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The Material

But in order to do this, you must create a mechanism that affects the structure of the material world, ie its moving parts. Of course, people immediately think about how you can create a machine capable of managing the material world. And here is impossible not to remember that no movement of electrons and atoms, creates a magnetic field, and everything is the opposite: the magnetic field makes the move all particles of our material world. This is what I wrote in another article titled "on the reverse." Written in this article about how and what affects the structured magnetic field. According to our Research found that just the thought – it is the structure of non-material world, which controls the magnetic field underworld for a man of peace, and therefore the elements of the material world. Let us recall from the Bible, how way God created our world. Many who read the Bible know that word. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. But words without thought does not happen.

The word itself is only a thought, but the idea is the current element that is able to create and build, as, however, and destroy. See GoPro for more details and insights. Hence, controlling the thought, a person can control, and time. But let's think about whether all thoughts can control people. Of course not. Suffice it to recall that peristalsis in the gut person is not subject to his will, which means that it obeys the thought which is not subject to human consciousness. Many functions in the human body works independently of his will. Although yoga through long training are able to manage certain organs of his body, thinking that obey the ordinary man in an automatic mode.

And it would seem that before a man gets an insoluble problem: "How to learn to manage all your thoughts?" But in fact, as the long-standing practice of mankind, there are no unsolvable problems, there are only different amounts of time required to solve them. And in this case in order to learn how to manage all your thoughts, a person must understand and explore that structure, in this case – the consciousness that creates the very idea. Over time, we learned that this consciousness of his physical nature and essence. But the study consciousness we could not, without understanding, that such a space. After all, even for a time and speed necessary space. If there is no space, hence there is no place to control the speed and time. Not knowing how to turn on the computer without turning it, you do not create the necessary space on your computer to run a movie or game. That's why my next article in a series of articles "of the world" I have called "space".

Can Microbes Be

RAMPF resins brings antibacterial sealing foam on the market – material certified for air conditioning systems bacteria are everywhere – in the air, in the water, on the ground. Thus the useless microbes at least in buildings, clean rooms or in the car no longer feel has RAMPF resins the antibacterial seal foam RAKU-PUR 32-3276 developed, which is certified according to VDI 6022. The new tear-resistant two-component polyurethane system sure seal air conditioners, fans, filters, lamps and ventilation systems. Quietly and efficiently so the new antibacterial sealing foam by RAMPF protects against fungi, yeasts, bacteria, and Legionella. The thixotropic material polyurethane (PU) with the name RAKU-PUR 32-3276 has a very compact, hydrophobic integral skin.

Thus, it is suitable for the sealing of complex, three-dimensional components with convex or concave contour. The foam Caterpillar remains constant through the thixotropy inclines or slopes. Still convinced the 2K-System due to high Tensile strength, low water absorption, fast installation ease and optimum adhesion on a variety of surfaces whether painted or powder-coated. Also complies with the new development from the House of RAMPF hygiene of ventilation systems (HVAC systems), as well as devices VDI 6022 resins and was recognized by the Institute for air hygiene microbial inert. The audit was conducted in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846.

The material is ideal for use in public buildings such as hospitals or in pure, and wet rooms, where useless microbes are absolutely taboo. “The concept of machine and material from a single source” saves costs also that company Koolair opts for the latest RAMPF technology. The leading manufacturer used resins for air-conditioning in all applications around the air distribution such as ventilation grilles, sprinklers and access locks on the antibacterial polyurethane sealing foam by RAMPF. The foam is applied by a low-pressure mixing and dispensing system RAMPF sister company Dispensing equipment. According to own Koolair system solution saves up to 40% of the production costs. Thus, the 2K-PU-System in the future not only in the hospital or in the home is to be found, but also in spectacular buildings such as the new Convention Center in Irish Dublin or in extravagant hotels such as the Puerta de America in Madrid.

Exhaust Air Cleaning

The Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division showed their new plant KATASORB PRINT at the K fair October 2013 for the first time. Jena, November 20, 2013 with the KATASORB system PRINT, Jenoptik has expanded its product range for the purification of waste. The KATASORB presented for the first time in Dusseldorf PRINT is specifically designed for the printing industry: integrated directly into the printing machine, the system reduces the operating costs of the printing machine and increases energy efficiency. So, Jenoptik is aimed at manufacturers of printing presses and printers who want to achieve significant savings in their total cost of ownership. The system is suitable both for the initial equipment and for retrofitting of printing machines. KATASORB PRINT is a complete drying unit with integrated catalytic exhaust cleaning and heat recovery. This first system designed for integration into printing machines reduces the operating costs of printing plant by up to 85 percent compared to standard systems, such as investigations.

A comparison was made for this with KATASORB PRINT is equipped printing machine and a machine, the exhaust air cleaning system without catalytic support is working and is not included in the machine. A model could be shown also through the use of the drying unit KATASORB PRINT CO2 emissions by up to 200 tons per year can reduce. Basis for the model was a printing press with an average service life of 4,000 hours and a volume of almost 58 million square meters per year. Also the annual consumption of energy decreases through the use of the KATASORB PRINT of approximately 400 to 60 megawatt hours. These energy efficiency as well as the compact design distinguish the system KATASORB PRINT. Its high efficiency the concept owes the catalytic material implementation with a low-level system design, as well as the heat feedback in the drying unit.

Only Faraday

Matter, space, time and movement is not divisible ad infinitum, and have limits of divisibility. And it is these, rather than the opposite properties can be programmed into the computer. And what about the speed of movement? Until the middle of the xix century. in physics took place disputes between supporters of the so-called 'long range' and 'short range'. Long-range interaction is instantaneous (without intermediaries, through a vacuum) the transfer of administration (eg, gravitational or electric) of one body on another, no matter how far these bodies may be located from each other, that is the principle of long-range acknowledges the existence of an infinitely high speed. Supporters of 'short range' believed that the body interact only with finite rates, and by direct contact or through the physical fields (gravitational, electromagnetic, etc.) – through intermediaries, which ultimately also interact directly with the body, their Radiant and with the body absorbing them.

Supporters of long-range were eminent scientists, in particular, Ampere and pendant. Only Faraday firmly on the position of the short-range, and finally secured a position Maxwell, creating a middle of the xix century, a mathematically perfect electromagnetic field theory, which proved the finiteness of the rate of interaction. Infinity – including infinite speed – program in your computer impossible, because the victory of supporters of the 'short range' means an addition of one more weights on the scales in favor of an artificial origin of our universe. But there are even more stringent conditions to the Universe can be programmed in the computer.

The Immortality Of Man. Scientific Approach

People have always thought that allotted to them for life time is too short. This encourages people to look for methods by which he could prolong his life or make it infinite – immortality. Immortality Modern Science Modern science is actively engaged in researching the possibility of eternal life and has already achieved some success in this area. The most promising of these three areas of research: stem cells, genetics, and nanotechnology. The science of immortality ('immortology, from Lat. Im -' no ", mors, mortis – 'death', a term introduced Igor Vishev, Ph.D.) also considers the following areas: lowering of body temperature, transplantation, cryonics (immortality through freezing – cryopreservation), the change of 'carrier of consciousness "(cloning) and others. Lowering the temperature of the body as a way to achieve immortality actively studied in Japan.

Experiments on mice have shown that cooling the body temperature by half a degree increase lifespan by 12-20%. By lowering the body temperature by one degree, as calculated by the Japanese scientists, the term human life is extended for 30-40 years. The path to immortality – the stem cells? Scientists have found that one way to rejuvenate the body are the stem, or, as they are called pluripotent cells. The term 'stem cells' (born stem cell) introduced in 1908 by aa Maximov. During his research he came to the conclusion that in the human body throughout his life retained the universal undifferentiated cells that can transform into any part of the tissue. Pluripotent cells are formed even at the dawn of man, and they develop the entire body.