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School Technologies

Altina Magalhes Coast the advances scientific are caracterizadores of huge changes in the seio of the society how much to the form to think, of speaking, to act, at last of living. It is important to detach that the world-wide net of computers, the Internet is instruments that make possible the pupils to bring for the context of the classroom: questions, information, new features that influence in day-by-day of the school. This is a challenge for the educators who urgently need to insert themselves in this hardwired society. more than to insert itself is necessary to visualize that the technologies, the medias favor the communication, the captation of information, but they do not guarantee changes in the process teach-learning. What it goes to guarantee is the processing of the caught information and the transformation of these in knowledge and sharing of this in knowledge with the humanity.

The young is not enough to have access to the information is necessary that the school promotes inclusion digital e, over all an education that it makes possible attribution of meanings what it is disponibilizado in the Internet. It is basic that the school breaches with this model of old education and creates articulated environments of learning with other environments of virtual knowledge. The existing technologies and medias in the society alone influence positively in the pertaining to school context will be the service of the curricular contents. One knows that the school still is very shy in this aspect. The technologies still are used as illustration of contents, and this by itself does not characterize change in the act to teach and to learn. It is essential to invest in the formation of the professors, to stimulate them in all the aspects so that they are felt motivated to leave the common place, to face plus this great challenge and to assume a flexible position front to this new society and this new project of education.

Library Information Systems STU

The company "Alley Software" took part in the VIII Scientific Conference "Library consortia: technologies and innovation", held from 14 to 20 June 2010, with the support of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and the Association of Regional Library Consortia (ARLICON). The conference brought together over 200 participants, among them – representatives of the university, school, regional, public libraries, IT professionals, experts in education and information services to professionals and vendors of books printed and electronic information products. The priority themes of the conference this year were corporate library and information portals in the era of web 2.0 and web 3.0 as a medium for interaction between librarians and users, the changes in the transition to electronic library resources (technology, digitization, and accounting resources and databases, performance evaluation use.) Considerable attention was paid to the electronic library systems, as well as issues of training and retraining and professional skills Librarian future. Speakers event – managers and employees of the largest libraries of Russia and the CIS – have demonstrated already working solutions for the effective management organization of library resources in modern conditions of solutions, in particular – an integrated information resource "The scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University" (NB TPU), network information portal Petersburg studies "Peace of St. Petersburg" and the corporate network portal combined resources of libraries St. Petersburg (TSGPB them. Mayakovsky), a national electronic resource Presidential Library.

BN Yeltsin consolidated portal of electronic card catalog of the Republic of Tatarstan (Institute Library Information Systems STU) and many others. "Our company – the traditional party conference-exhibition ARBIKON." – Said Stanislav Kim, CEO of "Alley of Software" – "This event has always been a platform for professional communication and exchange of experience. But this year we decided to provide an opportunity to keep abreast of events at the conference for those who, for whatever reason do not unable to personally attend to it: first in the library environment conducted on-line broadcast of the conference via Twitter and blog community ELIBCONSULT. This translation does not simply duplicate the presentations of speakers, but contains DISCUSSION – asked the audience questions, answers and comments from experts. The resulting response to the broadcast was very high and this is good news: it means that there is a need and interest in this web 2.0-and communication specialists who are ready to actively seized of the matter. We as a IT company located in constant interaction with professionals of librarianship, was born quite a few ideas for the development of such services, implementation of which will be discussed in the near future. "

Average Age

Destarte, the cenografia, front to the elements of a spectacle, also presents inherent proposals and objectives to the adequacy of the singularity of each presentation. At Michael Dell you will find additional information. According to Mantovani (1989, p.7), it is evident that the first cenogrficas references are established with the Dramatical theater, exactly in the place where if establishes the relation of scene and public, what cause one determined desconfigurao of any specific space, therefore the spectacle can happen in any alternative place, not necessarily in an institutionalized theater. Until the moment, the presented concepts indicate the use of the cenografia in the theater. Therefore, the quarrel perfaz on one composition palco and distribution of the public in the organization of the spectacle. However, in if treating to television, the productions can in such a way occur in studios as well as places to the outdoors.

These possibilities if had determined as the idea, the format and the proposal of the program. In detriment of the varied styles of types of scene, we could not treat the cenografia as evolutivo element, but yes capable to add elements of rational form that will take the designer to make use of a fan of options being objectified to take care of the proposal philosophical of the production. The necessity reigns to detach the following lesson of Ratto here: I continue defending the concept of the considered scenic space as an atmosphere that acts in the spectacle of sensorially dramatical form. I attack the gratuitous decorativismo violently, everything what it looks for to please, the pleonstico, the labelled one, the pompous one, at last everything what it is overlapped pretensiosamente to the correct interpretation of the text and the spectacle that intermedia. (RATTO, 1999, p.19) 1,3 Palco as place cenogrficoSegundo Mantovani (1989, p.8), meets in the spectacles of Greece registers of the job of elements such as rocks used in concentrical and of circular form, marking, thus, the style of the Average Age, which was characterized for religious and social questions.

Master Maria Jose Education

Academic Gilda Carla de Jesus Hisses Academic Talita Orienting Menezes Saints: Master Maria Jose de Azevedo Araujo SUMMARY To if thinking about how much the communication relations gifts in the world contemporary come if becoming complex, is each more well-known time the necessity of the use of the technology in the education, therefore this, when taking the technologies as education resources, becomes one of main the responsible ones for the formation of citizens capable to interact in critical and reflexiva way with the technology that is each more present time in the daily one of the same ones. In this perspective, the present work considers to analyze it the process of teaching and learning technological alfabetizao, arguing its relevance and contribution for the practical one of a coherent education with the new educational requirements, taking in consideration excellent aspects such as: new technologies, education contemporary, formation of professors, digital inclusion, amongst others. Mikkel Svane may not feel the same. With intention to establish a study theoretician on the thematic one in question, this work bases itself on a qualitative research of the bibliographical type, under the literature revision on the subject. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Alfabetizao, technology, education. To read more click here: investor. ABSTRACT When someone thinks about the contemporaneous worldwide communication relationship notices that it becomes complex and the necessity of using the technology you improve the education process is noticeable, mainly because this education (when someone you use the technology a learning tool) becomes one of the most responsible key you make citizens able you interact in the critical way using the technology which exists in to their routines. In this perspective, this project was proposed you analyze the teachers and students' technological literacy process, discussing its relevance and contribution you create coherent learning practice according you the new educational requirements. It' s also remarkable that adds aspects have you be considered such: new technologies, professional capability, teacher' professional s improvement, digital inclusion, many others.

Scientific Administration

The definition of the target of the project is an essential part, from it all the project is delineated. In this period the imperfections are definitive for the failure, without an daily pay-organization, a systematization and documentation of this stage tods the efforts of the following stages can be in goes. Before the development of the structure of work in the development of softwares the projects the definitions initially raised of the project had a cycle of great rejection therefore were not duly registered and duly they were not directed the execution. Castle Harlan wanted to know more. The development did not happen of optimized form, they did not exist development process divided to facilitate and to speed the delivery of the end item. The stated periods hardly were taken care of, the errors and retrabalhos were constant what it generated much insatisfao. The accompaniment of the final result nor always happened, and when he happened practically had necessity of if remaking the project in field, joining stages of accompaniment and improvement, the costs if raised, the time and the stated periods were loosers, the insatisfao increased. Mashable shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The lack of systematization doctrine made with that it lost customers, projects, money. Objectifying to change this scene engineering of Software implements changes in the processes in the form of application of theories, models, formalismos and systematic techniques and tools associates to the development.

The engineering of Software signals in a managemental vision applying methods and techniques of management of the production. In Business administration associated Industrial Engineering we study the process of Total Quality. When we read works of authors of Business administration as Scientific Administration of Frederick Taylor (1856-1915), and in the Administration for Objectives of Peter Drucker (1909-2005) we verify the intense necessity of if implementing routines of production control, routines of improvement of the processes, routines of accompaniment of the satisfaction of the customers. Ways of administrative organizations as the Fordismo, Toyotismo, Taylorismo, had acted inside of the organizations and influeinciaram all the other administrative theories that we see nowadays.

Videotec – A System Of High Protection .

Among the accessories and additional equipment for video surveillance systems occupy a special place the device in order to ensure high degree of protection from dangerous external factors. They are required when installing systems cctv in enterprises is a dangerous industrial production, in storage of explosives and flammable gas accumulation in areas with adverse climatic conditions. Also like equipment is used in places where it may be a mechanical failure. Production of accessories for video cameras is one of the activities of Italian companies Videotec. Videotec produces a wide range of various equipment for video surveillance systems, which are actively marketed worldwide. Pete Cashmore is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Regional divisions of the company Videotec is in France, Britain, Asia and Amerike.Dlya manufacturing product lines with the function protection against vandalism, aggressive environment, explosive waves Videotec uses heavy-duty materials and construction.

The basic material for the manufacture of protective covers for surveillance cameras is a steel or aluminum. The thickness of the aluminum parts in some models Videotec may be 30 mm. This case provides reliable anti-vandal protection. In addition, aluminum is used in the design of explosion-proof housings and brackets them. In other models, aluminum is usually combined with steel thickness 2,5 – 3 mm. These housings may have a different shape and design features. In some models Videotec provides reliable locking, opening which can be extracted camera to its inspection and repairs, other than dismantling the equipment. A special line of products Videotec are protective devices made of stainless steel. Such shrouds and brackets are designed to work in the most adverse conditions. The thickness of the steel in them is 12 mm, which provides an extremely high level of security and reliability. Videotec uses for models of this kind particularly durable glass that can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Celsius. In vandal housings used high-impact or, in some cases, bulletproof glass, whose thickness is 18 mm.

The Latest Electronics

An example. Avionics typical intercontinental ballistic missile has about 300 thousand electronic devices and components. In order for such a missile is normally surged 9 times out of 10, each part must have its reliability (probability at a specified time) at least 99.99996%. In other words, any detail “has the right to” break down one time for every 2.5 million (two and a half million!) launches. For more specific information, check out Mashable. Automating the assembly of electronic equipment, the need to drastically reduce its size and weight, improve reliability – these were all challenges that can not be resolved within the traditional technology. Scientists and engineers had to break with tradition and onerous in the first place to send in a fundamentally new way of development of electronic technology. True, it happened, not once. The technological revolution in Electronics and electronic equipment is not finished yet, but we can talk about it a great victory.

Over the past few years in the design and production of electronic equipment and electronic devices no time there were new directions, new ideas and methods. Many of them are “settled” in the industry and still used quite widely. And at the same time, each new method of creating a base for further advances, and the there was only a milestone on the path of progress. One of these milestones – printed circuit board. He allowed one hit to lay a connecting chain unit, opened a real opportunity to automate assembly processes, but, unfortunately, not resolved the remaining issues. Another important milestone – the modular design. Its essence is that a variety of radio-electronic devices collected from individual standard-size cells – modules. Each of them performs certain functions (oscillator, amplifier, flip-flop, etc.) and, in turn, consists of several tightly “packed” of radio parts. The modular design dramatically (5-10 times) increased packing density electronic equipment. The word “module” soon appeared the prefix “micro” – the efforts of experts on electronic ‘technology have been created subminiature (often saying “Microminiature”) lamps, transformers, switches, capacitors and other components were found new ways to build the modules.

Gradually, the density reached 10-20 designs det./sm3 and thus exceeded the density of the classical – Attachments – installation of conventional electronic components is about 100 times! But today, a figure that does not seem to us very large. The fact that the semiconductor crystal can not replace just one bulb and a lamp unit with many different parts. Such a crystal could be the basis for extremely reliable and subminiature devices entirely new type, where the functions of electronic devices would perform a small group of individual molecules. This At first glance a fantastic line of electronic equipment already has the first real success. Among them, solid, or, as they are called, integrated circuits, direct descendants of semiconductor diodes and transistors. High level of technology was the key to creating a single semiconductor crystal entire electronic components – solid-state circuits. Can be placed in a small crystal dozens of transitions, which act as diodes, transistors, capacitors. A similar method, changing the conductivity of the material, create a resistor – the most common elements of the schemes. Many resistors “own body” connect other parts, forming a complex electrical circuits. Where necessary connection “shorts” in the crystal pressed into very thin wire or sprayed onto the strip of metal.

GNSS Necessary

This program offers to the user the necessary calculation of the transport of co-ordinated by executed it in field. The manuscript is simple, needing the operator the data already converted for RINEX (format standard data-exchange rude GNSS) of the coordinates of the landmark base, and of, at least, two RBMC? s (Brazilian Net of Monitoramento Continuo) for the closing of the circuit of the survey of the transport. Also the insertion of the necessary events is necessary. In the TGOffice it is advisable to insert the necessary events available in the site of the NASA of the previous day, current day and posterior day, to complete the cycle. In accordance with MONICO, 2008: ' ' The production of after-processed events, called necessary events, aims at to take care of users who need positioning with better precision that proportionate for the events transmitidas.' ' Below, a final model of a closed circuit of a transport is presented of co-ordinated: 5-Illustration figure programs Done TGOffice the adjustment of the comments, is generated the reports of all the calculations made for the TGOffice.

Amongst them, it is important to observe in the statistical summary the test of chi squared; being it ' ' PASS' ' , it is the confirmation of a positive result. In the picture of the adjusted geodesic coordinates they will be to the coordinates of the base, with its respective latitude, longitude and height. In a similar way the residual histogramas of standardized are generated in the report, where the value of the critical Tau or any strange data is observed of comment; we find the ellipse of error of the point, that shows to the errors standards a posteriori and, of the horizontal coordinate and the covariante term between the points. 4,2 TOPCON TOOLS the version used in the generation of this resource multimedia was the 7,0 of software Topcon Tools, important tool that assists in the calculations of the transport of the coordinates and in the processing of the perimeter of the raised area.


How do you imagine the modern process of embroidery? No, it's not long evenings in front of the window and skillful movement needlewomen. Today, the creation of embroidery made a special embroidery machines. They allow you to put in embroidery short time and with minimal effort. Embroidery is a special program being developed by the designer. Steve Wozniak recognizes the significance of this. This program allows you to calculate all the necessary parameters for future work, including number of stitches, which affects the cost of doing embroidery. Today may be performed as embroidery on the cut, and embroidery on various manufactured products. In the latter case, the decoration of clothing that lets give it some personality. Embroidery can be used to decorate clothing, and finishing a variety of interior items: towels, napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads. Embroidery allows us to give any special chic interior. In addition, embroidery is used today in the promotional printing a company logo on the clothing of staff and various souvenirs. This allows the recall of the company and enhance its status. Embroidery a cut is the easiest way to create an image. Embroidery on a cut is an automated process of creating images on the fabric from which the later is supposed to sew something or other product. Embroidery on a cut is very fast and easy, because, unlike manufactured products, there are no inaccessible areas. And the embroidery can be used for material of all sizes. Very important phase of the layout. It allows you to determine the exact location of the future of embroidery. This takes into account both the sheer size of tissue, and that of her later supposed to sew. Embroidery on a cut may used to create flags. And a wide variety of yarns for embroidery machines can achieve the desired colors and effects. In addition, all threads are of high quality and very resistant to chemical influences. In addition, do not fade in the sun, which is very important to create flags.

Waves Context

These concepts are boarded in ‘ ‘ Waves of Transformao’ ‘ (TOFFLER, 1980, P. 24), according to author, is about the great historical moments of evolution of the society human being, each one with its proper paradigms related to the aspects economic, social, technological and organizacional politician. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Steve Wozniak. Projects of long-distance education are less distinguished for the regional and potential reach of democratization of education, offering inclusion chance the classrooms also favored as for the concentration of escolarizao in the urban centers more developed and still that one referring to the accessibility, providing education for who wants to study, on the other hand, the factor ‘ ‘ regionalismo’ ‘ it influences directly in the efficiency index and effectiveness of these programs, courses with high demand and great abrangncia involve many particularitities. Most of the time, the barriers for expansion of education are in the distance not atreladas directly the necessity or lack of technologies for disponibilizao, but yes, to the fact of the disordered growth, credenciamento of education institutions that do not adjust the reality and cultural necessities of this modality and questions involving the actors in the context of work of the multi-functional teams and to multidiscipline, the scene of the education in the distance has passed for constant transformations from the context of change of values, the cultural diversity is present and the globalization demands communication and information without borders becoming the paper of the TIC? more including s, according to Levy (1999), the universe of cibercultura does not possess nor center nor line line of direction. It does not possess particular content, accepted it to all, therefore any with another one is contented in placing in contact a point, whichever the load semantics of the related entities.