First Digital Camera

A digital camera is an accessory for every type of person. Not because it was a camera, but because it is the only device that helps maintain and preserve the good moments captured forever. There are thousands of types of digital cameras on the market to choose. He used to see many confused people which digital camera purchase, then I decided to write a guide that could resolve many doubts and people can take note of things that are really important to buy your first digital camera. The sensor of the camera sensor is one of the pieces most important camera and keeping it running, metaphorically is the heart of our body. That is why it is called digital camera because it has the sensor light sensitive, stirring this sensor our digital camera would not have any use. In past years, when the technology was not so advanced, the idea of introducing a digital camera to anyone is spent per head, sensitive lights were used in the camera with which were made films of that era, images were formed when the films are exponian to light.

However the drawback of the technique was that once the piece of film was exposed to the light already could not utlizarce to other outlets (artistic photography course). However, in this era of digital cameras, the rules have changed. However, that technical and photosensitive film have been completely replaced by sensors. Sensors also act exactly like the photosensitive films (and are too sensitive to light), but with the advantage that gives us the possibility of a practical reusable sensitive light films. This leaves us with the conclusion that when you buy your first digital camera, performs research on the sensor used by different camera companies in the manufacture of the type of camera you are going to buy. The optical zoom is the King, the digital zoom is junk very often I see people who are confused between digital and optical zoom.