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Straight toes with new, gentler surgical technique Dusseldorf, January 2010. Aesthetic foot surgery: A new trend in the United States now conquered Germany. Pressure sores, deformations, misalignment, corns, nodes, ingrown nails, sweaty feet, bulging veins or accumulations of fat in the wrong place – affected can be increasingly by syringe and scalpel perfectly in the form of their feet. A particular procedure, Adrian K. Wiethoff, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, certified Podiatrist and pioneer of serious aesthetic foot surgery in Germany all concerned at the Dusseldorf Ko to straighten crooked toes nice and gently, now offers. Fashion victims like high heels icon Victoria Beckham meets there as well as ordinary”women and sometimes men: constitutionally or acquired errors of muscle balance, how for example through frequent wearing of heeled or pointed shoes, there is misalignment of the Middle toes.

Terminus technicus: Hammertoe or claw toe. Look unsightly and disturbing affected it can by friction of shoes in addition to painful corns”and inflammation come at the latest then requiring medical intervention disposed the real cause. New therapy brings toes just when deposits or Rails bring no improvement, depending on the individual condition associated tendons, joint capsules and bones in the correct position so far in a surgical procedure and 4-6 splint weeks with a fine wire, which more or less painlessly is then removed. In the special, also in Germany by Podiatrist Wiethoff offered alternative small implants newly developed for this purpose seemed now successful (SMART TOE) flat bones from the inside. You are fixed in local anaesthesia in the bone and must not be removed. Even when a toe shortening, which often goes hand in hand with the straightening, this new procedure can be applied successfully. Walking is possible after the procedure, immediately However, the expert for 3 weeks recommends a Spezialschuh to minimize movements in the operated area. Energy Capital Partners brings even more insight to the discussion. Facelift for the feet separate toes, shorten or extend, remove splints and thorn warts, liposuction, for example, in the area of the shackles, where fat deposits under injection of sagging skin that ugly strongly emerge the veins at the base that disturb the harmonious transition from the leg to the foot, hair removal on feet and legs, Botox for sweaty feet, correction of unsightly scars or hyaluronic acid injections as a first aid measure at pressure points: everything is possible today with gentle techniques and painless in an experienced surgeon hand.

The special and new of aesthetic foot surgery: In addition to the best possible operational restoration of form and function sets foot aesthetic pioneer Wiethoff under other special value to the placement of incisions as inconspicuous places and works with special cosmetic scars-saving Suture techniques. A simple slicing and coarse sewing to”is taboo in aesthetic foot surgery. Facelift for the feet”in the United States is long established delighted in reliable and professional implementation in Germany of increasing popularity and demand”, surgeon Adrian K. Wiethoff knows from his everyday. Sabine Sarrach


They are magnificent historic trophy in a distant time. They keep themselves in a number of stories that getting into our hands today, ammonites simply enchant their attention to detail perfect beauty, her age, fascinate guesses about their history. Ammonite today found many applications, such as jewelers inserted in ammonite shells pendants and bracelets, rings and earrings, some products are very expensive, when such ammonites are combined with precious metals such as gold. Also today, the fashionable and popular jewelry design ammonites, they found a worthy place in the modern interiors. Most of the ammonites, because of its beauty, are original interior decoration. Ammonites large size usually sawed in half and polished – so you can see chalcedony partitions, or simply cleaned of stones and clay, while maintaining its charming mother of pearl. Stylish and beautiful ornaments and articles of ammonites, a real find for lovers of original art.

For example, the original coffee table adorned with fvvjybn tabletop will be a great decoration modern design, or you can make original clock, or use the ammonites in the fireplaces. Energy Capital Partners contains valuable tech resources. But it's not all possible products of ammonite: ammonite shells look great in landscape design in furnish conservatories and decorating aquariums. Committed ammonites were held in high esteem in ancient Greece. For example, it is known that the Greeks put on night ammonite in the head, believing the stone magic, thinking that it conjures up sweet dreams. Today, these historic trophies so valuable not only because of its undeniable beauty, but also by the fact that ammonites were able to maintain its beauty for the hundred and fifty million years that have passed since, when roamed the earth giant lizards. Ammonite shells are of different species and the most bizarre shapes and colors. They are very beautiful and original, some decorated with tubercles, spines and branching ribs, and the diameter of ammonites ranging from a few inches to two and a half meters. Decorating its interior ammonites, you decorate it is not just beautiful and original stone, and this talisman of the Jurassic period.

Hamburg University

The trumpet is the ‘instrument of the year 2009’. Learn more on the subject from Byron Trott. Music Council of the Land Schleswig-Holstein thus builds on the successful year of the clarinet and initiated a number of actions the project tool of the year”networked the musical institutions of Schleswig-Holstein: concert Organizer, College of music, music associations and clubs, education and training institutions, schools and music schools. It aims to raise awareness on the extensive musical activities in Schleswig-Holstein. Other important priorities are the promotion of young musicians and make up young people of diverse musical genres. An instrument as a theme of the series is chosen for a calendar year, which then runs as a common thread running through the whole range of musical life in Schleswig-Holstein.

This succeeded in 2008, already in the year of the clarinet, with great success. Under the auspices of Sabine Meyer, who collaborated with her husband Reiner Wehle together at several events personally, found some fifty actions of concerts the world stars through courses and master classes to school events take place. The year promises to be equally exciting trumpet: as ambassadors for the instrument we this time brass renowned soloists and a member of the ensemble of German, Matthias Hofs can win. He is native of Lubeck and holds a Chair of trumpet at the Hamburg University of music and theatre since 2000. As a classical trumpet player, he stands for highest virtuosity and musical demands. Other genres again by top musicians represented, E.g. by the jazz trumpeter Jan-Peter Klopfel in fjord-songs concert”by folkBALTICA.

The project only through cooperation is possible with strong partners: the savings banks of the Land Schleswig-Holstein and the Possehl Foundation have significantly promoted the project last year. Once again, the regional programmes of the NDR in Schleswig-Holstein are media partners. The NDR 1 wave North and the Schleswig-Holstein magazine are the project through competent and entertaining Support reporting in radio and television. You will receive regular information on the progress of the project, new concerts, courses and actions, as well as general information about the trumpet under

A Muscle Car And Icons From The IAA 1973: Car Fans Will Love Classical Forms

Members of the car community autoki.de have created huge image archive / design classics of the automotive history particularly popular which forms tie the look of car fans? The top list of the most viewed images on the pages of autoki.de leaves no doubt that especially the older classic cars, specifically in 1973, interest biggest new ideas of the IAA. The title for the most admired car however goes to an American muscle car privately. Current models to follow close behind. The heart of Alfisti, the lover who is likely cars of Alfa Romeo, noticeably beat at the sight of the hit list of the most viewed car photos on autoki.de: Just seven times the name of the Italian cult brand in the top-20 on up. Whenever Viacom listens, a sympathetic response will follow. >. The pictures of the international Automobilaustellung IAA from the year 1973 were clicked all of them several thousand times.

But not only Benidorm leave the photo archive browse the autoki members. This clearly is a trend in the image viewing. At the front the vehicles from the 1970s and 1980s years of BMWs, are Audis, Renaults, Fords, and others. Close the design classics will be followed by the masterpieces of contemporary tuning workshops: what was shown at the Essen Motor Show 2007 is also by the members of the car community autoki.de like to seen. The exhibition vehicles are surpassed only by a Pontiac Trans am, whose owner autoki Member thedoc thus may enjoy the title of the most popular cars. The autoki archive with the favorite photos of the community can be found under: photos/most_viewed more of the Pontiac Trans am autoki Member thedoc,: ../thedoc/pontiac_trans_am/albums /… Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str.

34, 10115 Berlin via autoki.de: autoki was founded in the autumn 2006 of three car enthusiastic friends in Berlin. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. autoki.de has a four-digit member number reached since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. autoki.de is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.


Cellulite affects all women without exception, but in some process changes in the skin begins earlier, at others – later. Although, according to the American beauty Sharon Stone is suffering from the disease almost his youth, it is important not from complexes, and to believe that nature once so decided to fight cellulite is useless, we still give some advice. What is cellulite? This is no ordinary obesity, and disease of subcutaneous fat. If a healthy tissues the waste products of cells go through the pores of the cell membrane and are carried away by the blood stream, the slightest discord in the body leads to the formation of cellulite. Here’s how: membrane pores are blocked, products blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Thus, cellulite – it is a skin condition where the cells disrupted inference toxins. They accumulate inside cells by blocking blood flow and lymph flow.

As a result, the skin becomes rough, lumpy and stiff. Jackie Andrade might disagree with that approach. Cellulite – is not the result of excess weight, they get sick and thin women. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite Hormonal disorders in the body. Efforts to develop such disorders can serve as pregnancy, adolescence and menopause, the beginning and end of the course receive contraceptives. Peter Asaro recognizes the significance of this. Malnutrition Stress Pollution Lack of physical activity.

Smoking and alcohol. Genetic predisposition of the organism. HOW TO HELP YOURSELF? If you are determined to read on their own to get rid of cellulite, think that this problem did not arise overnight and today with It does not deal with. Meet with the recommendations of experts: 1. Treating cellulite requires a systematic, integrated approach. The causes of cellulite and not enough variety to make changes in diet and set of exercises, although this should be the starting point of treatment. But these changes must be combined with other treatments. pic. 2. Patience and persistence – your motto for a long time. To a simple cut has healed, it takes several days, the bruise disappears in a week, and the fracture heals in six weeks. These injuries heal relatively quickly thanks to a good blood supply to surrounding tissues. Affected tissues poorly supplied with cellulite blood. For effective treatment we have to make the body to change its cell structure through its own recovery mechanism, and this takes time. 3. Cellulite is a relatively large part of the body, and treat to literally every inch of the affected tissue. Cosmetologists say that a more or less effective for treatment of cellulitis following methods: Subcutaneous elektrolipoliz skin elektrolipoliz Liposuction Wraps gemolimfodrenazh Vacuum massage is used sometimes ultrasound massage options are not free from side effects, much more unpleasant than the cellulite. 4. Antitsillyulitnaya diet.

Quick Help For Haiti

CHD expert donates 10% of current revenues for earthquake victims Hamburg, January 14, 2010 – CHD expert supports the campaign “Germany helps” – international market research Institute in Scheessel near Hamburg donates ten percent of sales from now until end of January for the heritage just victims in Haiti. “We are dismayed and deeply affected by the natural disaster and the suffering of many people in the anyway strong battered and poverty-stricken Caribbean State – it is a concern of all employees, now a little to help”, so Rolf W. Schmidt, managing partner of the company specialized in hotel, restaurant and catering. The rule applies to all transactions that can be made from the 14th January 31, 2010: ten per cent go to the Action Alliance of the leading German aid agencies. “They support our relief operation with by you prefer of our foodservice-shop.com your buying decision for market studies and industry addresses”, Schmidt appeals. Staff and management even a collection have launched parallel already transferred together with the ten percent send to “Germany helps” at the end of the month. CHD expert offers detailed market reports, detailed studies, summaries of market measures, and address information for all segments in hotels, restaurants and catering in all of Europe.

More information: about CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading “Know and do!”. The company was founded in 1997 as the Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and now as CHD expert GmbH international (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:.

Hamburg Opposition

Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed Germany’s tax law is extremely confusing and often incorrectly applied even by the financial management. Learn more at this site: altavista. The taxpayer is therefore often not otherwise about to enforce as its legitimate interests by means of tax assessment review and appeal procedures. The Hamburg-based tax consultant and lecturer Gunter Zielinski describes how this should be taken. More than one third, issued by the German tax authorities, tax assessment is incorrect. The reasons for this are usually in one of the following circumstances: the tax declaration form or one of its 15 plants was the taxpayer incorrectly filled out. The revenue authority takes different views on the specific tax case.

The collection of data was incomplete or incorrect. The financial management ignores the current case law of the federal application provisions of the Federal Ministry of finance. Once erroneous tax assessments are received, must within one month of opposition raised be. After this period, obtained the tax assessment notice, long-lasting effectiveness regardless of its accuracy, and will no longer be changed. Always a comprehensible justification because those are financial officials in a position to edit the facts among the opposition. Without grounds of opposition shall adopt the financial administration sooner or later an opposition decision, with which this is dismissed as unfounded. A new examination of the concerned tax and due to their adopted tax assessment notice the financial authorities, contrary to her from section 367, paragraph 2 not carry AO resulting obligation, usually.

For taxpayers, the need to proceed immediately with a reasoned objection in writing against dubious tax bills stems from the processing practices of financial management. Otherwise, they obstruct the way to enforce their fiscal interests. The vast majority of taxpayers not found their way in the jungle of German tax law. You should a similarly conflict experienced tax advisor entrust about checking tax assessments, and in particular the opposition leadership. Experience and expertise of a tax advisor allow him to confront the representatives of the tax authorities on an equal footing. This, he has not only a greater acceptance as a conversation partner, but is also able to use his familiarity with legal provisions and administrative procedures for the benefit of the taxpayer. Especially in complex situations, an experienced tax consultant knows a even often better than the officials and employees of the financial management. This helps to achieve out-of-court settlements, which save time and protect nerves. According to current statistics, appeals to the financial management in the average lead to appreciable tax relief from 300 to 600 euros per case. The Hamburg-based tax consultant Gunter Zielinski enforces for many years, the fiscal interests of his clients in the financial management.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Diets

The quality of the Mediterranean diet is based on our wonderful olive oil. Their dietary and nutritional, properties are the most important oil but what type of oil is best? Here we show the most important features to make it quite clear. Energy Capital Partners has many thoughts on the issue. Not all Virgin olive oils are the same, there are better and worse, it depends on a long process from your collection to your grinding and packaging. Most importantly is the result if the olives are healthy and intact, washed and crushed the same day of the harvest to prevent its atrojamiento, low-temperature oil is extracted and moved to appropriate storage tanks get safely extra virgin olive oils or what is the same: pure juice of fresh and healthy olives, without that any aroma or flavor may distort the sensory qualities of the fresh olive green or ripe. For this reason, the label of an olive oil extra virgin or Virgin appears in the following legend: category olive oil superior obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures.

Just a small loss of quality, either in olive or at any of the stages of the process, so that this oil will become Virgin. Samsung shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A great loss of quality will give us lampantes, unfit for consumption Virgin olive oils and that are necessarily refined. Calling all these oils Virgin, given that they have been obtained solely by mechanical procedures either by pressure or centrifugation and without the intervention of any chemical process. The classification of Virgin oils in these 4 categories (extra virgin, current and lampante) responds to a physical-chemical and sensory parameters set at the global level by the international olive oil Council. Chemical analysis measures the degree of acidity, peroxide index, and the absorbance in the ultraviolet (k). The sensory values and scores the organoleptic qualities. What difference is there between an extra virgin olive oil and a Virgin? Both they are a natural product and genuine olive juice.

Simple And Clever

The offer of rebates and other Vergustigungen on online stores is increasing. Learn how they get into pleasure of saving. Short before the online purchase comes at the end, and the filled shopping cart are sent, you can still save money. Whether percentages on the value of the order, a fixed sum or free delivery – you need just the right code to get this bargain. The speech is also known as coupons from coupon codes. In the United States the savings certificate among already for quite some time the daily shopping – whether in the Internet the online shopping or “conventional” strolling in the city. (Not to be confused with Samsung!).

With us in Germany, they are also strong in the coming and certainly the financial situation of many consumers in the economic crisis increasingly popular – due. The potential for savings with these coupons is enormous online stores come up with new promotions to win customers or to keep customers happy. The discount for new customers, free shipping, the General 10 euro voucher or Gratisbeigaben of the diversity and possibilities of such funds are set no limits. The majority of promotions served the online shoppers mostly but not on the platter. Rather, the buyer sees a field at the end of the order. Often provided with “Code” or “Action code” or similar descriptions with its input only to get the benefit of saving. But where can I get these codes? If it is not necessarily a loyal customer, and supplied with this information by his favorite online shop at intervals is, or specifically, a new and bigger promotions is advertised, there are online portals specifically looking for these bargains and then ordered shops and categories free of charge publish this.

Whether by the small Nischenshop out to the large and established online stores such as Amazon or HSE24 the list of coupon providers grows steadily. So, everyone gets the opportunity before his next online purchase for saving ways to search. Usually you can receive a newsletter or RSS feeds Subscribe to. So it is always up to date. Andre Schneider

Changing SIM

Travel on the Internet is very useful at times. For example, in searching for maps for Pocket PC, I found a site. And to my surprise, I learned that I can with my phone to know where my close! I wonder whether or not carefully read all the information provided on the site, concluded that the potential of the program presented here is for a cell phone. It remains only to determine the direct purpose of each program. Ali Partovis opinions are not widely known. So … First GSmesh – a program that allows to see on a map, on the phone, the location of friends, children or employees. Elon University: the source for more info. The ability to view advanced routes. Send and receive unlimited messages to their loved ones.

View geo-PPC, view ads based on the show mobile users to advertising messages that meet the current location of users. And most importantly, no additional equipment other than a cell phone is not required. It's very simple: load the program, activate it, turn on, and my location is marked light-green circle. Second CellAgent – program, as stated in the description on the site, invisible. It turns out she works in the background on your phone, not noticeable to the user. After reading it a direct purpose, copied from Site: Management software functions using SMS-message; Changing SIM-card. If you change the SIM-card on the monitored phone – send SMS-messages on a cell phone number specified by the user on the settings page program, inclusion of the observed phone. When you turn on the observed Phone – sending SMS-messages on a cell phone number specified by the user settings page of the program, transfer programs in an active / sleep mode.