Max Jelinek

Rest in the team and highly motivated employees, and not those bringing those ideas. If he want to get out, then he should go away stop!” Actually an easier job for me -. an employee pass discreetly with the necessary golden handshake”in the bag. As mediator and consensus of attorney I agreed to an appointment with the employee. I asked about his condition and his satisfaction in the company and learned the following: the first 18 months he was super happy and have been happy you listened to him, showed interest in him, visited him almost daily in his Office. He said ideas for which he was praised, and many of these ideas have been implemented 1: 1. Then the visits of the heads were less abruptly, that he spent more time in other offices. The ideas expressed by him in team meetings were still being implemented, he received little but praise.

The boss would be just bound to him. He think you wanted to break away from him. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. He even don’t understand why. It would be his dream job and he would have been but highly motivated and have demonstrated through his ideas but also always that he fully identify themselves with the company. He felt Since half a year on the siding. It’s not a nice feeling – he wanted to make but also none for this responsible.

He would just like to again different, he don’t trust hardly ideas to express. Whether there had been a conversation going? No, there is still the economic crisis”and because he wanted but not here inside additionally provide trouble. To make the story short, I asked me willingness to find a date for a common conversation either. I told what I had learned from the relevant people at this meeting and made me whether I had really understood everything and reflected. After a fresh will Manager left the meeting room of conversation aufwuhlendem two hours and the entrepreneur had become a medium-sized five-digit sum of goodbye money”saved. And also high employee motivated the again, which he had wished. In the previous conversation had turned out, that the entrepreneur after the 18 months so happy “” “was about the working staff, that he is his time for problem cases” had lifted in the operation and not in the dream had thought that the staff neglected to “could feel only because he was no longer so often in the Office he should be happy that he had so much confidence, unattended” to work. “We call mediators cake magnify such a result” a win-win “solution to bring. Just no compromise or settlement, but a solution in which each party gets satisfied 100% of their needs. More information and support, obtaining Max Jelinek 08075 9140608