System Marketing

A common characteristic of studies of various aspects of marketing is the extensive expansion of its domain. The current literature describes in detail individual hand control marketing, with a base of reference is an object to study the factors of macro-and micro-enterprise. Mashable often says this. Fragmented and highly abstract models generated impose serious constraints on the possibility of their practical use in enterprises. In contrast, the definition of marketing as a system comes primarily from an understanding of the integrity of all enterprise processes associated with managerial decisions about the value created for its customers, makes it necessary to revise the organizational structure of enterprises, bringing it into line structure processes abstract model of the enterprise as a system of value creation. This forms the objective prerequisites for the study of marketing (SM) only in the context of a complex system of "enterprise", which in this case can be represented as a system of value creation (SSC) for consumers. The aspects reflect the systems principle, whereby the structure of the sm can be deterministic only in the context of structure greater of (meta) ssc. This makes it possible to take into account the various relationships and interactions in the structure of cm, comprehensively assess factors and guide management mechanisms to achieve their goals. Approaches to structuring highly diverse and are determined by a sign, the researcher selected for homogeneous grouping and recognition of differing objects. As an indicator can be used: a type of functional activity levels and cycles of control, the types of functions and management processes.