Industrial Revolution

With the initiated Industrial Revolution in century XVIII, the plants congregated in one same space, people, machines and new means of production, propitiating an increase of the specialization them tasks and division it work and, of this form, contributing for the removal them people it content of its proper activities. In the present time we live a moment of transformations, where the worker is inserted in the age of the knowledge, and this, each day comes more being valued, therefore, the market of today demands of each person the ability to deal with a more complex and dynamic world. In accordance with Santos and Fialho apud Merino (2000. p.13), ‘ ‘ the work is a form of proper activity of the man, while to be social’ ‘. Therefore, the word work assumes the trend for an objective and effort being able to be intellectual physicist or. The human work appears as a firmed effort and desired for the accomplishment of objectives, workmanships, results, etc.

In synthesis, we can conclude that the work is the job of the forces and the intellect to reach a result and has soul linking with the attainment of a return, being able to be material or financial; face its importance, inside possesss a great value of the society. 2.2. Concept of Quality of Life the quality of life implies in the interrelation of some factors that mold and differentiate the day the day of the human being and result in a net of phenomenon, people and situations. Many factors of biological, psychological and partner-cultural nature, such as: physical health, mental health, familiar longevity, satisfaction in the work, relations, disposal, productivity, dignity and, even though, espiritualidade are associates to the term quality of life.