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Hamburg Opposition

Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed Germany’s tax law is extremely confusing and often incorrectly applied even by the financial management. Learn more at this site: altavista. The taxpayer is therefore often not otherwise about to enforce as its legitimate interests by means of tax assessment review and appeal procedures. The Hamburg-based tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski describes how this should be taken. More than one third, issued by the German tax authorities, tax assessment is incorrect. The reasons for this are usually in one of the following circumstances: the tax declaration form or one of its 15 plants was the taxpayer incorrectly filled out. The revenue authority takes different views on the specific tax case.

The collection of data was incomplete or incorrect. The financial management ignores the current case law of the federal application provisions of the Federal Ministry of finance. Once erroneous tax assessments are received, must within one month of opposition raised be. After this period, obtained the tax assessment notice, long-lasting effectiveness regardless of its accuracy, and will no longer be changed. Always a comprehensible justification because those are financial officials in a position to edit the facts among the opposition. Without grounds of opposition shall adopt the financial administration sooner or later an opposition decision, with which this is dismissed as unfounded. A new examination of the concerned tax and due to their adopted tax assessment notice the financial authorities, contrary to her from section 367, paragraph 2 not carry AO resulting obligation, usually.

For taxpayers, the need to proceed immediately with a reasoned objection in writing against dubious tax bills stems from the processing practices of financial management. Otherwise, they obstruct the way to enforce their fiscal interests. The vast majority of taxpayers not found their way in the jungle of German tax law. You should a similarly conflict experienced tax advisor entrust about checking tax assessments, and in particular the opposition leadership. Experience and expertise of a tax advisor allow him to confront the representatives of the tax authorities on an equal footing. This, he has not only a greater acceptance as a conversation partner, but is also able to use his familiarity with legal provisions and administrative procedures for the benefit of the taxpayer. Especially in complex situations, an experienced tax consultant knows a even often better than the officials and employees of the financial management. This helps to achieve out-of-court settlements, which save time and protect nerves. According to current statistics, appeals to the financial management in the average lead to appreciable tax relief from 300 to 600 euros per case. The Hamburg-based tax consultant Gunter Zielinski enforces for many years, the fiscal interests of his clients in the financial management.


The idea of joint responsibility for common goods and property. The dispute over copyright law (copyright, trademarks, patents) changed my look for three deals: Ubuntu, OpenOffice.org, and Wikipedia. This 3 I have used for a long time, to make so far include about 120 articles in the Internet. Online-artikel.de, which publishes them, uses the classic type: free for authors and readers. It is financed by advertising. There are always individual and commonly-owned (Commons), a functioning practice of prehistoric humanity. With increase in the Division of labour, dealing with Commons was problematic and un human! We can not simply turn back the wheel of the ecological and economic history of agriculture. The principles remain the same evolutionary always.

The shape changed innovative revolutionary, E.g. Internet. Here, we must find new ways! See my article 47, 48: the principle of free revolutionized our economy. See my article 86: cooperatives as an expression of vital economical and ecological management. Our world consists of an open system of first-order, nature (1 conversion cycle) and in the closed systems 3rd order, cultures (n value chains). Each individual works according to the principle of contrast analog (transcendence + emotions, desire or frustration) and digital (rationality + reason, know or believe). The human brain works at 3 levels of true Nehmungs: the unreal level of subject (morals, gods). The symbolic intermediate level: Money (real and nominal value) the real object level (standards / , goods worlds) human communities work in formal (content, open and honest) and formal (form, rules, structure).

Human handling works in the following 3 ways: outwards competition internally and externally, cooperation inside and outside and synergies. Commonsense, common sense, causes the intra-group competition and cooperation for growth and development: synergy. > Public goods include… the common goods. Reine in the consumer, public goods are characterized by the properties not from IDC and non-rivalry.

Max Jelinek

Rest in the team and highly motivated employees, and not those bringing those ideas. If he want to get out, then he should go away stop!” Actually an easier job for me -. an employee pass discreetly with the necessary golden handshake”in the bag. As mediator and consensus of attorney I agreed to an appointment with the employee. I asked about his condition and his satisfaction in the company and learned the following: the first 18 months he was super happy and have been happy you listened to him, showed interest in him, visited him almost daily in his Office. He said ideas for which he was praised, and many of these ideas have been implemented 1: 1. Then the visits of the heads were less abruptly, that he spent more time in other offices. The ideas expressed by him in team meetings were still being implemented, he received little but praise.

The boss would be just bound to him. He think you wanted to break away from him. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. He even don’t understand why. It would be his dream job and he would have been but highly motivated and have demonstrated through his ideas but also always that he fully identify themselves with the company. He felt Since half a year on the siding. It’s not a nice feeling – he wanted to make but also none for this responsible.

He would just like to again different, he don’t trust hardly ideas to express. Whether there had been a conversation going? No, there is still the economic crisis”and because he wanted but not here inside additionally provide trouble. To make the story short, I asked me willingness to find a date for a common conversation either. I told what I had learned from the relevant people at this meeting and made me whether I had really understood everything and reflected. After a fresh will Manager left the meeting room of conversation aufwuhlendem two hours and the entrepreneur had become a medium-sized five-digit sum of goodbye money”saved. And also high employee motivated the again, which he had wished. In the previous conversation had turned out, that the entrepreneur after the 18 months so happy “” “was about the working staff, that he is his time for problem cases” had lifted in the operation and not in the dream had thought that the staff neglected to “could feel only because he was no longer so often in the Office he should be happy that he had so much confidence, unattended” to work. “We call mediators cake magnify such a result” a win-win “solution to bring. Just no compromise or settlement, but a solution in which each party gets satisfied 100% of their needs. More information and support, obtaining Max Jelinek 08075 9140608