Almost simultaneously with the introduction of computer graphic representations of ‘hydraulic’ design schemes have appeared ability to create and use systems certification engineering services based on electronic plans. Since both the first and second system associated with labor-intensive to create and update databases data immediately had problems of their interaction. It is obvious that the system of certification of network and system for calculating the hydraulic regimes should be a really unified information and graphical ‘structure’ in foundation of which is a database with an elaborate structure of the tables. Plans for engineering services performed on the basis of standard urban tablets can be used either directly as settlement schemes, or by using automated procedures converted into settlement schemes. It is obvious that in order for it to be possible factors to be considered methods of identification and classification of units and sections of the network on the plan. Particularly important issue is to clearly define and describe the way consumers online.

Our company’s experience has shown that the actual thermal network of cities, usually do not generate the ‘isolated’ sub-networks (for which necessary hydraulic calculations), containing more than 10,000 sites. Koch has plenty of information regarding this issue. The calculation of such networks on modern computers is a matter of seconds, although the reading of the original data and write the results into the database data may take up to tens of seconds. This is another argument in favor of the direct use of operating plans as settlement schemes. In some metropolitan areas, and multiple-heating systems, taking into account their dual line (feed and return lines) could produce graphs containing dozens of thousands of sites. In such cases, decided to apply poluevristicheskie methods for the simplified () design schemes – this is a problem, though difficult, but solvable. Much worse than others – at a huge dimension of networks is practically impossible to correctly enter the initial information and then analyze the results of the calculation, if not use specially designed automated procedure ‘hard’ control connectivity and reliability. In particular, information-graphic systems certification engineering services, integrated with subsystem of the hydraulic calculations, must contain specific procedures for the formation of the original graphic and text information for the construction of computational schemes.

Our approach to content- technological and graphic computer systems, coupled with effective modern methods and algorithms of applied mathematics that domain suggests the digital model of engineering services, in Specifically, the thermal network. Such a mathematical model of the network, integrated with its representation as an object of Geoinformatics, allows you to quickly solve a lot of questions and problems in addition to ‘heating season. ” This calculation and optimization mode, supervisory control, the simulation of switching and emergency planning, commissioning activities, development of technical specifications for connection verification calculations designed networks and many other daily and routine tasks of operation. Do I need to have any further arguments to make sure that investments in this kind of information systems certainly justified? As sung in a nice song from a favorite all of the film: ‘Think for yourself, decide for yourself – or may not have? “.


Life on planet Earth is composed by an endless number of factors and components which all together make up many types of habitable systems or environments, where concur climatic aspects, geological and different types of organisms and the interactions that handle these if. So before the existence of a large number of items in the world should be a study of these to make possible a better understanding of the components and the various factors that can affect the normal development of life on Earth and thus appears the ecology as a science that studies living beings and the environments in which normally develop their lives. According to the previous paragraph, when speaking of ecology is this referring to the study of various living beings and the relationships that they develop with each other in environments in which there are, in addition to this ecology also looks at the distribution of living beings in different points of the Earth and the number that it exists in them. The ecology of similarly observes as the characteristics of the living things can affect the development of their lives and interaction of them, moreover, ecology also studies how environment and its possible changes can affect the behavior of living beings. CT100 might disagree with that approach. As you can understand so far in ecology there are 2 study groups that mixed both configured the field of study of ecology and are living beings and the environment, in such a way ecology can split from a minimum scope of study, how it would a be unicellular, until a giant composition, as it would be a community or biosphere with everything that involves the study of a big aspect.

The first appearances of ecology, referring to the term as such, the year of 1886, time in which the first connotation development of the term referred to the study of households, which was not properly understanding which is today the term ecology, later to be broad reaches of the term, to say that ecology is the relationship of living beings with their environment; and a. starting from this began different developments in terms of ecology as it was understood and the content itself of the concept of ecology, extending its connotation to the study of the characteristics of the environment, achieving complete the idea that today’s ecology has made. Today the ecology understood as a branch of biology that studies to living beings and the environment in which they develop relationships that have each other in their midst, lets say that the field of study of ecology is very coarse, but must be developed by levels of study, thus begins by molecules, passes cells and subsequently tissues up to set up the study of individuals and finally the level large-scale serian communities and ecosystems, such as ecology, must be developed as a multidisciplinary science in their field of study and in the diverse fields that develops.. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from App Store.

Meeting Room

Outsourcing has allowed companies to cut their costs. Services, via outsourcing, are provided by business centers. They provide to their clients, among other things, the social or fiscal domicile of their companies, rental of space for meetings and offices or offices. Koch Industries is likely to agree. Business centers allow debit a company in a sector of the world that will be conducive to their business purposes. For example, will find a business centre madrid, that will provide the required services to its customers. One of these services shall be the rent offices madrid, endowed with the full range of benefits of administrative, technological infrastructure and communications.

Other services associated with this method is the rental of meeting rooms. The reason for hiring this service is commonly for reasons of space. The company could not count with adequate room for a specific meeting. Although this system will also allow the lowering of the cost that implies equip and decorate a room itself. A business center provides all the elements required and necessary for certain event. Business meetings, training sessions, interviews, presentation of a product, launching a campaign, conferences, are events that fall within these business needs. Business Center Madrid, besides having a meeting room located in a strategic area commercial, business or tourist, will provide to the participants of the necessary materials (projectors, sound, microphones, flipcharts, telephones, internet by cable or WiFi services).

It suit the space in the most appropriate manner (furniture, lighting) and will have its own service treat. Rent a meeting room provides the advantage of not making unnecessary use of material and human resources. Which will not only reduce costs, but also time and effort. The business center is responsible for providing to the smallest detail.

Modern Climate Systems

Climate system today – an integral part of any modern building. (As opposed to Koch Industries). Climate control are designed to ensure that would maintain the microclimate in the apartment. Very sprostraneny split systems of all types – whether it is wall (for flats, offices, etc.), tape and konalnye conditioners (for large and technical rooms), multi-zone air conditioning, chillers and fan coils. As well as roof, tower and mobile air conditioners (Monoblock). If you've finally decided to buy air conditioners, and do not know how to choose and where to start to begin with you need to understand to what area should be a capacity air conditioner, and then based on this pick up the air conditioning system. Today's room air conditioners split system capable of providing not only cold air conditioning at home vozduhom.Oni have mass useful for home use functions. Such as function podmesa of fresh air (partial functional ventilation), purification and ionization of the air heater. Air conditioning systems are constantly improved and developed simultaneously with all modern technology and thus constantly updated with new features and modifications and all bolshii all these positive mutations both relate to exactly split systems.

The optimal option of buying the air conditioner is specialized firms that have their own staff of experts on the installation of air conditioners. Buying air conditioner in the shop of home appliances You will have to look for more extra ustanovschikov.Tak as the main sellers prodat.A that would split the system worked properly and securely it still needs to find the right within the parameters of your premises and many other factors can affect the operation sistkmy conditioning. To a lesser extent this apply to mobile air conditioners, but as practice shows, the mass sellers of household appliances have a vague idea about the properties of one-piece (mobile) air conditioning, and the quality of the equipment leaves much to be desired. You successful shopping.

The Order

Rules and procedures are mechanisms of protection and that they should contribute to the order and effectiveness, but when these become increasingly bureaucratic then the effect is opposite. An organization may become bureaucratic when you It involves too many heads to complete procedures. Signatures, multiple patches or documentation requirements may be just some of the activities that far from making you grow, can eventually make your company less efficient. Eliminate the bureaucracy that is many times since then, has built over the years it won’t be an easy task, but well worth it. 4 Learn to say that not. A bad habit that we develop as entrepreneurs, without realizing it, is to pretend to address everything, be everywhere, accept any invitation or decide everything. If you really want to raise your business to a new level, a good start is to learn to say NO to some things. Evaluates that activities really contribute to your growth and others simply di no thanks.

He politely rejects invitations to irrelevant events, delegates to your middle managers and that way you will have more time and intellectual resources to stay the course, vision and better achieve your goals. 5 Learn how to relax. Some entrepreneurs are tirelessly working 15 hours to the day, 7 days a week thinking that in that way they will achieve more results. Nothing farthest from reality. Physical and mental rest are indispensable to make us more productive men and women. It is a medically proven fact that rest and disconnect us periodically contributes to better mental performance. Sets a culture of rest and holidays in your company where your employees and yourself enjoy this productive disconnect regularly. As you can see, these practical tips can make a big difference in your business. Original author and source of the article

Copyright Photographer

Photographer enjoys copyright in their photographs. Therefore, he is an author and receives all rights under Russian copyright law of 9 July 1993. These rights are divided into two groups: personal rights and property rights. Individual rights (Article 15 of the Act) photographer include: the right of authorship, the right to a name, right of disclosure and the right to protect the reputation of the author. The right of authorship – is the right to be, recognized as the author photos. It applies not only to the entire picture, but also on its individual parts. Official site: Koch Industries. No one can assign the authorship of the photographer.

Attribution of authorship – is plagiarism, tort, and sometimes – Professional crime (st.141 Professional Code). Right to a name – it's right to designate a photo your name, or releasing it into the light under a pseudonym or without specifying a name (anonymously). Nobody has the right to shoot photos with the name of the author or his alias. However, nobody has the right to disclose the pseudonym photographer without his consent. The right to disclosure of photos – the photographer is right to allow or not allow to bring the photograph to the attention of a wide range of people. This right is exercised only once. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cher Wang on most websites. Often it merges with the property right on the first use of the product. For example, if the photographer gives permission for the reproduction of photographs or holding it in fotovitrine, it is so thus allow its release.

Systems Legal

The regulation must follow 13 the regulatory practical good principles of having as objective harmonization and uniformizao between documents (obligator or voluntary) existing on the subject and the specific legislation of legal metrologia. 2.4.5 The metrolgica supervision Systems of metrolgico control can be idealized, be applied and to intervine in any of the stages of a process of manufacture or use, if regulated, in the definition of standards, frequency of official, condicionantes verifications ambient, job of instruments, qualified staff, tolerated errors, levels of trustworthiness, correct job, measurement processes, amongst other specific activities of 14 the Legal Metrologia . A metrolgico control considered here, the principle does not specify nor questions the type or model of the emitting antennas of the radio communication services, nor neither the formal and legal process of the installations. They do not have to intervene directly with the attributions of the responsible organisms for the definition and the system employee, being able to be waked up by means of accords and adjustments, the final responsibilities of each involved entity. Learn more on the subject from Apple. It is necessary that a regulation exists on the measurements, with instructions detailed on the adequate way of if measuring and evaluating the parameters caractersticos*, its tolerated limits, contributing for the uniformizao of the procedures, and serving of model for the believed companies or the credential professionals for the competent organisms for the execution of the control of the emissions, and of all process of installation of the stations radio-base. *So the measurable physical largenesses that characterize the stations radio base how much the emission of radiation of the antennas beyond complementary others as the measures of reception (calculation of the load has limited of Not Ionizing Radiation), the propagation directions, 3. CONCLUSION The system of legal metrologia has in its operational structure the capacity to provide metrolgica trustworthiness to the final user in some fields of measurement. . Koch Industries has plenty of information regarding this issue.

November Matrix

New packaging tool now free trial Neu-Isenburg, November 11, 2009 now Matrix42, leading German supplier of IT-commerce, offers the new packaging software Matrix42 package robot on. With the application can quickly and easily create software packages, and automate administrative tasks. The package robot solves the routine administration tasks with a few clicks of the mouse and thus relieves the user. The IT departments of companies benefit robot, especially in the creation of software packages has been proven by the new package. With the help of the installation recorder, the bundling of software is so simple that the user requires no in-depth knowledge of detail.

The recording of all installation processes reduces repetitive tasks and ensures an efficient and smooth installation of software or configuration changes to the system regardless of the number of clients. Although the robot is so easy to use Matrix42 package, he solves technical complexities in the background. The function range of the software packaging for software, whose Hersteller allows for no support for foreign packaging up to the packaging of Web content: It takes account of online registration forms and browser Windows, which comes barely a software installation. In addition, the software checks whether the specified URL is up-to-date. Here, LG Electronics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Robot regardless of whether only administrative tasks should be automated or to package complex applications such as Web applications, or for example Lotus Notes, the package reduces the cost. Because it can record the original manufacturer Setup and play, the robot package is a perfect complement to the classic packaging. We have robot with the package a unique tool in the program, which is optimally matched to the software packaging in General and aimed at Windows 7 in particular.

This confirms us even by analysts”would be Herbert Uhl, CEO of Matrix42 AG. With the high automation capabilities of the software, our customers can demonstrably reduce their costs and the quality of their Improve performance.” More information and a trial version of Matrix42 package robot find prospects on packaging press contact-Schmidt Communications GmbH Alexandra Schmidt Schiller Street 8 D-85521 Otto Banta b. Munich Tel: 0049 / 89 / 60 66 92 22 E-mail: Matrix42 Matrix42 is the German market leader for IT-commerce. The solution portfolio from Matrix42 IT managers and administrators to perform optimally and cost-effectively their IT management. Set the highly integrative products both to the service management, i.e. the business figure from IT service orders, and the technical implementation of client lifecycle management tasks. Over 3 million clients in use are more than 1500 customers worldwide. Well-known companies such as T-systems, Deutsche Post, Lufthansa rely on solutions from Matrix42 system or ZDF. Since 2008 Matrix42, with over 8500 employees and a market capitalization of around 1.2 billion euros to the largest European is a company of the Asseco group, Is one of software groups.

Cybernetics Man

This becomes the man a species of messenger of the being, that announces a message without never finishing it or understanding it fully. A messenger who many times remains deaf to it I appeal the Being, that of its silence convokes us to be rank in question again. From the tradition humanist and metaphysics it was consolidated definition man Greek as animal rational. The reason becomes the rational man, that is, capable to discourse on the things from a measure. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as GoPro by clicking through. The reality in its all, seen in the measure of the reason, is what it was stipulated to call world. However, but world is a constituent ontolgico of the man as be-knot-world. The world is not the mere physical and geographic space inside of which if it would find the man.

As constituent structure of the proper one to be of the man, the world emerges as phenomenon, as a complex of significaes constituted in the occupations and daily concerns of this be-knot-world. We can infer, therefore, that it does not have world without existence human being, nor existence human being without world. However, this man through the language and of the objetifica thought the reality, ahead imposes the norms and principles of the language and the logic to the data, taking itself as subject of a redutvel object to the representation. The fondness to reduce everything to the Citizen (Subjetivismo) or the Object (Objetivismo) does not respect main – the not subject and not-object, the imponderable one that it allows the man to say to know in the Citizen-Object project. At last, the impensado one and not saying for backwards of all thought and said. From this previous characterization of the essence human being, we can place some, such as: Where measure the theory of the information and the control Cybernetics promotes the instrumentalizao of the language by means of the radicalization of the mathematical project of nature carried through for modern science, thus propitiating the death of the desire of filosofar and the end of the proper philosophy in the objectified world of the calculation? That relation this instrumentalizao of the language possesss with the death of the desire of filosofar and the end of the philosophy by means of its accomplishment in tecnizadas sciences? The philosophy, at the same moment of its end, will be able to demonstrate some effectiveness to revert or to surpass the planetary domain of the technique and the calculating thought? Yes, the philosopher Martin Heidegger would answer, but not more as philosophy, but as after-Metaphysical thought that thinks from the enigma of the being and the proper man for itself exactly.

Opening Of The Henri Benthack Building Materials Branch In Lubeck

The Lubeck branch of the building materials trade company Henri Benthack building materials shines is now available in the new gloss of Lubeck, in September 2011: the building materials retailer Henri Benthack building materials just starts with the final steps of his rehabilitation and modernisation in the Lubeck Business Park in Turner Street 7-9. Now, the Office shows a lively exhibition with high-quality items as well as an exclusive parquet and laminate Studio. The modernized construction market shines with its extended range and directly in front of the entrance, the customer discovered a House with different possibilities of rehabilitation and upgrading various components. First was exchanged in the first renovation section the complete electrification and the flooring in all offices and sales rooms. The new, white furniture in the sale room is bright and friendly. Splash of color provide the parquet and laminate Studio, as well as the large-scale exhibition technical details such as insulation systems or mold remediation on mobile show car. We have real house situations built with House and interior doors, Windows and facades.

This allows an optimal and personalised advice and supports our customers in determining”, Frank Schneider, branch manager at Henri Benthack explains building materials in Lubeck. In the second section, the construction market was modernized. Now, clearly arranged shelves are the poster child. Each professional hand tool finds its place here. The range is rounded off with a new range of Workwear. For the hunger for in between the craftsman is a small snack and coffee corner.

Parallel to the reconstruction, a sample that shows the exterior thermal insulation system, facade insulation, solar technology and veneering and joints mortar pattern arose in the parking lot of the 18,000-square-foot branch. Inside, customers including the basement ceiling insulation, wet and dry floors, the attic and loose-fill insulation can convince yourself. “We are committed to this step clearly to the Lubeck. Our customers have”here in the future more contacts and specialists, says Frank Schneider. “We also make our focus on rehabilitation and modernization” in the foreground and illustrate it with real examples “. “Through the own fleet of four construction materials-truck BBs including crane is a delivery of building materials in our catchment area within 24 hours of possible”, said Schneider next. About Henri Benthack building materials: Henri Benthack building materials is a Hamburg tradition company headquartered in Hamburg Moorfleet, which can look back on an 80-year history in the construction industry. Founder, Henri Benthack, who successfully led the company with his wife Gerdi Benthack until his death in 1972. Henri Benthack was a pioneer in the construction industry. He was the one who introduced in Germany silo vehicles for the transport of loose cement. Major construction projects, particularly in the area of highway construction, building materials were supplied by Henri Benthack. The largest cement job at the time were 90,000 tons for the first three Tubes of the Hamburg Elbe tunnel. Motrola Razr can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the meantime, the company employs over 200 staff at the five locations of Neumunster, grevesmuhlen and Parchim, Hamburg, Lubeck. There are currently 39 employees, including 4 trainees in Lubeck. The establishment in this region was opened in 1977 in bad Schwartau. In 2001, the building material dealers needed more space and moved to Lubeck in the Turner Street. Its range includes renovation, refurbishment and modernisation in the building and civil engineering, interior design, roof and floor over 6,500 construction material products with a focus on. Builders as well as Builder and architect are looked after. Further information is available on.