Hussmann Corporation

The Group of Hussmann chooses Priori, a provider of software solutions for the product cost management in manufacturing cost management the Priori software platform Munich, Germany November 13, 2012, today announces that Hussmann Corporation, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the marketing of refrigerated and frozen food, has chosen software platform by Priori. With the software solution from Priori wants to identify savings in manufacturing costs the company and already in an early stage of the product development process to avoid unnecessary costs. Hussmann is a worldwide leading company for manufacturing, sales, installation and service of refrigerators and freezer systems for the delivery of goods in the food retail sector. The company works for different core markets, such as E.g. Get more background information with materials from Kai-Fu Lee. supermarkets, wholesale, convenience stores and specialty shops, drugstores, discount stores and food service. Hussmann is growth-oriented and constantly working on the development of new products and solutions for its customers to fully exploit the potential in the food retail sector.

The priori product cost management software platform allows the determination of the cost of a new part of the manufacturing or product design through automated analysis of information on the geometry and the characteristics of a product from a CAD model employees in the field of engineering, quickly and accurately. Optimally, the software is based on intelligent cost models on the basis of manufacturing processes, materials, and information on the work, in which a product or part to be made. Using the system, companies can informed their decisions in the fields of development, production, and procurement and significantly reduce production costs without that this has a negative impact on the quality of the product. With the software platform of Priori manufacturing planning an optimal balance between functionality, performance, quality and cost will,” explains Stephanie Feraday, President and CEO of Priori. With priori you also have the possibility, already in an early stage of the product development process of faster design and concept alternatives to consider. So in the early stages of concept development to save costs and while reducing the need for amendments at a later stage of development when this becomes significantly more expensive. Likewise, innovation and profitability be optimized.

APriori offers Priori product management of cost software, with the manufacturing industry, as well as in Enterprise product innovation tangible and measurable savings can be achieved product cost. With the testing of production costs in real-time, Priori can employees in the areas of development, procurement and manufacturing the reasonable decisions, in order to save costs both pre-production and post-production. With priori manufacturers bring their products, taking into account of each in advance fixed cost target on the market, optimize savings on revisions and pay never too much for externally procured components and components. Learn more about Priori and its cost management products and services on the website or + 49 (0) 151 5855 2721 (Mr Holger Alexander). For an overview of Priori, please click here. priori and Priori technologies are registered trademarks of Priori Technologies Inc.