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This online multiplayer java game for mobile phones, smartphones, Symbian. It can be attributed to the strategies as well as to RPG (MMORPG) java games. In lordmancer may also play a lot of online users. In the game world are lordmancer virtual characters, towns, items, money. Players can chat, fight, discover new lands and build their clans. Lordmancer – a virtual world where you can live many months. Served as prototypes for computer games King's Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic.

We took the best of these games, have adapted the game for cellular networks and phones, have developed a unique design and attention to detail the game world. What have we got? Get a mobile MMORPG, which is fun to play. Some facts game works correctly on most mobile phones supporting java MIDP 2.0 and minimum screen resolution of 176×208. We are actively testing the game on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Symbian smartphones and communicators Windows Mobile. Learn more at: Ali Partovi. The size of jar file – 250 KB.

Interaction java game client to the server occurs via GPRS. An hour spent active game of 200 KB of traffic. The uniqueness of the game Lordmancer has several advantages over other mobile projects multiplayer games. Support for a large number of simultaneously playing users. Game universe is infinite virtually and protected from overpopulation and dishonest "beating" the weak strong players. . Developed and convenient mode two-player combat (PvP). Rich opportunities for interaction of players. You can fight with each other, communicate in chat or privately built, to change things, to unite the clans. Domestic economy is tied to the game own game currency, trading mechanisms, receipt and expenditure of money. In Game 5 races, dozens of species of creatures, more than 50 game cards and hundreds of items and magic scrolls. The architecture allows the game to dynamically add new maps, items and magic. Opportunities for self-players in the game universe is vast. You can capture a city and call it by its name, create your own clan, select a road warrior or mage, elf or orc. Game extend the scheme Free to play, that is absolutely free! Gameplay characters move around the game map, where he meets other characters (players and NPC), are towns, villages, and the Gate between the worlds treasures. The hero can move freely across multiple interconnected cards – the Earth. To get to the other Land, it is necessary to find a gate between worlds. Access to the Gate is closed often strong opponents or by some limitations. The game there is a two-player battle mode (PvP). The battle takes place in steps. Fight as you can with a computer opponent. Developed artificial intelligence and intelligent combat system will not be bored even the most demanding players. Players can communicate with each other to chat, share things, to unite in clans and fight wars. In towns, players can employ a variety of creatures in their army, buy and sell things, magic scrolls. This is a neutral place where you can not fight, but you can communicate and trade. Domestic economy game based on the laws of the real world. The player has to strike a balance between expenditure and income. For the army must not only pay the money once, but regularly pay salaries. Is the game and the opportunity to receive a steady income. And only on the player to have enough if he earned money. This and other java games you may download from our site for free.