Pain does not exist crueler, deep, that to lose somebody that we like, somebody next a in. It is as if they dilacerassem our heart without anesthesia, as if a bomb blew up in the brain, paralyzing it, spraying the nexus of everything. First it comes the shock, later not wanting to believe, finally the acceptance, always folloied of much revolt, incompreenso. The death definitively is not a subject of which the people if feel comfortable in debating it, much less she mentions it, the discomfort is well-known, exactly when we try, sensation of that is it, ' ' the Morte' ' , it is definitively our icognita greater; because not, enemy to be looser, deciphered. Exactly being the thing most certain of the life, nobody still obtained an explanation logical, or satisfactory. But dying is inevitable! Already it checks, in one afternoon of Autumn, to fall leves deceased? Thus the souls in the eternity fall every day. Learn more about this with Viacom. One day, the fallen leaf, you will be.

The great paradox to put, is that according to theological, god it created to give it exactly descao in the living beings Without a doubt, the death was not part of the nature, but it became natural; because god did not institute the death at the outset, but he gave it as remedy. Condemned for the sin to a continuous work and the insuportveis lamentations, the life of the men started to be needy. God had of finally to these males, so that the death restituted what the life had lost. With effect, immortality she would be penosa than beneficial, if he was not promoted by the favour. (Ambrsio Saint). Our education, culture little opened the subjects most complex, also finishes contributing to increase the mystery, the fear.

Parents, schools have, it as a mythical subject, that cannot be boarded, or when they are, always of superficial, fast form, thus being, are educated since ours tenra infancy not to sail, to transit for this subject. The death is a great taboo, no matter how hard let us strengthen in them, will never be something pleasant to be debated, of if interacting. Beyond of our attachment for ' ' vida' ' , the great one cheap is, for where goes after all? Exists exactly something after our departure? in this subversion, we more advance each day for our end, each day more for our physical decay, since exactly that let us fight for the life, it the life, does not want in them for the remaining portion of the life. Then what to make? I think that not it nothing, not to be to live, to live as if everything was to finish at any time. Prescriptions of living? They are so fools, as trying to decipher the proper death, do not exist answers that satisfy in them, that in it gives some tranquillity to them. Then the conclusion that I arrive is, that life is synonymous of death, death is synonymous of life, one only exists in function of the other, nothing more than this. I only want therefore to be able to live in peace. To die living.