Only Faraday

Matter, space, time and movement is not divisible ad infinitum, and have limits of divisibility. And it is these, rather than the opposite properties can be programmed into the computer. And what about the speed of movement? Until the middle of the xix century. in physics took place disputes between supporters of the so-called 'long range' and 'short range'. Long-range interaction is instantaneous (without intermediaries, through a vacuum) the transfer of administration (eg, gravitational or electric) of one body on another, no matter how far these bodies may be located from each other, that is the principle of long-range acknowledges the existence of an infinitely high speed. Supporters of 'short range' believed that the body interact only with finite rates, and by direct contact or through the physical fields (gravitational, electromagnetic, etc.) – through intermediaries, which ultimately also interact directly with the body, their Radiant and with the body absorbing them.

Supporters of long-range were eminent scientists, in particular, Ampere and pendant. Only Faraday firmly on the position of the short-range, and finally secured a position Maxwell, creating a middle of the xix century, a mathematically perfect electromagnetic field theory, which proved the finiteness of the rate of interaction. Infinity – including infinite speed – program in your computer impossible, because the victory of supporters of the 'short range' means an addition of one more weights on the scales in favor of an artificial origin of our universe. But there are even more stringent conditions to the Universe can be programmed in the computer.