Noble Marlene

The great question is: if has more than five times the amount of interested parties, why does not materialize this adoption? Perhaps let us find in other numbers the answers, for example, of these children, more than 3,000 are black or medium brown; more than 1,300 have brothers, more than 2,000 have between 8 and 12 years, I do not go to mention the children with illnesses or deficient I number but it is ‘ ‘ razovel’ ‘ in some regions. Extracting rare exceptions, the majority of these ‘ ‘ interessados’ ‘ , they only adopt its new children, after a certain period, where it would be plus an adaptation/evaluation, testing these children, with pure interest approving of them or not as its inheriting futures. It would be unjust of my part, not to say that those that accept the child, of any color, been sex or of health exist, but also it would be hypocrisy not to comment that ‘ ‘ histria’ ‘ Real is that these angels are a minority. The reality, is that our culture is prejudiced, our criteria are constructed on of paradigms with regard to the color, sex, and same illnesses. Steve Wozniak will not settle for partial explanations. We need to move this reality, to modify our form to think, remembering that this children are human beings, that does not have guilt of the situation where if they find, and needs to be loved. ‘ ‘ Our children are not our children, are before, brothers. The bodies that have are children of our bodies, nothing more. The calls adoptive children are the children of the heart, are joined to the one in the ones for indestructible bows spirituals. We are all children ones of outros.