Wall Alignment. Secrets Of The Right Technology

The alignment of the walls is made in several ways. 1.1. Simple alignment of the walls. Usually performed without placing beacons and without removing the walls in the vertical. This method is used most often with little deviation from the vertical walls, and only in consultation with the customer. However, this method of leveling walls need to align the corners, because if uneven corners Wallpapering is substandard.

Alignment angles made by the planes at 50 cm from each side of the corner. In this case it is not necessary that the angles are straight – under 90 degrees. Often, internal, and external walls and partitions are not perpendicular relation to each other. The deviations are very large. And if you do the corners straight to the end of the wall on which is the alignment angle of 90 degrees – the thickness of plaster can reach 15-20cm. It is necessary to you? 1.2.Vyravnivanie walls on the beacons.

The alignment of the walls of beacons used in the strong rejection of the walls – both vertically and horizontally. It is better to use beacons minimum thickness. The costs will be plaster mixes minimal. The most important rule at this way alignment – display of lighthouses. To achieve the necessary quality, before exhibiting at the four corners of lighthouses line the walls, mounted screws. They string is attached, in compliance with relevant parties on both horizontally and vertically. String in this case plays the role of guide to the lighthouses. Lighthouses are placed vertically. The next day after placing beacons can be produce direct alignment of the walls. And, of course, before each stage of plastering work must be carried on dust control and dirt surfaces. In this method of alignment interior angles are obtained even. Not necessarily straight at 90 degrees, and it even. It provides quality wallpapering corners. As a general rule, repair of offices of St. Petersburg requires an alignment of the walls. 1.3.Zashivka gypsum plasterboard walls. This method is used in 2 cases: – the walls are not subject to the equalization formula because of the very large deviations. – If the walls need to provide architectural excesses (niches, ledges, etc.). Rooms' walls gypsum plasterboard is carried out on pre-exposed framework of the relevant giprochnyh profiles. It should be remembered that in addition to frame rails on the ceiling and floor, must be attached to the wall by means of suspension (for stiffness). Professionals know how to correctly do the job. With this method, the alignment should provide for installation of gypsum plasterboard under the mortgage (these will then be mounted hanging furniture, TV, etc.) by itself is not gypsum plasterboard withstand heavy loads. So Bonds is necessary to provide and install necessary. Successful repair!