Extra Cost Item

When buying a used injection molding machines in an article on the repair costs increase. The new equipment at least a high probability of breakage and the appearance of defects. Besides working with the new technology has the opportunity to warranty repairs. For new thermoplastic parts is always in stock, the manufacturer, while for b in thermoplastic parts to look for. If the company is planning a permanent and continuous technological cycle, the variant used in automatic molding him no good. Latent defects, the old failures and general deterioration mechanisms can make a continuous loop impossible. The problem lies in the fact that some hidden flaws can not be detected even by careful study of technology, and in a continuous cycle, they quickly make themselves felt.

Modern injection molding machines – these are complex devices that equipped with electronic filling, different means of automated control and so on. Depending on the material, which technology to recycle these units are called reaktoplastavtomatami or injection molding machines. By design termaplastavtomaty vary widely. TPa classification is based on the efforts of the locking shape, injection volume and many other types of TPa. In addition, injection molding are divided according to their Design features: – by way of mastication – in the peculiarities of mastication – the number of sites blocking – on the peculiarities of the drive – on the axis of the cylinder molding used for the production of various polymer products of various shapes, sizes and properties. Per cycle, this technique produces one or more parts, depending on the needs and preferences TPa. Buy Used for molding the best of international manufacturers, because their techniques even previously used different quality. Problems and costs it will be much less than that of TPa dubious quality.