Multidisciplinary Technologies

Team to multidiscipline: New a proposal for the use of the technologies and possibilities for the education Leomar Borba Medeiros1. Michele Godoy2 Thematic Axle: New Perspectives For the Education Summary the present work intends to establish some reflections about the assembly of a team multidisciplining of support in the state school of basic education Fogliatto Luiz city of Ijui and the State School of Basic Education Dr. Edmar Kruel located in the agricultural area of the Jewel city. This construction will take form to leave of the available resources for the accomplishment of the project to interdisciplinar developed for the team of professionals of each area of performance, in such a way, acting under the reality of the educandos inside of the context of each reality and transforming, in such a way, the social context. Word-key: Education, Interdisciplinaridade, technology Abstract This to paper aims at establishing adds thoughts about the assembly of multidisciplinary team of support in the State run Elementary School Fogliatto Luiz localized in Ijui and the State run Elementary School Dr. Edmar agricultural Kruel located in the municipality of Joia.This construction will take form from the resources available you accomplish the project developed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals from each field, thus acting on the reality of learners within the context of each situation and transforming, the social context.

Keywords: Education, Interdisciplinary, technology 1. Professor of History of the State school of basic Education Dr. Edmar Kruel 2 Teacher of Arts of the State School of Basic Education Fogliatto Luiz. 1 Introduction the intention of the reflection about the assembly of one has equipped to multidiscipline of pedagogical support in the State School of basic education Fogliatto Luiz and in the State School of Basic Education Dr. Edmar Kruel, it has for educational objective to develop practical interdisciplinares. This intention originates from the necessity of significant a social change demanding a new perspective for the acquisition of the knowledge of the educandos in the world contemporary.