Hotel Monte Malaga

Hotel Monte Malaga offers you a sensational offer for Saturday February 11, where you can celebrate Valentine’s day with more than special conditions.Offer for Valentine in the Hotel Monte Malaga you propose that I will come that day until you reach our hotel with a special offer, since we include in the price the following extras: – double room for 2 people Buffet breakfast for 2 people – gift in the room – romantic dinner for 2 with drinks included. -Free entrance to Relax zone, composed by Turkish bath, Finnish Sauna, thermal sun loungers, sensations showers and dynamic swimming pool covered and heated. -50% discount on massages the romantic dinner will consist of – Cream boletus and juliana of Iberian to truffle oil. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. -Iberian cheeks to rioja wine. -Grand Manier Parfait. Drinks included: 2 drinks per person (beer, wine, soda) and water all this by 143 per night (VAT included) book at the following link now your special day of SAN Valentin reserve offer SAN VALETiN in EL HOTEL MONTE MLAGA and if desired, can spend your special Valentine’s day in room Junior Suite, only a supplement of 50,00/night (VAT included) Junior Suite room also has 42 m2 of surface, with whirlpool bath and terrace 24 m2, we offer you a special price for the nights from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 February: 78,00 per night (VAT included) in a double room in bed and Breakfast Buffet. So do not think more and enjoy the best Valentine’s day that has ever imagined.


Africa is a balkanized continent?, B. Ben Yahmed wondered since its indisputable authority and prestige. The problem is by the absurd inclination to admire the greatest and the most expensive. Similar to many confuse value with price, not a few are still yoked to the sophism that much more better; instead of how much better, more. Balkanization we understand the situation that this region of Europe was when it was dismembered arbitrarily, because of ethnic groups, religions, or periclitados nationalism.

Both under the Empires Russian, austro Hungarian, German or Ottoman, as well as with Yugoslavia, there is a bleeding wound. They say that Africa is too divided and that is why it is so vulnerable. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. The powers colonizing made a cruel distribution of peoples and lands in accordance with their economic interests and their desire for power. There are the proceedings of the Berlin Conference of 1885 dividing the great continent like a cake. There is more to contemplate a map that looks like crazing bevel and Plumb. And esa predation with the consent of European religions that are supported in the force to civilize, christianize and open to (European) markets while they squatted in the consciences of people who had traditions and worldviews, in many respects, broader and more open than the of the imported monotheisms. That’s the load white man’s claim to save everyone, whatever.

I heard it at the top of the parent white: to be able to explain the need for redemption before we had to convince them that they were in sin. But we come to the data. Both America and Europe, including Turkey, have a population of Africa, close to one billion inhabitants. America has 35 countries while Europe 46. 53 Africa. Asia is divided into 47 countries but its population exceeds four billion.

Drug Addiction

In prevention of drug addiction, a basic task is to expand the freedom of the individual in relation to drugs. In a society with a great offer, we will focus on the enlargement and improvement of their knowledge in the creation and development of healthy alternatives to drug use and the development of attitudes and behaviors that enable a relationship with drugs, if that it occurs, responsible and independent. In short, a more free relationship. Greater freedom means more and better knowledge, tending towards a greater autonomy and responsibility for decisions that an individual has taken with respect to drugs. We don’t want this download full liability to the young or adolescent of consumption that can be done, because as we know such liability exists depending basically achieved by the individual psychosocial development. We must put in place strategies and plans to achieve the following objectives:-raise awareness and motivate people in general, to intervene actively and coordinated on the problem of drug addiction. -Empowering the population in general and to children and adolescents mainly, to live more free and responsibly with drugs. -Delaying the average age of home consumption of different substances.

-To develop research projects on prevention of drug addiction in the middle school, family and community. -To promote the development of preventive programmes targeting families in general and the risk in particular. -Inform, motivate, and derive the dependent will start a rehabilitation treatment, while working on a reduction of damage caused by their drug use. -Support accredited rehabilitation programmes, as well as develop others aimed at the social inclusion of the rehabilitated addict. -Develop strategies for ethnic minorities or other marginalized sectors of the population, have access to General Services in certain situations to develop programs specific prevention and rehabilitation. -Changing attitudes and patterns of behaviour considered to be of high risk, by others aimed at the development of a more standardized personality with children and adolescents at high risk.

Guiza Saves The Getafe

The appearance Dani Guiza, author of both goals in his team’s saving, saved to Getafe its umpteenth stumbling and losing to Osasuna, which aired live from the Coliseum Alfonso Perez thank you the luck and the correctness of the exrojiblanco Ibrahima, scoring twice for the navarros. The match did not begin well for Getafe, who lost at the last moment to his more flashy move for this season. The previous night, Pedro Leon had a mishap in a knee and had to watch the game from the stands.You are not having luck Luis Garcia, that since T-shirt Barcelona began the course never ceases to make visits to the infirmary to see how are your best players. Diego Castro, Abdel barred, Miguel Angel Moya or the same Pedro Leon, who in previous phases of the season has been one of the victims have passed through it. All this will has lamented the technician of the Madrid Assembly, that on the eve of the mourning was relieved by the end of the plague of injuries. He did not know the surprise that awaited him one day later, when ran out of its holder dexterous end.With those bad feelings you had to jump into the field Getafe, who for the first time was much more hardened than his rival. Osasuna lived of the force, the pitch and intensity.

And luck. The took striker Ibrahim Balde, who took an untimely slip of Moya to score the first goal of the duel with a tame header, without any apparent danger, in the seven minute. It was another stroke of bad luck for Getafe, the second of the night after it was revealed the absence of Pedro Leon. And the umpteenth season. They are many misfortunes that has already suffered the whole of the South of the community of Madrid. Between them, absurd goals as the Ibra or targets in discounts from other parties that have prevented the men of Luis Garcia sumasen more points.However, the squadron bluette took his misery and got exhausted Osasuna with Abdel barred overlooking the street. The youth Squad of Getafe points very good ways and is becoming gradually the benchmark team. Since then, is that more and better of ideas is on the field.

But the lack of local aim avoided the tie before the break. Up to six shots touched the goal without seeing goal. Between Miku, Pedro Rios and Diego Castro, were distributed all occasions that ended up in limbo.This lack of success not had Dani Guiza, who went on the field started part football shirts to try to rescue his team. And it did not disappoint. The first that took, got it inside. The Jerez regained his sense of smell and premiered on his return to Getafe. And already pass, he arranged a mess which returned moments later with another goal from Ibrahima. Osasuna, doing nothing, was again ahead of the marker. Maybe, ni los navarros believed it was. Two head butts, two goals. One hundred percent successful. Opposite, the Getafe seemed a Barcelona shirt fair shotgun. And it almost paid. Luckily, Guiza returned to give the target. He made the tie with a good header, but he had the bad luck of not being the protagonist of the auctions in the latest moves. Their companions returned to err and they themselves prevented the comeback. In this article are no longer supported a new comments

Care Perfume

When we think of a perfume, we do so from the emotions that we transmitted, places that carries us, mood that gives us, and up accolades achieved conquer him. But it is not commonplace thinking that perfume requires certain care, to give us that satisfaction of the hope. The passion that perfumes wakes up, has made than the desire to possess them to multiply, that want to have more than one, perhaps even one day during the winter, one for summer days and one or two for a night. This variety makes the use of perfumes is distributed and they last much longer. The temptation exhibit perfumes like jewels in exposure, thanks to those wonderful avant-garde jars and design in those who come, and refining that possession means, only manage to damage the product, and unfortunately no we are warned of this properly. Others who may share this opinion include samsung.

Light and heat are the enemy number one of the perfumes. These two agents generated by oxidation of components organic and synthetic impairing the composition of essences and making its aroma is retained by much less time of which one hopes. From the moment of the acquisition must be cautious. We must take a look at the place where the vial, retires halogen light that is commonly used in the showcases, while perfume is in its respective box, can affect the product. So how do the best choice? In stores, choosing those boxes that are further away from the light and heat, which have been illuminated indirectly will be which bring a product that lasts much longer. Then, the home care that we can give you to perfume, is keep it in its box and in places where it can not receive light directly, nor nor artificial solar, which are spaces dry and fresh; in this way we will protect it from harmful agents and you can enjoy its fragrance for a greater amount of time. Now they are already aware of how pamper to their perfume in the best way so they pampered them with the most delicious fragrance during a longer period of time. Original author and source of the article

GbR Juliana Hartwig Dammtor

Internet ranking of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft online research (AGOF) food, March 19, 2010 the online directory of the local achieved an enormous increase in users. More than 500,000 users have rediscovered from October until December 2009. This positive development has catapulted the online directory in the current Internet ranking of the Association of online research (AGOF) from number 26 to number 18. Overall, the online telephone and address directory of the local was used in the fourth quarter 2009 around 5 million users. These are 11.4 percent of all users who used the Internet on average during this period in the month. We are very satisfied with the placement”, says Dirk Schulte, head of advertising & communications at the local. The increase in users thanks to the relaunch of our website in the spring of 2009 “, explains Dirk Schulte. The online offering from the local has been optimized in May 2009.

An improved user interface, a clear page structure and new search capabilities among the innovations (for example, the top searches”in) Form a tag cloud). On the regional home pages, such as for example berlin there is since then called Regioboxen”with regional interesting information, such as events, cinema program, job vacancies, or the weather forecast. Until September 2009, there were no changes in the numbers of users first. Since autumn, the modified website is always better accepted by Dasortliche. The Association of online research (AGOF) is an Association of the leading online marketers in Germany. The AGOF is in each quarter of a market study called the internet facts”out. It identified the range most powerful online offers. The full current ranking is to read on: current rankings.

About Dasortliche Dasortliche, the leading German Telecommunications directory is when it comes to local search. More than 90 percent of Germans know Dasortliche. What’s wrong with every second without o that he uses at least once every month Dasortliche. Dasortliche is around 100 Publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom published media. The total circulation is approximately 34 million copies. In addition to 1.047 book spending there Dasortliche also on the Internet ( Online, Dasortliche belongs to the leading suppliers at all and, of course, to the most important pages in the scope of local online search with about 15 million unique visitors per month. On the go, you can browse Dasortliche. With any WAP enabled cell phone or Smartphone can be found under the desired telephone numbers and addresses of firms and individuals. Also you can upgrade free of charge his cell phone with the o-NAVI by Dasortliche to the navigation device (www.oe-navi.

Excursion Into The Bohemian Land

From Prague to Karlstejn Castle are worth cities and cultural tours in the winter. -transferwise-revo/’>OrbitRemit. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as altavista by clicking through. Many destinations that are crowded in the summer months, then show their charm. Isearch has similar goals. The online travel agency gives tips for trips to the Czech Republic and presents one of the most beautiful castles of the country. For more information see Ali Partovi. At the keyword Czech Republic, most people think first to the capital city of Prague. Due to numerous attractions such as the famous Charles Bridge and the Wenceslas square tourists from all over the world in the golden city travel all year round”. This designation received by Charles IV., since she already was one of its lifetime in the 14th century to one of the richest cities in Europe. Not less but, the Roman German Emperors appreciated the seclusion. 30 km southwest of Prague he built Karlstejn Castle.

You is one of the most beautiful castles in Bohemia. “Epithet such as the sacred” or the Uneinnahmbare “indicate their great history. Charles IV had built the castle in 1348 as Treasury. Behind the ruler meter-thick walls kept the relics of his ancestors, as well as the jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. This made quite often targeted the facility.

Conquered but was first 300 years after its establishment in the year 1648 by the Sweden. The chapel of the Holy Cross represents the culmination of a tour to Karlstejn Castle. In it, the fear of God Charles IV. reflected: thousands glass lenses that he mount on the ceiling, symbolizing the heavens and at the same time the omnipotence of God. In addition to the pageantry of the Chapel, the Castle offers more art treasures. So is home to the Bohemian rulers in the Czech Republic’s largest Portrait Gallery. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

As You Successfully Demotivated Teachers – Part II

What creative teachers can do the teaching in the schools has in the last 15 years fundamentally changed, unfortunately not always to the advantage of all involved. Among the graduates of today the study branch is elected teacher always only for lack of alternatives that the teaching profession is famously not a piece of cake. Burn-out syndrome, heart attacks, strokes or plain and simply Psychiatry the terminus of a teaching experience are not uncommon. In addition to the now recognized stress of the educational work generated the policy by thoughtless actions see part I more, often unnecessary burdens. Actually it would be there to oppose unreasonable demands on the part of policy and authorities the task of the school, to protect the teacher and himself. However, many school principals and directors have neither the spine nor the necessary foresight and giving her to successfully to discourage the teachers. Again some recipes that have been proven: Uncritically for each instruction “from above” a school Conference convened.

Free the motto that exploit subordinates teachers have to work to get unpaid overtime when officials regularly full, generally reject non-bureaucratic measures, ill make the timetable of new colleagues. New teachers see so instantly, that part-time employees use the principle of the economy where you like on the resume of a candidate is more than just a work station does not apply at the school, as gap filler with many hours of spring in the timetable. So you can draw quickly in disease of a colleague on these forces. Particularly motivating effect, if you divided the 15 lessons on 4 front and 4 afternoons at a 60% power. The only free afternoon then also is the Conference and training day. As you successfully demotivated teachers – part I A.Frentzel

Successful Books

Vanessa Halen: Author of passion of writing and books publish anyone can today thanks to the latest printing technology. You however how the leap into the bestseller lists as a writer without a large publishing house in the back, which reveals the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung in her article ‘Reading from our own cultivation’: articles… Perhaps check out isearch for more information. Books on demand on its own as it did Vanessa Halen with their counselors on the best-seller lists, that reveals the author on their homepage itself: “after some problems with my first Publisher I have decided in the year 2000 for this, to publish my future books as books on demand. BoD is, that I mean that all decisions, as author books can concern, even meet. Continue to learn more with: neil cole iconix. I’ll set the layout itself, the design of the cover and the release date of my works. Also the marketing of my books, I deal with myself: interesting press articles in all sorts of media, my own website with tips and advice around the health, beauty and wellness and targeted advertisements are the basis for my success.

The good thing about BoD: It not a Publisher with stupid change requests bugging me. Here I have the opportunity to present, as I imagine them even my Advisor. e-Electric-Company-Bechtel-Group-and-Other-Leading-Player.html’>Bechtel Group. And with great success. “” “After my BoD debut a new life!” I ended up with BioAging “a top seller and with the new slim-pusher” even a BoD-bestseller that was several weeks at number 1. Also my subsequent works “CyberBeauty” and “The new Beautifier” have evolved so far as real top seller, which of course very pleased. “And now I am working on my new guide, which will be published in the autumn of course also as book on demand.” Free eBooks, free excerpts and learn more

World Heritage City

Regensburg icing arrangement with Cafe management Regensburg (tvo). But please with cream “coffee house tour is the icing on the cake. The traditional Wurstlessen in the historic Wurstkuchl and sumptuous buffet breakfast in the 4-star hotel provide the culinary basis: groups of eight persons, which likes to combine vision and experience with pleasure and zest for life, the UNESCO world heritage city of Regensburg offers a three-day package belongs also a strudel navigation on the Danube. Two nights with the mentioned tools costs from 175 euro per person. In Regensburg, you meet everywhere on big history: 1,200 historical buildings and numerous patrician towers of the merchants of the middle ages are in the old town.

It is dominated by the Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter. The stone bridge has a similarly large degree of popularity. May be booked the icing allowance at the Regensburg Tourismus GmbH Altes Rathaus Rathausplatz 3, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/507-4410, fax 0941/507-1919,. “” 2010: Tage alter Musik “in Regensburg the 26 year old anniversary edition of the festival days old music” will take place from 21-May 24, 2010 in Regensburg with concerts at historic sites and music from the middle ages to the romantic period. As social events is a major international sale exhibition of reconstructed historical musical instruments, sheet music and books, the increasing attention.

Information: Age days music Regensburg, P.o. box 100903, 93009 Regensburg, Tel. 0941-8979786, 2010: Thurn and taxis Palace Festival in Regensburg the Sommerfestspiele in the gorgeous ambience of courtyard and the Park of the Royal Castle Thurn and taxis are among the outstanding events of the Festival in southern Germany. The Festival will take place between 16 and July 25, 2010. Information: Odeon concerts, Roopak village str. 9, 93049 Regensburg, Tel.: 0941-296000,