Wedding Photography – accurate and fine art. To capture the atmosphere of weddings, as well as get a lot of beautiful shots the bride, groom, their family and friends, you need good technique and diligence. Photographer must feel the desire to the newlyweds before he starts shooting, as well as the important ability to predict the course of the celebration, even when he's not quite prepared. Patience, consistency, and complete abandonment of feelings embarrassment – these are the qualities that will help you get the best wedding photos. However, there are several things to help the wedding photographer to achieve the optimal result, an even more interesting frames. Wedding – a very important event in the life of the newlyweds, and the photographer must remember that his pictures are not the only purpose of the holiday. The photographer should not be too intrusive or too demonstrative, I would even say that he or it should be so invisible as possible. The solemnity and the aesthetics of such an event can be easily broken.

Wandering photographer or someone who begins to put himself directly in the course of the holiday, terrible distraction from more important things. With regard to images of other participants wedding. Any visitor to the festival provided a unique moment where he thinks he played a major role, but it is very far from truth. In fact, the photographer has documented the whole process of marriage. It should work in harmony with the environment, noting each person, not forgetting the most part. In my experience, not enough to be able to do cool photographs, should be thus also nice photos, which is why wedding photography such a difficult and demanding work. The result should be exactly the wedding pictures that will ultimately help remember that very day.

These are honest and natural images that tell how all of it was that – the best photos! A fictional, over-designed images, in turn, would be not only less important, but not which may lead to even any pleasant emotions and memories in the future. Although it is for future memories photography, largely to serve. Keep in mind any wedding pictures, their parents, grandparents, may be even more old photos. They – the joy, they represent the people as they really were: smiling, laughing or crying, of such moments is their real life. I've seen Some modern wedding photography that replicate "fashion photo>> as if from glossy magazines: the silhouette against the background of birch trees, or a vague image of someone in a white dress and come across the bridge. These shots could have done anything, but it misses the whole principle of wedding photography, which, of course, must take and something personal and something real. Just a beautiful picture is somewhat useless and idle, if it somehow did not passes really real moment, the emotion of a living person, namely it must take into account every wedding photographer, he photographed the wedding.