore the spectacle can happen in any alternative place, not necessarily in an institutionalized theater. Until the moment, the presented concepts indicate the use of the cenografia in the theater. Therefore, the quarrel perfaz on one composition palco and distribution of the public in the organization of the spectacle. However, in if treating to television, the productions can in such a way occur in studios as well as places to the outdoors.

These possibilities if had determined as the idea, the format and the proposal of the program. In detriment of the varied styles of types of scene, we could not treat the cenografia as evolutivo element, but yes capable to add elements of rational form that will take the designer to make use of a fan of options being objectified to take care of the proposal philosophical of the production. The necessity reigns to detach the following lesson of Ratto here: I continue defending the concept of the considered scenic space as an atmosphere that acts in the spectacle of sensorially dramatical form. I attack the gratuitous decorativismo violently, everything what it looks for to please, the pleonstico, the labelled one, the pompous one, at last everything what it is overlapped pretensiosamente to the correct interpretation of the text and the spectacle that intermedia. (RATTO, 1999, p.19) 1,3 Palco as place cenogrficoSegundo Mantovani (1989, p.8), meets in the spectacles of Greece registers of the job of elements such as rocks used in concentrical and of circular form, marking, thus, the style of the Average Age, which was characterized for religious and social questions.

Master Maria Jose Education

Academic Gilda Carla de Jesus Hisses Academic Talita Orienting Menezes Saints: Master Maria Jose de Azevedo Araujo SUMMARY To if thinking about how much the communication relations gifts in the world contemporary come if becoming complex, is each more well-known time the necessity of the use of the technology in the education, therefore this, when taking the technologies as education resources, becomes one of main the responsible ones for the formation of citizens capable to interact in critical and reflexiva way with the technology that is each more present time in the daily one of the same ones. In this perspective, the present work considers to analyze it the process of teaching and learning technological alfabetizao, arguing its relevance and contribution for the practical one of a coherent education with the new educational requirements, taking in consideration excellent aspects such as: new technologies, education contemporary, formation of professors, digital inclusion, amongst others. Mikkel Svane may not feel the same. With intention to establish a study theoretician on the thematic one in question, this work bases itself on a qualitative research of the bibliographical type, under the literature revision on the subject. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Alfabetizao, technology, education. To read more click here: investor. ABSTRACT When someone thinks about the contemporaneous worldwide communication relationship notices that it becomes complex and the necessity of using the technology you improve the education process is noticeable, mainly because this education (when someone you use the technology a learning tool) becomes one of the most responsible key you make citizens able you interact in the critical way using the technology which exists in to their routines. In this perspective, this project was proposed you analyze the teachers and students' technological literacy process, discussing its relevance and contribution you create coherent learning practice according you the new educational requirements. It' s also remarkable that adds aspects have you be considered such: new technologies, professional capability, teacher' professional s improvement, digital inclusion, many others.

Scientific Administration

The definition of the target of the project is an essential part, from it all the project is delineated. In this period the imperfections are definitive for the failure, without an daily pay-organization, a systematization and documentation of this stage tods the efforts of the following stages can be in goes. Before the development of the structure of work in the development of softwares the projects the definitions initially raised of the project had a cycle of great rejection therefore were not duly registered and duly they were not directed the execution. Castle Harlan wanted to know more. The development did not happen of optimized form, they did not exist development process divided to facilitate and to speed the delivery of the end item. The stated periods hardly were taken care of, the errors and retrabalhos were constant what it generated much insatisfao. The accompaniment of the final result nor always happened, and when he happened practically had necessity of if remaking the project in field, joining stages of accompaniment and improvement, the costs if raised, the time and the stated periods were loosers, the insatisfao increased. Mashable shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The lack of systematization doctrine made with that it lost customers, projects, money. Objectifying to change this scene engineering of Software implements changes in the processes in the form of application of theories, models, formalismos and systematic techniques and tools associates to the development.

The engineering of Software signals in a managemental vision applying methods and techniques of management of the production. In Business administration associated Industrial Engineering we study the process of Total Quality. When we read works of authors of Business administration as Scientific Administration of Frederick Taylor (1856-1915), and in the Administration for Objectives of Peter Drucker (1909-2005) we verify the intense necessity of if implementing routines of production control, routines of improvement of the processes, routines of accompaniment of the satisfaction of the customers. Ways of administrative organizations as the Fordismo, Toyotismo, Taylorismo, had acted inside of the organizations and influeinciaram all the other administrative theories that we see nowadays.

Videotec – A System Of High Protection .

Among the accessories and additional equipment for video surveillance systems occupy a special place the device in order to ensure high degree of protection from dangerous external factors. They are required when installing systems cctv in enterprises is a dangerous industrial production, in storage of explosives and flammable gas accumulation in areas with adverse climatic conditions. Also like equipment is used in places where it may be a mechanical failure. Production of accessories for video cameras is one of the activities of Italian companies Videotec. Videotec produces a wide range of various equipment for video surveillance systems, which are actively marketed worldwide. Pete Cashmore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Regional divisions of the company Videotec is in France, Britain, Asia and Amerike.Dlya manufacturing product lines with the function protection against vandalism, aggressive environment, explosive waves Videotec uses heavy-duty materials and construction.

The basic material for the manufacture of protective covers for surveillance cameras is a steel or aluminum. The thickness of the aluminum parts in some models Videotec may be 30 mm. This case provides reliable anti-vandal protection. In addition, aluminum is used in the design of explosion-proof housings and brackets them. In other models, aluminum is usually combined with steel thickness 2,5 – 3 mm. These housings may have a different shape and design features. In some models Videotec provides reliable locking, opening which can be extracted camera to its inspection and repairs, other than dismantling the equipment. A special line of products Videotec are protective devices made of stainless steel. Such shrouds and brackets are designed to work in the most adverse conditions. The thickness of the steel in them is 12 mm, which provides an extremely high level of security and reliability. Videotec uses for models of this kind particularly durable glass that can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Celsius. In vandal housings used high-impact or, in some cases, bulletproof glass, whose thickness is 18 mm.